Goa freak
        - The tribe which dances does not die ! -)

The hills are for free, the sea is for free,
the birds sing, you dont need to pay them
the sun rises and sets, you dont need to pay it
during you shop and consume, we dance and party
enjoy the sea and waves, the hills mountains and skies.
(Goa jan.016)

Shop and consume you can do in smartie land,
sex, drugs n parties.

Whitebellied Seaeagles chose territory for breeding. (feb-mar.015)
Observed dancing skywards Whitebellied Seaeagles, not far from Goa ...
also part of outstanding nature
    Last party was excellent !! (Goa feb.015)
8-FingerE left, lets rock ...

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These moscitos are so agressive
these moscitos are unsmart
the ysuck the blood from all the girls
the suck the blood from the church and muscle men
from the rich and the poor
these moscitos do not hesitate to attack
they suck the blood from the tourists and common man
they produce pimples on the hot girls and do them terror
and thats why i declared total smokewar on these moscitos.

We did not come for

We did not come to prey, shop and consume
we came to dance and party
we came to enjoy the sea, hills, the sun and the sound.

This guy

This guy is too much for most men and women
but not for the sea and the skies
not for the rocks, the hills and the mountains
and not for the birds !
    (Goa jan.016 also part of Personally_3   !-)

kosi places

Ultimate powers

The ultimate powers and supreme rule don t like fake,
they love the ones without fake and false.
They love the real,
the true, the strong and ultimate,
which can be learned.

As the ultimate powers are great they
support and love the great.

Signs to read

When you can read its good,
when you can read traces its better.
When you see and understand the small it s ok,
when you can read the big it s better,
when you can see results much better,
when you can read the skies
you are of the great,
thats by the ultimate.
  (also part of OP_payback)

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page got composed, partly dumped, reactivated and
actually totally maintained !

    Page background is from Goa-India 2000,
(- campground dissapeared sadly - insiders know the place,
top of Small Vagator beach ...
check special pics (vag1-2) onPage)