Sorry Sorry Sorry...

NEW TASKS....!!!

spread the books of SUB-comandante

Close Guantanamo

(campX-ray/Gizmo...) If you can !

IT digi ... challenges !

maybe some Software developers (EU,Russia,China,Lat.Am) can make some new WebBrowsers, and develop independent (non US-based-SearchEngines) etc and not just some Apps...

Ubuntu - Kubuntu - Suse Knoppix -)

would be nice if exe files (self extracting software files) would work on Ubuntu Kubuntu (new -) n related softwares on user surface !!

(for EU) Start another rocket for a fast TV-channel switch service or do some new TVs with quick channel switch by manual, (if you can, old TVs were more Brasil one telephone call does the job of starting/finishing many TV channels...)
special product infos here !!

Tasks for Neocons

- writing nice emails
- evaluating neo products
- reading interesting dokuments
- trying to trigger password on PC with broken keyboard (2 triggers molested)
- recharging balance of a 15 euro mobile in foreign countries
- killing popping sys-OS processes and windows, three options - either by mouse, keyboard (alt+F4) or touch screen
- saying possible 2 his bunny in the mansion
- trying another biz model and doing it a big share on one PC via one text file on desktop (for touching screen)
- managing assamblies
- getting straight and stiff, avoiding wrong fingers, parties, piccies, videos, journalistas
and the more... (help yourself limited...)

excuses    on-time    more tasks here