Trustworthy computing

SIMPLE - ADVANCED matters on computing

  • Dont let your email accounts open !
    sign in and out after the jobs are done (your privacy is at stake)

  • Connect and disconnect the internet-connection as long as you dont need it (security job..)

  • In case some webpages dont open as you type into browsers-adressbar search the site via search engines, this works well usually

  • Check prozesses you dont need and kill em, this advances system performance, savety, does clean jobs, minimizes risk of spies and intruders (bluetooth, skype etc, check the prozesses with software like ProzessExplorer, Autoruns, taskmanager-xp, etc)

  • In case you did SENSITIVE JOBS eleminate your traces (browser-history, temp-folder, history-folders, recent-doks-folder, piccies-exif-data...), in case you find data collecting admins or system-OS on some PC you can put links on desktop to these folders or observe the bad and greedy jobs from your folder n links secretly - lol -

  • In case you ve got SENSITIVE INFOS not relating to you, you can store this info on many locations as are partitions (D: E:..), folders (many names), CDs, usb-sticks, notebooks, mail-accounts etc

  • Turn off MS-Net-Framework (via Controll-panel), what have you to do with em, it s just another big company

  • If chip/prozessor is tiny-slow dont open too many jobs at same time

  • win-7 is a very very strange sys-OS ! Try to make it clever and serving your needs via Controll-panel and inforce the "I ADMIN ACT !"

  • Some of your prefered Software will even work independently from sys n spies as you install it on non-OS partition (D: E:..) in your own nicely named folders and may even work as you copy and rename these program-folders to other locations on your PC ! (got proofed with Prozess-Explorer, FTP-progs, Irfan-View, HypersnapDX, Autoruns etc)

  • You can as well leave some desktop-snaps (pics) showing some Hack, sys-OS-settings, counter-measures on some webstations desktops or special data-collecting-folders for the proper info and educational campaign for either the ones who want to learn and know, or as a mirror for the data-collectors, spies, sick admins, evel-OS-doers and its corporate assemblies to profit by the look into their mirror for promo and beautification.
        Short before i just left n saved some very informative pics of my HP-galleries on some webstations desktops and data-collecting-admins folders...

  • By pressing ctrl (strg) while klicking a link another tab opens, so you can enjoy what you like while some page opens

  • As CMS-admin (man-ager) or as Webdesigner trieing to get that done you can also put the path to folders into your spider-sites.html, then you can access files and folders by your browser - voila ! check this pic or my favorite spider page


  • In case some keyborad triggers dont work check next PC or copy n paste any textpart from any textfile or website adress with missing digits to the digit missing mail, password or website place/tab, then juggle the digits - delete - backspace - copy n paste, - voila !

  • win-7 and win-8 is a problem, kill irrelevant and obsolete processes as are - ClinkSystemLayer (corrupts and slow-down performance), GrooveMonitor, locator, msmgr, PassThruSvr, google-update, facebook-chat, skype, search-indexer via Task-Manager (ctrl +alt +delete) or better
    Process-Explorer etc In case it doesnt work you can also deinstall irrelevant software as skype or some office enterprise, chat updates etc

  • HELPFULL old but best trigger combinations
    - Alt +F4 (close windows)
    - ctrl +X (cut)
    - ctrl +V (paste)
    - ctrl +C (copy)
    - ctrl +Z (undo)
    - ctrl +R (resize pics)
    - delete +enter (kill process)
    - win +M (minimize windows)


install good independent software, install it all on the non OS partition (D: E:), to controll all kind of Prozesses i can recommend Proszess Explorer, Autoruns.exe, to clean once in a while Browser data (history, cache etc) CCleaner does a good job, to controll the Registry CCleaner and Wise-Registry-Cleaner (deep scan by Chinese-softw..) do excellent jobs.

you are the Admin and nobody else, (by the hack i got on my mashine all system-admin prozedures got blocked, real shit...but id do my admin jobs somewhere else ....



When i start my Mashine-lappy i immediately observe the prozesses, Bluetooth (handy-pc connection) gets deinstalled immediately while its trieing always again to do the routine job-installation automatically, therefor clean the corrupted Registry and then deinstall Bluetooth by using System-manager - Device-manager !

Prozess Explorer lets you observe the Prozesses, so check for suspect webconnections which automatically start, eleminate these prozesses as long as you dont want to get online, colour-highlighting shows the webconnections...



Use Antivirus Software (Avira Antivirus or others) and a Firewall (Zone Alarm), even old versions do a good job...usually i dont use the automatic updates but with Antivirus software its different, here automatic updates are essential,


Save the old and new installation files on seperate devices (usb-sticks, CDs etc) and on seperate partitions so in case you get a hack (as happened to me in salzburg 2013) on your mashine and new software wants to do atomatic to mother corp connection jobs just install the older solide programms, they still work and do good services.

here the Install file.log of my hacked mashine for your proper info!


I use about 3 to 4 browsers because each of these browsers can and cant do some jobs, one is slower one is faster....(forget Internet Explorer - irrelevant)



about APPLE Computing
About apple computing, for me the whole Apple thingy is too apple centric, means the partition is one, so if the system-OS breaks down all is lost (even as i never heared of apple sys breakdowns, viruses and other threats are more concentrated on windows systems). Further Apple centric means apple does the folder structure what i dont like, i like to juggle and organise the folders myself. what i like about Apple mashines is the Design, very innovative and sturdy, robust Hardcovers, another plus is the all in one new Mashines so all is put into the Screen beside keyboard etc, but as i mentioned above this has plus and minuses, i like it flexible and like it not to be forced on one mashine, one system, folder structure, and all kind of programms which need to be based on the Apple software.

Once a friend tried to change her website done by herself with apples website composer but it wasnt possible to access the source code, the meta-tags...

Windows does it more flexible, has its assambly-corpses incorporated, by all kind of risks that takes, i am surprised that Microsoft cant do a proper Browser from my experience.

Windows comes along with all kind of assambly software, check the piccy below for what i block by renaming (blocking-access) and dont block, Bluetooth(widcomm-folder) is a self runner and very dangerouse for intrusion via the mobile....somehow all my piccies from smartphone dissapeared.


Instead of Adobe Readers i use FoxitReader, AdobeReader i just let work for Browser pdf action. Old Photoshop versions(7) do a good job but from my neo experience even the old versions get tried by MSInstaller to manage the mother-corp-reconnect-act.
   Burning CDs is essential for saving all kind of new Websites(selfmade), install-files etc I use Nero-Burning therefor....(Big Comps save most of actual data on burnt CDs on a daily base....but are usually afraid to go public when they register some intrusion on their Intranet...(I do my service for educational campaign...)

on Apps - Applications
In general i dont use Apps, not on my mobile and not with my Browsers, i keep the apps responsible for all kind of data spying, the moment you install some apps they connect with mother-corp and could spy on your activities, i dont like that and usually its just of some small funny gigs and games stuff, nothing for me, i do my games in real life real action.


For travelling as i did and will do i need a small robust mashine, once i carried my laptop from Pune/India in the Himalayas (check the story) and the screen got some damage by that, but all togather that mashine served me well over the years. Very important is an external Harddisk on which you can store lots of data, piccies, install-files, as well as some CDs (cant get corrupted) when you are on way, usb-sticks do also an excellent job (the problem is that in some countries you can get viruses on your external devices when you connect them at public web-caffees), portable email-software (Thunderbird) and portable Browser (Firefox) should do the job at the right time.

Internet connections can be tricky, before you do your acts in public webshops check for viruses on the mashine what can be tricky, your own reciever can do some jobs but open connections are always vulnerable. i experienced even in remote Himalayan areas excellent webconnections, and if it was just 2 mashines in a hut run over by some foreigners or a nice webshop in Spiti near the market, so nice.

I never put my piccies (from Digicam) on public computers in webshops but occasionally found some funny priv-piccies in the usual windows-user-picture-folders from some naive touris.

And FINALLY i will do my usual routine by checking for the latest news (websites, tv, radio-weltempfänger etc), sozial, political and international developments and then give some tipps and hints here n there from outer regions and for sure more candies to come for the kick of my show, performance, influence, radiance, role-modelling and my final acts in some Hemisphere.

In case you need a website let me know by using contact links or check my Jobs-site (can travel abroad to do my good job there) have multiple and diverse experience on many levels, for proof check this webpage or send an email, cant do it all(websites) in two languages but the main parts are in english. Only nice and inspireing mails will be answered...

For more infos on my future acts check the konsequences-link below (in german) which is based in respect (dont get me wrong, these tricky kinky games are irrelevant for me) of some remote controlled games in german speaking Abendland regions.

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