My konsequences - meine schönen Konsequenzen

in english
Konsequences got partly outsourced

  My demands - meine Forderungen

Julian Assange gets free ! ( -$ and then the christmas-turkey)
some countries have christmas amnesty for jail-inmates...
- $ its just too dangerouse to mate with 2 scandnavian girls in a swedish-disco
(via Sweden - London - (US) - Ecuador - Australia ...) I prefer da Separee !

Pussy Riot got freed, pardoned by Putin ! (dez. 2013)

Sanctioning !?
Some are actually doing sanctions
on 7 mil. leaders of east Ukrainean pro-rsuk forces,
and as 7 for 7 i demand for the Hemsisphere Farout West
to PUT and treat 7
PARA-military-Leaders (also ex,in rent... from each country)
from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and
treat them like Noriega (Panama) without military intervention
but with cero tolerance for their getting tolerated !!
(june 2014)

GM food needs to be proper tagged ! (corpses - Monsto-roundupReady, Cargill etc) Hormon n antibiotic pumped food needs 2 be proper tagged and branded ! (2014)

ACCESS - security measures
As for instance with email or facebook accounts, when you are in freign countries login often doesn t work, because they fail to recognise some region bound PCc The fb face recognitionoften show friends friends pics as usual part of after crossing border login security measures.
Same with yahoo, likedin etc login security measures after border crossing. Their captcha do not work = failor = means konsequences as are
- CHANGE email-account (open new one) with giving 2nd emailadr for activation by friends, companieros or use older email-accounts that for by you or
- JUST let your good friend or compoaniero delete the spam of the UNACCSASSABLE account by sending them password + login-name to homy country, maybe hospitable and un-expat ...or
- BEST just let your own account grase (via own homepage) the unaccassable accounts of emails, total free and independent, - voila !

With mobiles in worlds bigest democracy its like this as i experienced, unsmart mobiling/phoning. Regular registration failed with 2 SIM-card providers, (formular too much to be filled as a digi-mass, p-port copies etc) not to mention RECHARGING these nice simple phones with torch (15 euro) in worlds biggets democracy (check Gerhard Polt on youtube "Africa democracy ...")
    When you get a SIM-card via your local friends or couriers in Goa or Maharashtra you can not recharge it in HP via recharging-bon to rubb/scratch but via some other strangers number what specialists dont like cause via their number some strange sms settings can get activated. UNACCAPTABLE - and com.comps failors ! partly related content

Konsequence: NO SMART CHIPHONES, because are easily corruptable, traceable and are all-in-one IT-data-transfer tools for imperial data spies (NSA- USA- CIA- google- MS- fb etc etc) - lol - It s a Nogo to eleminate in worlds biggest democracy all the many STD/ ISD telephone offices of once

Bank accounting
Wanted to open a bank-account (admission) after about 7 times in India (all togather about 5 years) unmarried with partly fixed adresses in Goa + HP or via friends fixed permanent adresses DIDN T WORK in two big Banks ... even as i tried to be transparent ... while some trade billions within seconds .... lol -) i like offshore banking and rating !

Ai-Wei-Wei (same same but different), Catstevens and many more artists
should be able to perform their art internationally
without the border and CULTURAL-LIMITATIONS of some Superpowers (more on my main Arts page).

Ubuntu - Kubuntu - Suse Knoppix -)
would be nice to be able to install .exe files (self extracting software files) on Ubuntu Kubuntu (new -) n related softwares on user surface !! (aug.2014)


Spring-water thefts (spring behind the house in the woods done by grandpa...) should be punished or the loss compensated (maybe they can do that job), and further nice expectations but as i can say from my experience in the chaos they live they ll not be able to get along with just one of these tasks, jobs and my expectations !)

I expect compensation for the Hack of my Lappy, the loss of my canoe, and for the remote controlled Volksempfänger sound and stiffy games (can play on here when i am in other hemispheres !!) or I will not only ignore the the remote controlled inhabitants of the Mustergaus capital forever but also Boycott the Salzburger Festivals in da hot future (by that they will learn something)! Time limit - till my take off to outer Hemispheres.

Geronimo my portrait of the great Apache chief Geronimo dissapeared some years ago, i want to get it back, more here
    As long as i am in this region of remote controlled funny games i will play my funny-games,
on all levels and checking all registers. (sept 2013)
    All preparations for take off are on way, all ressources get checked for activation and Dev Bhumi is my ultimate goal .... (okt. 2013)

To be hunt down ...
MS winWin   Behavioristas   Suspect obsvtns 3   Bush jun.   cut intestiles  

deutsch (german) !


für d Steine die ich langsam antropfe (steter tropfen höhlt d stein)

Der Diebstahl der Quelle sollte kompensiert oder bestraft werden....


schöne neue webseiten u geile einträge auf fb u sehr scharfe emails (total Aufklärungsmails)

Counter gegen d Monster Hack (usual biz) no problem werde auch mit fingierten-korrumpierten systemen fertig

(spielchen/angelehnt an den sicheren tel-sex... - d verstehen sie...)

SONST IN AUSTRIA - Kinkerlitzchen...!

auf allen Ebenen alle Register ziehen - full COUNTER (so brauchen sie das im Westen...!)

bis zum Untertauchen/Abheben !!!! (okt. 2013)

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