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The four pages below got really pimped (4) during times of neocon marcet collusions and failors. New votes and exits are in question, support or sanctions for some regimes, it got neoliberal.


Mann muss schon die Zeiger heute ausfahren wenn man weiss was mann will. Anzeigen und Liebhabereien, nichts gewerbliches janicht (vor dem fickus). Wir wollen unser Boot zurueck, 13 jahre Ermittlungen verliefen erfloglos !!

Breitschwart Pech u Schwefel

Von Donlads Bonanza Jahren, Zombies, Schaeferhuendin Mira, geklauten Messern, Rad oder Auto, doch nichts zum Einkaufen

Misty webdreams

Die Seite zum Heft, neues zu Recht u Ordnung (sonst auch im Radio oder packenden TV-Verhandlungen, Bauverhndlgen am Land) u 20 cent im Gemeindebau und von der Erfolgsgeschichte Pickup Cycle. (Wir sagen nicht startUP)

Industry o4 - Web o2

Have million of users but not a Firmenadresse in that lands .... findings on last years developments, virtual marcets, losses and gains from small to big, parts in german

Danger zone - Gefahrenzone Nazis !

Newold stuff from The Monkeytree of greed, on dangerouse developments, new rankings, risky engagement and its products, parts in german.

Making great, speaking great, trading -

The president wants to make his nation great again and not only on many millions of smartphones. Was it not great allready, how much will it cost and who will pay the price for it.

Conflict zone

Newold areas of conflict from chemical wars, neocon democracies and votes, house of sanctions and modern fakes.

The world and the nazis 2

It got time for health care, of absurdities with the Tiny lifesavers, marcets hypocrits and Trade or neos deals.

Cylon - Sri Lanka

Travelling the island with the friendly people during monsoon time.

Unclean marcets producst

Chlorchicken, mineral waters, neos neoliberalised cars and aerports in the focus, with pics.


Agency - Studio

We can do you cards in all formats and with golden or silver frame up 8px per HD, magic stick and also Lamination and postcarding with our new postCard.app is soon in reach. For stable up 2mid term costumers we have special packages.
    Actually our agents are very engaged and mostly occupied, but may somtiems post here their opinions on latest developments on HighFi, FiFi and Digital marcets. We do not engage in headsets or small wish-and-web devices.
sincerely your CEO

Nature observation

Nice sightings from Kyrgyzthan from falcons ducks and eagles.