IMAGE MAPS (scroll over some pic-areas) - new facebooking

Some ideas for the right proceeding

right placement
right answer on their surveillance
check freedom of info act

use a language they understand
(or confuse the data collectors by codewords)

hunt em down, burn them out, terror, action, names, bombig (is a very dangerous word...), fund, support, rizin, conspiracy, countelpro (one of their intelligent ones - google it), tradition, school acts, rifle associates, unpatriotic, unamerican, (right aid on right time), antihomeland, backyard, reward, bounty, lunch pakets, umbrella, pipeline, whistle blow (nice combination), twitter, leak, tornado, hurricane, gizmo, xray, torture, sex torture, video (most dangerous), camp, justice, neocon, rogue, notice, quale hunting offensive, present, cooky, goody, biscuit, just be creative....
- are words they know very well.

or just use another language (characters)

How I use some tools

Constitution at the nations fingertips
The dream of a service