hublog - Our standards

Common sense

Accessability - Yes (no login for users required)
Age - from 5 - 99
Watch ratio - Free
Reliability - 100%
Language - german, english (mostly), hindi
Update rate - once a week minimum
Info factor - 1000 points (only)

Our standards

IQ factor - 150
Cost ratio - 20/ 1
Sys OS required - minimum Windows95, also Linux Suse or Limpus and Apple
File props - READ only !! (but when some remotees try digiting roemotley somewhen joint venture or something .... see and klick, no plug and play)
  Smart mob requirements - java script capable (best with soft touch screen to see ST)
Face recognition - never (nill, null, off, nei, 0)

Success ratio - 80%
  Danger level - high voltage, highly infammable and addicting (target), kitchen gloves can be of use, not on wish and web devices practically
Harmony ratio - 60% average/ page (quasi nill, cero)
  Aero opt - In civic planes use Full-screen-down option while eating (backside of movie plate)
Smart factor - nill (cero)
Gender ratio - on (both sexes and minorities, sometimes off)
JFC (joint functnl concept) - Full companiero, rockhard and solid, big impact, big wave (no winds =learn ratio)
  Parental control - only for 5% of pages needed (puritans 70%)
Watch factor - look and profit
Mall and marcet - off

udated may.o18


We have agents at facebook, we have agents in the lobbies
also in many many transparent offices
we do not apply to elevator usage contracts before using elevators
(400m is a nogo for us) or even escalators
we have agents on Pitbulls boat and in 50cents videos
we are everywhere and only
when we want we do full hit.

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