Outdoor - webprojects - agency

    Studio and agency The CEOs agency is also in the strong position of doing fine Lamination, also card, folder and visitcard design with special option like golden or other magic squares and frames (up to 9px !) Now is sommerente o17 but we still sometimes engage in website puts, we do not engage in Hip hop, Aerobic or Break dance.

    Planning and design From the drawing and skizze of your garden with basin, pond, pool, hedge or fish tank, we do the realisation to the garden options. Further mediterranean corners with siesta like ambiente, with hammaco can be realisated. The CEO also did some treebranch cutting like on ahorn, walnut, apple, stachelbeere, ribisel or apricoats, what is not unchallanging

    Outdoor sports Our CEO is again in the proper position to announce that he feels really ready again to do some canoeing, either for jobbing, leisure or research on way. If you are ready go 4
    canoeing trekking

    Acting talents Our agency can also give advice for acting, rule modelling, picture taking, cutting or moviestar like behauving. We are always in search for talents in that regions and they are mostly welcome, or get overtaken on the spot if the situation forces us to do so (friendly takeover).

    Websites The agency is also capable of doing more or less huge websites and projects regarding, input as invoice can be easily tranformed into proper looking sites (flexi) during these days of usually Flatscreens, for either private volks or big biz regarding. Small wish and webs are not our thing. *Tribes* got dropped (social networking and php.coding is hard enough, 21.03.014)

    Garten - gardens Beratung, Planung und Gestaltung vom Profi. Teiche, Schwimmbiotope, Hecken, Mittelmeerecken, Exoten, Pflanzentausch, Trockenmauern, Kompostierung u mehr im Garten oder Teichbereich. We do not know sommerente, building ponds.

- Planning, skizzen and real action with tools and props to get that done for med to huge size parks, ponds and anlagen only. Arts, Inventions,


I am sick of you dudes, more jobs