hublog - Our standards

Common sense

Accessability - Yes (no login for users required)
Age - from 5 - 99
Watch ratio - Free
Reliability - 100%
Language - german, english (mostly), hindi
Update rate - once a week minimum
Info factor - 1000 points (only)

Our standards

IQ factor - 150
Cost ratio - 20/ 1
Sys OS required - minimum Windows95, also Linux Limpus and Apple
File props - READ only !! (but when some remotees try digiting, maybe during upload exchange, see and klick, no plug and play)
  Smart mob requirements - java script capable (best with soft touch screen to see ST)
Face recognition - never (nill, null, off, 0)

Success ratio - 80%
  Danger level - high voltage, highly infammable and addicting (target), kitchen gloves can be of use, not on wish and web devices practically
Harmony ratio - 60% average/ page (quasi nill, cero)
  Aero opt - In civic planes use Full-screen-down option while eating (backside of movie plate)
Smart factor - nill (cero)
Gender ratio - on (both sexes and minorities, sometimes off)
JFC (joint functnl concept) - Full companiero, rockhard and solid, big impact, big wave (no winds =learn ratio)
  Parental control - only for 5% of pages needed (puritans 70%)
Watch factor - look and profit
Mall and marcet - off

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