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Travel Infos

Infos on the journies of the Grosse Meister, much to get to know on lands like India, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Thayland, Kambodia and others, also with infos on climate, health, security, All countries visited.

    Some Maps explaining routes, locations, distances and more further Maps to innovation and Latest journies by maps. The schedule with some travelhardship warnings,

Arts - Kunst

    A nice chapter with arts and galleries dating back allready some years and to high school times, but also nice new selections. The Brothers chapter as part of Arts and his excellent gallery once shown in Salzburg city

    With 3 speeches of a great chief in german on ducks (Ringelschwanz und Entenspiegel), also walls (Mauern) and other issues. Faces of the Kara Kitai part of these Kyrghyzthan galleries from start.
    When modern times are ready for 2 -3 more books after Harry Potter good ! Our Studio

Nature - Science - Garden

    Big chapter with Nature observations, many of them in foreign lands, exotic regions and diverse altitudes up to over 4000m.
    Scientific findings, Discoveries, Inventions and more. The garden got reduced but still with infos on ponds and Waterplants.

    New on the Megadepression between Africa and Europe and implications by the waterbodies joining once. Also hints on Source coding (background pic- Tien Shan-Kyrgyzthan)

Indian summer ...

Adventure - Abenteuer

Cycling and trekking in the indian Himalayas ..... Canoeing till the boat got stolen (97- 2oo5). Outstanding nature (also in white phase, skins ...) gives further hints on coming acts.

    There are also some good books out there, tips via Dir 5 (science), beside a billion tiny call and lol devices, also named smartphones.

In this time active sms have to work (2o18- o19// How much was last smartphone model ...?)

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