- standards

General - basic standards

Accessability: ON, Login for users not required, or paying for abo or watching sites.

Pageloading speed: SUPERFAST, under normal circumstances, no heavy background software or coding stuff in the back.

Age: from 5 - 99
Watch ratio: FREE
Reliability: 100%

Language: german, english (mostly), minor hindi parts, trilingual

Update rate: usually once a week under normal cicumstances, also depending on next WLAN location or .... hotspot, the grosse Meister is a far distance roamer, Institute is not always open.
Info factor: 1000 points (only)

Digital tech and other

IQ factor: 150
Cost ratio: 20/ 1

Minimum digital system requirements: win 95 to Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Knoppix, also apple mashines can take it.
Face recognition: never (nill, null, off, nei, 0)

Our pages are not done or optimized for smartphones !! Best for PCs, Notebooks, Laptops or TV HDMS with minimum screensize of 15 inch.

Anyway trends to minimisation of screens to mobilesize (telefonanzeigen groesse) has no limits during reduced consumer horizons. We do not support that and not that people need Navis, streetview, GPS and remote controll, then.

Success ratio: 80%

  Danger level: high voltage, highly infammable and addicting (target), kitchen gloves can be of use, not on wish and web devices practically
Harmony ratio: 60% average/ page (quasi nill, cero)
  Aero opt: In civic planes use Full-screen-down option while eating (backside of movie plate)
Smart factor: nill (cero)
Gender ratio: on (both sexes and minorities, sometimes off), no fakespeech, lies and fake promises
JFC (joint functnl concept): Full companiero, rockhard and solid, big impact, big wave

  Parental control: only for 5% of pages needed (puritans 70%)
Watch factor - look and profit
Mall and marcet - off (switch)

We do not support linking with webmulties and do not support small page handlers, we do full programm. Nothing to sell, no webshop.

Wir verlinken nicht mit webmulties und tauschen auch keine links mit diesen. Wir sind spezialisten, klein aber fein, kein trendiges Massenwabbern, kein Lemmingen und unterstuetzen kein Abdriften, Ausverkauf und Hirnwaschen der jungen Generation im Cyberspace.

updated oct.o18


We are agents

Worldwide experience

Better do not mess with us !

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