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english - german Dir 3 - 7
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The Forced Breaks and Lockdowns get lifted - action !

Arts - Kunst

A nice chapter with arts and galleries dating back allready some years and to high school times, but also nice new selections. The Brothers chapter as part of Arts and his excellent gallery once shown in Salzburg city

    Faces of the Kara Kitai part of Kyrghyzthan galleries or the infamouse Studio

Adventure - Nature - Science

Big chapter with Nature observations, many of them in foreign lands, exotic regions and diverse altitudes up to over 4000m. Scientific findings, Discoveries, Inventions and more. The garden got reduced but still with infos on ponds and Waterplants.

    New on the Megadepression between Africa and Europe and implications by the waterbodies joining once. (background pic- Tien Shan-Kyrgyzthan) Trekking in the Indian Himalaya, years off the beaten track or Canoeing once and today