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Last Exit Burgas

They wanted me to by another ticket maybe to Pakistan, Belarus or Mexico. New flight procedures for tickets with no insurance, most saied they flew to Pakistan at checkIN

Friends of Sierra Leone

basics on some incentices and not that much marcets

When they wanted to know the temperature

Hints on temperatures of diverse animals and what got in sight since then, oder als sie Fieber messen wollten ...

Not only Fridays 4 Future

Brisantes zu brisanten Zeiten

Reklamation zur Generalversammlung

The old chessgame in NY after two years with a global pandemic

Of Chaos and Order

Directory One

Zur Wahl in Russland

Auslaendisches Aetze

Brothers in art


Hints on frames, networks, stockex and homeoffices again, and finally the oversell of that all
// got applified and updated

Many Hybrids out there

Hybrid cars, hybrid borders, hybrid migrationroutes after 2 years with the dangerouse delta variante ( --- 3G or 3H ---) But Climatechange is more complex !

Das sieht Niemand gerne !

Zu den Grundbegriffen der neuen Maerkte (explanation on marcets basics)

Der Esel und die Flaschen - Amazon

for a richmans profits on some ... planet, a pamphlet in german.

Nice drawings, Schoene Zeichnungen

at the end of this site you can scroll the 5 mio euro window (twitter )


Grosses Austeilen des Meisters von den Transmissions in den USA bis Belaruss und Polen, auch Lokales

Better getting vaccinated than dieing slowly in acute beds !

From the Great Times

Oriols Buzzards

Maps Karten


Abgeleitet von den Pyramiden of Gize, Grundriss und Aufriss ! wurde dann addiert usw

The chiefs at the Campsite

our success

our adventures

our taste

my predictions

vision 2030

beautifull Modules

Last Exit Burgas

Threeday ride onbike

Egypt - Oman

Floods 2021 some aspects

Seestreituebungen im Schwarzen Meer

Herden in Masken

Try to recover Basics during Desastertimes

Alles akzeptieren - Basics zu den Big Five etc

Cancelculture and seat order

Journey over ? of the most idiotic dealmakers in these times and much more

Ultimate Nature

Natur Observations

Along rivers and lakes

Arrivals- Departures


Summerhome part now here

Exotic plants

Unreached locations


hier T E T R I S

The Apprentix

Chamber of darkness series
part -4

Twenty years in Afganisthan

Mistery Afghanistan

Deadly silent villages ?

Cultural gap and shifting offices
85 mio users Nodeal ?

Western generals got surprised

A Fiveyear Plan was far away or Something Samrt

Did they win hearts and mind ?

Emergency airport

Alps and Balkans (Nat obs)

Cannot Follow Donot Understand

Return of Beavis/ Butthead

our enemies

our Canoe

Modul Natur u vom Besten
Ganga Trans- Action

Big Depression




The Pollution

Nile and Sandunes ( Nat.obs)


Grosses in Modulbauweise

Cultural gap, 85 mio for user selloff (-- smart pipi --)

Today esperanto

Bunnies got new names

Travelmaps collected

Trishul Trekk

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