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You can print the websites with a printer. First you need to get in reach of that vehicle, then the act of printing, and being capable of getting that done either at home, any office or shop.

By getting the taste to travel, roam and fly from these pages, you d better know the risks and qualities which will need to be faced onway. What looks like honey is not always honey.

For some pages you need kitchen gloves, as the sites are highly incentive product.

Most can be read and translated even to minors, they will hardly understand anything and would like to play anywhere else than beside an odfd PC and the ones who try to translate it to them. That is often tha case but natural.

The Making of a book from a website

It takes a very long time and the results are yet unknown

But it can be said in these times that harry potter by fantasyrich Mrs Rowling seems to fit much better to modern marcets, in specific on row movie making of that books, and neoliberals at all.

And for sure a book done of websites would look and act much different than the wesbite itself. Some animations would get lost, some choice of chose and the miracle to turn on a PC would be missed after that years.

And the income by that of a special book, how much would that be ? But literally speaking, a book read in the woods or a woodlodge somewhere gives more calmness, silence and tranquility than a million smartphones or tablets. LOL over 20 min a day is not wanted by reading the optinoal product book of theses websites. It can happen but take it more seriously then. Movies done of books or websites was never our goal, even not by Juel Verne once or Thor Hayerdal.

The plan of making a book of the sites you see stands allready for a while, a women on phone from a deutsche verlag said, if that would hit on soembody .. (also ..."ob das wen trifft, trifft es wen ...", so ein Buch)

But the master thinks it has relevance to neos marcets and is not that radical like the books of Subcom from Mexico. Anyway the time is not yet over to get infos from websites, also feullitons, drawings, pics, newsmag comics, maps and hints on challenges and adventures.

Stickers and marks

As with many fruits often seen in european marcets, this pages are not a trademark, it is not an official company with many sub comps or daughter firmas.

Conclusio: So to say it is not a corporation in the background, only the FLATSCREENS which do the interface, the flatscreens, somelike alike. The specific gameplayers are well known and will not get named here or mostly anywhere else on these pages.


We do not send packbags loaded with money in the name of any of these virtual (!!!!) companies or any other mega corporations around the globe, that is also to be forgotten !

We are only carefull when stickers get put on bags at airports !!


If you are looking for specific content, lets say on lands, regions, cities or nations even, do not hesitate to go by the Directories or the overlook sites by the name "All, Themes - Content, Directories and Archives". That shoudl do then, to find that content.

cookies mining spam

The pages will not generate cookies on your PC (personal computer) it will not activate data mining.

The pages will not activate Bitcoin mining on your PC.

In case you ve any questions on mails and spam mails do not trigger the links in these mails, it is mostly rubbish.

Do not pay 5 euro bucks or more for sending messages on the best socalled Dating websites of Europe sites, also forget that. Do not pay that, never !

----------- and do not forget: Everything changed, everything ---------- !!!

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NO ACCOUNT, NO BANKING DATA, account slips get scratched and torn apart in marmelade cralwers regions, physical destruction, that gets shredded, NO INSURANE POLICCY, GORGE NO,