Got inspired by some DoD doks

(US depnt of defense)   Source here
this page is under construction and gets updated once in a while

As i am studying some dokuments by the DoD (US-deptmnt-of-Defense) i find some conclusions, get inspired and give you some proper advices and infos for further future procedures.

dont post and publish your real-true data as name, adresses, kontakt-data etc on webforums inforce the full-Account-deletion-act in case you estimate its time to do so, this should be a standard option presented by the data collectors who are always under suspicion of spying on you, profiling you and by doing so triggering the right ads and other tasks on your web-interface to take advantage and get money from you by acting in such manner.

they want to require as much information as possible, therefor they use differnt taktics, one is cyberspace and the new CLOUD-IDEA where you are asked to stall your data, piccies, infos etc and by doing so you can access it from any webshop around the globe, but they can do the same, dont forget that, and it comes back to the idea of the SHARED SPACES CONCEPT. i forget the Cloud, no option for me !
   They ll never get in reach of my ideas, visions, procedures etc but by collaborating openly and direct (any questions ask..very easy), and not by some manipulated pc-software(hacked pc), remote controlled societies etc etc

thats the weak part of the overall controll and spy systems, very easy to blow it up - from inside (whistle blowiging is a great job), i am an outsider with insiders informations, a total individualist in da west, count on that.

not playing well with others is something of the past some mention, i respond to as the remote controlled play and pay, not well ! and some want to split old and new europe (rumsfeld etc) and some try to inforce the past, neo-kons, all kind of konservatives, old stile, frigid and rigid....very funny, the neos better learn how to play well and not tricky shicky micky, and the konsis and afraidies can leave the arena, ring your bell stock exchangers.

over the years some old Accounts still work but its alwayas again special and interesting to see how it works when i try to connect and mail to new outer regions, the last days i tried to connect with Latin-American-Revolutionary-Movements and NGOs (,,, ...) but as i expected this task isn t that easy from (,, and others for new email-account cant hardly do the job) remote controlled marcet places (EU-USA), in the while i ordered by mail to and NSA (who d have all data) to delete my google konto (google+, gmail, picasa etc) dont know if they can do that job, the opt-out option wasn t there.
   And while roaming in the web i encountered that some western NGOs plug and play in between the real Actors and Movements, as socalled supporters, charity-orgs, fund-raisers etc, thats of no problem but i d like to connect to the real actors and not some in between interface saboteurs (usually some US-web serving comps and orgs who try to keep hold of most-hot-infos as possible, by either this or that service as are mail-accounts, data collectors and search engines-google, or some web-forums which can be of good use to keep the friends and cheers informed ...)
    So as i got stuck in some remote controlled odd little western submarcet lot i will try to do my ususal job as was opening new email accounts to do my proper information tasks, educational campaign and going public via my website. Further special tasks and procedures are on way.

(in respect to Leadership - i do my daily briefings with a diversity of specialists and the ultimate powers)

in case you are looking for answers check my webproject, there you may find all what you need for modern (not to mix with neo) today life, nature rules supreme...

in case you want to collaborate with me use my website, contact-links etc

Doks as candies can be found here