About the Grosse meister    

I am nice guy ........

Here some of the meisters preferd pages and chapters
Skymasters and many nice birds

Art, old-galleries, Nature-obs and Goa-freak, also possible enjoy
new-old galleries or infos on waterplants virtually.

Some nice autobio stories which proof his capabilities from the woods and mountains.
The Grosse meister also likes mountain biking, rafting, trekking, canoeing and also swimming, partly in rough sea as well as in Ganga or Koshi river (at Uttarkhand, India)

Hopp-on hoplinks in case u want very fast access to his most liked and favourits links offsite or leave a message in the Guestbook to the meister and his cheers. Contact can be found at other page and if put avoid spam, seriously !!!-) .... do not spam !
He dont like it, all this pill offers, via-agra, via novasubba, sleeping or others, bubble bubba, its too much of doogy without gloves.
    95% spam over years is annoying and by the way do also not engage in shitstorm, dustbelt during 60s was strange enough, selfie ok !

The Grosse meister also did founding, so to say foundation to an Institute, which has basecamp outlets, so to say branches in the Shivalik Himalayas, Panch Kedars and at Koshi valley (may.o17). The gate to the Institute you can seen here or apply for a seminar if curiouse.

The grosse meister is mostly very busy with organising a lot of goodies when on road or in remote regions but don t need too many Sherpa for that, which he loves very much, apple crumble, apple pie, shoko balls .... So then he sometimes need strong sleeping pill when he was all day busy. The grosse meister likes strong loud and proud, but not in the wilderness too much, there he likes camouflage, what means a kind of good color not be be seen easily in the wild, which is quasi everywhere nowadays or in some neos century fake and dummy.

The grosse meister never says thaank youuuh but in rare cases only when some exceptional service happened under exceptional circumstances. He also join sometimes Seminars and Vortraege which he did a NEW page therefor and much can also be reached by the NEW page Themes and when there is much cheer roaring for he can also tell a story.

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