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Seite im Teillockdown

here to the nice homeview, hier zur aufgeraeumten home

The people of Bolivia are angry, the volks of Myanmar and Syria are angry.

Times of anger have to change to times of pleasure, success
and happiness !

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Einschaltung/ Remark;

The page is under inspect and will soon (or later) look as in goodold stile with new fashion.

Hitting the ground in marcets counts for 3 parcel which are out there in overtime by delivery .. and that si one of the reasons why we do not show here marcet compliance and adapt measures (count on that) the postal services have 3-4 competitors allready.

So we do not show full marcet face, we understand trade, exchnage .... and marcet, THREE PARCELS are missing, pending, one SINCE 2,5 months. So much on hitting the ground in marcets.

Calm again at Capitol hill // here to the Tweets
Nochein total teures Daumenkino (smartes telefon) // last stand hill //

Horses, Gorillas or School again !? // ... Baustelle now with Age of Stealth

teures Daumenkino // caravan Was the sun shining by travelling

affices // another costly thumb-Cinema // nochein teures Daumenkino // offices elevator // another stairs offices //

Columns and stairs //

Katalania, Juan Carlos and Baskenland part of Baustelle //

Get the BIG COOKIE, the new accept all and follow ... cookie polixy //

(leichtes vorsichtiges Oeffnen .. ..
Wo hamsn des her ? mit dem leichten vorstn. Oeffnen ..... wenns des in Brasilien oder Mexico probieren, na seawas, oder Suedafrika auch ganz Lateinamerika, na seawas des mit dem Oeffnen, muessens schon aufpassen .... goe ----!!!! ---- wissens was I mein, des mit am Marmeladeglasl oder am Biachal oder sehrviel Staub uebernacht .... , vielleicht in Brasilien zb oder in einer brasil. Grosstadt oder Mexico --- !!! mal Nachdenken gell .... da weans scho segn wos dann hinkommen ....)

The canoe you see bottom leftside is not really fitting for WW rapids over 2+, but even so it got tested in underwater mode by 3 wilden Kerle and a few times on the total stretch in mastermode with bootswagerl inside //
The statue from backgroudn pic is from Fetye - Turky.

Onsite there is some area where you get access, get real one ... to the normal startsite,
the home, the startramp so to say. That is a secret ....

The Babybunnies do very well .... its a pleasure to watch them.

Millions of alleskoenner-smartphone Telefonierer and Not two smartcities out there ... some downtowns and centers .. maybe Fetye

Trustee or tweety

Small flatscreens is a Nostate !

NO engagement, NO alignment !

They stole the last Covid 19 test from Cairo (Egypt) from the house and other things over a while. Stolen documents are unaccaptable.

tom and cherry !?... guess .....
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