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Outdoor sports

Our CEO wants to swim in some rivers, if not too dirty or full of floating plants, hippoes or crocodiles. He prefers canoeing and rafting to sailing and motorboat, did it over years, but he got old an they stole his canoe.
    Now he can only do it for leisure, joy, adventure or research on way, Wildwaters WW from 1 - 3 (rapids, walzen, etc), adventures are good but know the risks.
    canoeing-camps, trekking, wanted-canoe

Acting talents

Our agency can also give advice for acting, rule modelling, picture taking, cutting or moviestar like behauving. We are always in search for talents in that regions and they are mostly welcome, or get overtaken on the spot if the situation forces us to do so.

Web projects

The agency is also capable of doing more or less huge websites and projects regarding, input as invoice can be easily tranformed into proper looking sites (flexi) during age of flatscreen. For private volks, small to medium biz, families, guest houses, outdoor activists and more.
    Small "wish and webs" are not our thing, check the Studio or Arts

Gartenanlagen - biotops - gardening

Beratung, Planung und Gestaltung, Teiche, Schwimmbiotope, Hecken, Mittelmeerecken, diverse Pflanzen, manche zum Tauschen, weiteres auf Anfrage. Hier zum Garten oder Teichbereich.

    Gardening: From the drawing and skizze of your garden to the final product with pond, pool, hedge or apricot yard.
    Also jerries, appletrees, lemons and figtrees possible depending on regional climate. Mediterran corners with siesta like ambiente, hammaco can get done, fruittree cutting also possible. Here some infos with nice pics on swamp and waterplants in english.


Our institute, when occupied, is working on a diversity of projects, research and inventions. Partly top secret projects, also allweather capable drones with fixed backwheels. Innovation is a big thing today, when the institute is occupied we support that.
    We can also do excursions on birds (Goa) and himalayan ecosystems over 2000m (Uttarkhand). Do not forget, when postcards reached destination
you did a good deal today !

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