Site is under construction but good enough to let it flow online! following lines explain some system-options (pic above)
and what i encountered and react on it...

8 - Indexing-options: would not start this option.

9 - Mouse options: a lot of, very much options all kinds of turn me up/down/scroll/left/switch/jump and remotely turned off n on - lol, change the usb-slot, plug and play is my hot tip in case it gets remotely intercepted! (check all alternative usb gates, turn mousi on/off...). Actually the mouse (microsoft-wireless-mouse 1000) quits its jobs after a max time of 3seconds by good batteries (15.09.13) !

10 - Folder-Options: by the hack i got by MSInstaller (admin got blocked) i experienced hundreds of hot-opening folders, ( but opening new one with context-menue got blocked - no problem..copy n paste empty test-folders)
Folder-Options view didn t work any more properely, should always open in same folder...anyway no problem, i get easily along with hacked, corrupted and faked systems.

11 - PC-Managment: Ressource-Monitor got discovered in USER folder, how funny (some are running around with chip implants allready..whats next)

12 - when i tried to check VAIO-content-observator MSInstaller immediately tried the usual routine install job, got blocked by me (prozess-explorer), MSInstaller is a highly suspect install job intercepter and routine job-catcher. When i tried to install NeroBurnLite last time it got intercepted by MSInstaller, did the install routine two times, second time user-defined but even then dint work out, last ressource alternative CD burn Software - no problem.

13 - Device-Manager: good for controlling and deinstalling the Bluetooth-auto-install-routine (after every startup usual job...via CCleaner/Regscan)

14 - in case you do some folder/file compressing(check file-properties) you activate Microsoft.NET (ntfs.files) then you ve got access from every PC you use to the System....they could panik then, wait a bid and when the time has come connect/Insider-job.

15 - Sound: after i deaktivated sound drivers OS-system collapsed once more time, but luckily i was able to reinstall the hacked system (with all the hack-folders...) and did it by activating Micros.NET before...what a luck.

As i am on my way out of remote controlled regiones of (lappy got hacked and nothing but side cotsts happend during 3 months...) i reside in my mountain resort for preparing my next journey, activated my old PC (Harddisk 20-GB, 3 partitions, one CD-burner one CD-case, all working well by old Win-XP but kind of slow and stable...), internet-connection is very slow here, need to creme the diodes and the mobile/handy-mast up the mountain with da towel... old Logitech cable mouse does a good job, keyboard strikes well (sometimes a beep).

    Compared to the superfast but hacked lappy (intel i7) there are not so many windows appearing ("fensterln" they say in austria/old expression for dating a girl from under her window ...), so to say fensterln by windows-MSI-Hack... lol...
also part of my Web Diary


This is how it actually looks on my mashine, many windows....
and thats how i organise my software-links in a VIP folder on the desktop...

first line: some System-software for the usual start routine (hacked lappy) to get rid of the fake and corrupted registry, bluetooth, and obsolete-prozesses...

second line: Office-software instead of some suspect MS-Office progs (word-starter, word, aplication-virtualistaion etc) I use NOTEPAD, ABI-WORD (for word-doks, text-files etc), and FOXIT-READER (for pdf-files)...

third line: Webspace-software - WEAVERSLAVE (my preference for composing websites...), email-client and browsers...


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