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some new sites and findings .... also Camp 4 allready in reach (online only) with jetlag and hangover.

Rotkaeppchen police

Speech to friends and comrades on the sell of 10 mio social users data, newold presidents and the consequences some will face.

Megameltdown Flatscreen

A bilanz over 5 years and hints on its affiliats, lobbyistas and its local, regional and international Sadomasos.

Spring offensive - foreign species

Plants and animals brought and tried in exotic regions, often with fatal error, Aga Aga, rabbits, mongoose and others. Part of the page Caspar MB, in some region performing Geisterbahn.

Biwak I and Biwak II
On a vallies facebook groups in Biwak I and more new highlights and findings on local heyhuts, wo es menschelt, from new gummiearmierte mobiles, Sulileitn, Sauna shavers also some deep grinding and mining insights on Multiculti in mid Europa, from the 7 Berge and their telefon Intervenistas, also Schmissengesichter on locale TV-stations/kueniglberg/at

Critical mass

Views on actual conflicts and the security meeting. New developments and hints on its strategists.

Shining shoes, shining fingers

Shining shoes and shining fingers part of By strong hand II deep founded on newold experiences in the spanish Farwest. Infos on modern marcets also in Neoklerikal and Mudbattle, part of IT, what you see is what you get.


Inspired by the skyscrappers of Dar in Tanzania, some half empty as the Empire state building once, from Bari (2 got razed) via Verona to Dar. The new stile architecture in some regions, from Costa del Sol to Dar es Salaam.

Critics of unclean marcets

FAQ - Important questions and answers on latest developments in the modern marcets which give hints on more unrest to come.

Your walls
Speech of a great warrior chief in germanic, also Ringelschwanz und Entenspiegel.

You know nothing, I am great
(german) it is tricky with modern teck from old sony HighFi station, compact with 2 tapes and CD shuffle, over a wechselschalter, cut stonetable, night shirts, towels and the more, side hints on the well known Feindsender.


Computing has been a tricky thing for years allready, even for the most famouse, costly and corporating companies. Our CEO did update the html-css coding, his opinion on IT developments and some good software still relevant for SM (sadomaso) from 98 to 10.

Travel infos
Stories from Latin Americas.

Opus Diaboli

A great book done on yearlong scientific studies on the ones who did bulla bulla in latin over centuries ... not my stuff ! More good books, "Thaca Ushte" actual as ever, also Charles Darwin a masterpiece of trustfull science.



From trains to drones and ship routes

Nature observations

new sites and findings, from Pamir squirrels, mongoose, pelicans to american avocets.


Subcom who gives proof and fights back the bloodthursty bestie today and Sitting Bull who did the same for his people once.


Forbidden garden is off limits, but Waterplants and seeds-plants for exchange


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Agency - Studio

We can do you cards in all formats and with golden or silver frame up 8px per HD, magic stick and also Lamination and postcarding with our new postCard.app is soon in reach. For stable up 2mid term costumers we have special packages.
    Actually our agents are very engaged and mostly occupied, but may somtiems post here their opinions on latest developments on HighFi, FiFi and Digital marcets. We do not engage in headsets or small wish-and-web devices.
sincerely your CEO


Hitlers relicts and a very mystic region nowadays, nobody knows of nothing, they seem to eat frog larves

mega share

Das Kapital

New Ratings further Deep marcet drilling deeper, Comerco hintgiving Mega, really something 4 insiders.