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Outdoor sports

Our CEO wants to swim in some rivers, if not too dirty or full of floating plants, hippoes or crocodiles. He prefers canoeing and rafting to sailing and motorboat, did it over years, but he got old an they stole his canoe.
    Now he can only do it for leisure, joy, adventure or research on way, Wildwaters WW from 1 - 3 (rapids, walzen, etc), adventures are good but know the risks.
    canoeing-camps, trekking, wanted-canoe

Acting talents

Our agency can also give advice for acting, rule modelling, picture taking, attracting, cutting or moviestar acting. We are always in search for talents in that region and they are welcome, cheerleading will only be accepted in private and partylike settings.

And know that we know the game from TV, that is lowest risk taking and save like from a smartphone. Some alpine Topbunnies have more to fear.

Where there is nothing to hide there is nothing to be lost.

Web projects

- are no problem in general, up to medium and topscale. We can do that, contact via disclaimer.

As Megaplatforms suck millions of users and their data, usually by tiny handhelds and flatscreens, we are not too busy with 3d partie orders as all that gets sucked by million costly mobiles, (profitfriendly, usertolerant and consumerstimuli smart) with apples and buttons.

Nokia 100 has a stopwatch, countdown time, converter (!!), calendar, calculator, expanses sheet, torch, extras etc and no electro smog.

Gartenanlagen - biotops - gardening

Beratung, Planung und Gestaltung, Teiche, Schwimmbiotope, Hecken, Mittelmeerecken, diverse Pflanzen, manche zum Tauschen, weiteres auf Anfrage. Hier zum Garten oder Teichbereich.

    Gardening: From the drawing and skizze of your garden to the final product with pond, pool, hedge or apricot yard.
    Also jerries, appletrees, lemons and figtrees possible depending on regional climate. Mediterran corners with siesta like ambiente, hammaco can get done, fruittree cutting also possible. Here some infos with nice pics on swamp and waterplants in english.


The institute got closed for the organisation, now a ghost office like ghost circuses and games.

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