Human encounters (ex Short stories)

partly authentic/ autobio short stories from life experience

later ..

headache ..

I profited

I trekked only 2 days in Nepal out of nearly one month -
- I profited
I took the mountain bike instead of the motorbike -
- I profited
Mountain bike has more sophisticetad gear system (18 - 21 gears !!), i get mukkies, muscle and its so healthy -
- I profited
I get attention and some time later they react appropriately -
- I profited
On mountain bike i can do nice balancing acts on bumpy roads, dont burn petrol for clean environment -
- I and nature profited
On mountain bike you improve/advance you attention/reaction on asian roads -
- I profited
with inside stinky motorbike helmets you get dumb n dull
- I profited (april 014)

Jaaack .... ?

The NLP teacher in front of next rooms guest house door packed with 3 parfumed guys
... "Jaaack can you do a move ...?" - lol - ( too much.. i wanna do movie, do me casting...)
(may 014 Kumaon)

Delhi at night

A friends friend (Indian-Delhi resident) told me that Delhi at night, capital of worlds bigest democracy,
would be scary.
    I can just say from my experience as was trieing to get a SIM card for my old, after having been to Indie more than 15 times, about 4-5 years, at the 2nd day after arrival 2013 trieing to gat that SIm-card via using Delhis metro/subway as an easy going foreigner (hameesha asaani se !-) yes they look a bid scary, some males, in Delhis metro ... but no problem.
    And when i got that Netbook/LapTop (unraped after) it was dark allready then in Delhi not far from Nehru place, the rikshaws didn t stop for me ... but then one stopped and it was fine.
Who was scared of whom ?!
And can this be because they show on TV all these many guys in such an ugly and scary way, even ugly guys can be friendly sometimes (- khabi khabi)
(june 014 MCLeod Ganj with Aprajita n Zabeeh during our veranda caf partyyyyhhh )

Michael Moore

When Michael Moore, the boss_hunter, enters companies property to interview the boss in his transparent office
and gets blocked to interview the always very busy companies boss and
his (M.Moore) feelings get hurt by the always busy boss in his transparent office,
does he get compensated therefor ?
    I prefer boss_hunters to trend_hunters, to model_hunters, to job_hunters, to irresponsible quale_hunters (D.Janey) ... !

This hurt my feeling ..

US Stretch Limo(-sine)

- Prolog
- as experienced in Thamel/KTMandu/Nepal no electricity over days in da room but 6 volt, so when i make my indian_chai in da room hotels power supply collapses because of US_pig_fence power but not the sophisticated and for many many hotel guetsts so important wired-fire connection, so when i make chai they panic...., many western companies offices but no Post office, but many on trekking maps - check gallery, many many atm with relevant stickers and tags but only one ATM_Lounge which does the amazing job via "cashing while watching" next lounge costumer etc ... , many cash exchange offices with conversion rate but no one exchanges russian Rubel, i fully understand that, NONE ENGAGEMENT !
by the way they stole (3 times) some communication goodies out of my hotel room (one was a exectve-diary at a webstation...),
- Act
US_Stretch_Limo(-sine) on asian road, and inside they fuck n fckk,n fck, nfk, nfk but it got stuck (the limo) and they don t get that - on asian road !!!

AC bus plus

AC buses have a plus
the schocolate doesnt melt in AC buses, it stays sakht hei...
this is very good
    In ac buses the schockolate doesnt melt, it BREAKS (special) !

Commando action Geronimo

- in foreign territories may ve heared about it, very hot
    one helicopter sophisticated got lost, some deficits - some profits .. some publicity
but wrong name for Commando action ! a little mistake !
why not PUT Lincoln or Abraham or Jesus you m... !!
    syntax error
take your seat or chello Jackson Hole
Negative mark 5 !
next time better name for com-action, maybe "Uncle Sam" ?"
(may 013 ?)

Easy Rider

Feat funny song

Jumping, hopping, flying, popping =($)
Aaaanimaaation - Promoootion =(V)
- ($)
- (V)
- ($)
- (V)
windows hopping, flieing, popping
winows chopping, poping, hopping ....
...b-tooxiing - silikoooning...

Break ...

- The TV show gets a break
for a commercial, its mindset break-through ...
- One single streets sign was missing in Mumbay only (Dunkan road)
the whole mapping BREAK
- The hotels power supply collapsed and wired-fire com broke
because i did a chai with my sturdy indian water boiler in da hotel (KTMandu-Thamel)
panic broke out and all BREAK ...
- Only 1 sms from India to foreign country melega (possible)
turn on/off mobile, the mobilecoms_settings - BREAK
- I put my scooter 88 times 50 cm in Goa from the demarkation line
the parking lot order - BREAK
- Dogs demaged my rent scooters seatcover a little bid 2 times only
scooter-rental quit story by phone, his profit story BREAK
- One floor i missed only
by visiting friends in new apartment-blocks with elevator
because the designation makers mixed parkinglot numbers with flat numbers
mixed flatnumbers with apartment floornumbers and
mixed parking-areas with elevators signed (many blocks)
i got through block controll, parking areas, elevator gate,
reached 2nd level proceeded to 1st level and
nothing BREAK
- Shoko in ac buses doesnt melt
- Plastik bottlis never break
but i often cut them for new innovative products
as bathroom egg and schokolate holder (cool)
i profited as i cut bottli
as for ash-trey in often frequented restaurants
as for carriable candle-stands
i profited as i cut many bottlis
(Refilled and put to sun 1/2 hour min. time sun rays kill the microbes in bottli !!) etc etc
- Candels melted one time in my bag only
(had it wrapped in palstik bag inside inside)
sometimes made two out of one
i profited when they BREAK ...
(okt 013 - july 014)

Empty bottli

Started the series 2006 in Goa
some empty bottli explanations can be found at
page Inventions
little above here on page (Break ! -) or at
my checklist chapter

Desktop Spitter

I ve to say, papa would scream and shout around everyday with the Indians ...
or get loose and tranquil ... ?
and he is a Desktop Spitter,
has an apple but cant do much with that shit
    Und wenn ich nicht taeglich den Desktop von dem micro-staub (unsoft) u Schmutz reinige
dann is meine Frau wirklich sauer ... weil es koennte ja dieser Microstaub ueber den Begattungsjoystick da unten wo oder nicht oder ...


Got over an ad by a corp which want to teach lessons and calculating managment etc and mentioned in that, that part of exam would be Psychometric, but i can tell you the ad was done by Psycho-inchers (imperial), Psycho-metric is french and they keep up with their culture, - cinema.
    The difference between a Psycho-incher and a Psycho-metric is that the P-inchers marcet is mad ....
(june 014 MCLeod G.)

Da brennt nix an

Also wenn ich mir d ZwiebelEiersuppe mit Pfeffer mache
da brennt nix an
u. wenn ich mir mein Muesli rein schneide (Fruechte)
da brennt nix an
wenn ich mir Pasta Shutta bereite
da brennt nix an
wenn ich mir Tomaten Zwiebelsalat richte
da brennt nichts an
wenn ich mir Pute (unpaniert) bereite
da brennt nix an
wenn ich mir dann einen Thunfischsalat mache
da brennt nix an
u wenn ich mir Wodka mit Zitronenewasser anrichte
da brennt nichts an

(wanted to do in german-bavarian-slang/Reinschrift but that would even be much harder for other german speaking volks - viva Gerhard Polt/ bavarian-Kabarettist - youtube !)
(Kumaon may 014)

Kapitalistas Heinzelmaennchen

all the little mishaps like stolen mobile out of hotel room and recharging cable some week later in other hotel, stolen exectve_Diary in Webstation in Pokhara 6volt_power supply for fency looking hotels (good enough 4wired-fire connection...) but no indian chai possible cause hotel lights n wired conetions collapse by my chai (does panic ..), no Parks in KTMandu or similar relaxation areas, 1_atm canDo the job as ATM_Lounge only .... etc I call it the Kapitalistas_Heinzelmaennchen acts while the POOR GET EXPLOITED a millionfold under worst conditions by the kapitalistas_share_holders, grants and mission_partners without getting paied appropriately ...
(in 4 months odd they stole geera-powder out of my nice mountains_house_kitchen during having meal in the garden...) i do my thing and kerkereega, time passing till take off .... to new shores !
PUT FIRs to Kapitalistas (police files april 014 npl) !

Best of acts ...

Ganga transaction
I crossed the river Ganga
uppar big curve over Rishikesh two times
    Nobody should really try that,
i am not mr nobody and not mr everything,
but with proper water-speed current and potential rock-clash check peemptively
Flat open and smooth parts are of no problem but water temperatures
swim always AGAINST THE MAIN CURRENT diagonally
(forth n back 23.03.015)
here more

3 entries missing, got corrupted,
but this one reintergated or check Travel Diary 3.03.15

Counter Multi Media team ...
If you wanna counter or ass the mmTeam
hang CDs, windspiele (windgames), half filled water bottlis, candy papers,
paper planes on strings in windy windows or the plafon.
Iron goods can indicate actual acts (untransparent) friction of the mmTeam.
(anticipating mmTeam)
- voila pronto -

Monkey cam
If there s a surveillance-cam near your privacy and
hurting your personal rights, as may be in Restaurants as you dine or in Guest houses as you hang around with friends, fuzz, eat, drink etc
you can fix a Banana at the cam, via its dead corner, go Undercover Banana,
fix it with tape/tixo ... the monkeys come in the morning and do the rest
during you watch it in ease.
    I was crieing by laughing by
that act and perfect show ....
(Mac Leod Ganj/ HP/ India june 2014)

I ve been using 2 water boilers (Tauchsider of indian production - dangerouse) for quite a while allready, the small one for room coffee and chai, it needed to be cut off its plug cause of its melting once (thin plastik by 4-5 lines/litzen). So i cut the cable roll the two ends of wires to 2 small balls and it can be of good use for more of room-MilkCoffe n tea.
    The bigger waterboiler got used in 1l cup for soups etc - good -
but latter in the next hillstation (india 2014) somebody corrupted it somehow, all floor lights etc were gone by another power shortcut (- break).
    So next day i took it all undercover in ease, placed it at the reception, while watching TV with receptionist, filled the 1l cup with water, put the big boiler (Tauchsieder) and a big flame did the rest, the receptionist even helped to put the plug to the right plug (slot) ...
all Cams were gone on flatscreen, no lights, all broke ...
I mentioned "bad product ! ..."

What an act in the category - Best of strategy act
(in this respect act shpouldn t be mixed with law-acts in US)
A masterpiece of performance

Thanx 2 India
I ve to say after 10 months and all togather travelling India for about 5 years over about 17teen times i am still there an I love this cosmic adventure, chosmic boiling country and asian subcontinent.
    And for your strong action and in this respect i was able to perform strong as well, also sometimes as well in Hindi, but in MCL Dharamsala (2014) when i was able to break (!) car sidemirrors as Indians are used to stop in front of all cows, horses, dogs, cats etc but not close to humans who are used to get aside by getting close n fast cars. So as these cars where fast getting close to me, as usual in centimeters but overdrive by speed, i had to break some door-mirrors from the cars, some exercise and lessons for reckless drivers passing ...
Thanx 4 all, either in this or that regard, hot or cold, rough or smart, fast or slow in ind.minutes.
    You know how to get along with Sadhus, Gurus, Masters, Snow Leopards, Coco wallas, Tigers and King Cobras ... i know even for your own people its tough, ...Delhi at night etc
but its best training and experiences a millionfold ...
(some mentioned to kill me, leaving cam-hotel ... or shouting to get me off that chair smoking on my veranda in Goa ... but not one single Indian hit me in da face or stole my bags - success ... )

This changed 014-015 a bid ... only,
allready on Delhi airport after biz-class flight, checking seats and deco, they emptied my bag (a mixed emotion keeping not too good word in India) of the
HINDI-german Kauderwelsch ...
and more stuff over weeks from rooms as well. Kapitalism and wild west on its way. That happened never before travelling India for approx 7 years.
    Indians are usually quite seriouse and containing some fun same time and super ad hoc spontainiouse actors, from costum officers (dropping some cards of passport envelops ... more doks real), over rikshaw drivers (mostly cycle but less actor) to soap-shop wallas.

Ganga love

Women - Frauen

Pizza or flowers
Last okt. in Rishikesh, set in da rooftop reste, on neighbouring table 3 Sannyasin discussing in Hindi textparts of a book (hindi), very special.
The head of them got into coversation with me, he also told me about the tablet he got by his german gfriend and showed it to me ...
    After some while he got nervousely close to me and poured flowers over me - nice, and during doing so he thruw hastely Pizza pieces out of the window ...
    Next days he and his gfriend (, pregnant guess by him, sat for breakfast, they got into arguments. She mentiond somewhen (being pregnant) that she is free .. can do what i want, he got furiouse and pretended with a stick that this would have consequences.
After finishing breakfast i left the scene
but each position looks quite clear,
hope it didn t get too much out of hand.

Vegan kiss
My ex ex ex gfriend form Germany was vegetarian, she became vegan during 2 years of our rel.time. She loves every creature, wanted to kiss each single grasshoper or beatle she got to see but she never kissed me in 2 years, she was vegan ! Kissing is somehow like feeling meat in the mouth i thought it should be for her .....
Now (Rishikes) I asked myself do vegans in general kiss, do they sleep with each other, or not kiss but having sex, Americans love to kiss ... guess !!

Naked in Kashmir
After having trekked Mt Trishul 2006, I met a californian girl during having breakfast in the main tibetan-indian hillstation, she told her breakfast US fellow before we started talking ... you are stupid ...
    We went to watch the monkeys up in the woods, she loved watching them mating (i ve never seen Langures mating...but peeing in public..) and took some pictures of them. I burnt her a CD of her travelling pics via my Lappi some pics showed her totally naked on a Kashmiri mountain field (Alm) dancig, arms stretching out, not far from her german friend (female) unnaked, during their hike.
... I was surprised ...
Some days later I went to take her from her room in the morning, she had a dildo beside her bed ... I got puzzled

Arundati Roy and Kathariiina
Last day in Delhi with mum 2012 we visited a restaurant in Main Bazar for breakfast, i immediately told mum about the women on neighbouring table who i met 2006 in Keylong (Tibetan plateau-India), mother Wangmo or Katharina, who has been living in India for long, connected me with Lama Tashi with whom i left for Rangarik (Munselling) a litte village in Spiti where Lama Tashi is running a big school project, primary and high school and an Auditorium was under construction at that time. I got the best guest room (alt 4200m), carried prayer stones one day from the walls around the fileds to the room for decoration, heavy at 4200 m. So we had a good talk with Katharina that day who connected me with Lama Tashi 2006.
    That same day we left for Jama Masjid in Delhi, my mum took to the right after she got dressed by the muslim dresscoders at the big Mosque, i followed her in a distance, both fascinated by the arts. And somehow my mum got straight into Arundathi Roy who was sitting in the shade with a friend near the columns. She lost some tears so happy she was by meeting her, they exchanged friendly words, during i took some pictures of them. A special day we often talked about later.

Bike hopper
We got to know by offering her to take her the way on bike, she (russian) jumped fast, first moments in my room she mentioned - same same, !? room under the old Fort during Monsoon time, so about 5 foreigners in Goa northern territories totally, ...slippery streets and much rain over days, some days later we went by bike to Calangute for her shopping, Tibetan marcet dissapeared - bad, i needed to watch Baga beach from bike for 3min, suddenly she run about 15 m in front of bike, without me noticing she hopped from bike, I left on scooter to visit some restes south Anjuna on way back home. When returning she was allready there before me, hhmmmmm nice, somebody paied her the taxi, time gap ca 1,5 hrs distance ca 10km.

Brit. doctor
Many years ago short after arrival at the main tibetan-indin hillstation a man spoke to me, a british doctor (scottish and proud, showed me calendars with him and the Dalai Lama on fotos), the ex foot masseur of his Holyness the 14th Dalai Lama, he tried to help finding me a room up there and gave me a full power body massage later at his fancy hotel. A massage I never got after and before, he wanted more but the Young Lion (his words) didn t react on that .......
(doesn t fit either women or mens chapter so i leave it here)

Heavy biker
During searching for cacti along Goas main stretch of shores, she (israeli) came along and asked me if i wanted some water, I took the opportunity and we got good frieds for years. She had a single seater heavy and loud Enfield, which she used neary daily for short raids and high leather boots, made bagpacks of leather with stone inlays.
    One time when I visited her at their house she complained about her long time boyfriend because she got disgusted about the way he treated his father.
    I wanted to visit her years later in Rishon le Zion, but it didn t happen.

Soft n wild
Met a soft one from Haifa in Mahabalipuram, we fooled around wild at dark night on beach between the boats. Days later she kuddled me and wanted to kiss me on the beach under the sun, one old Indian came along and shouted at us, dont know if she got the point, later we hugged good bye, she left for bus and we ve never seen again.
Young and wild they got easily close very fast, had good instincts and reacted appropriate to their emotions and intentions ...

Monsoon night
Tibetan/Indian hillstation at night during Monsoon in the old streetside chaistall. I sat and listend to the rain, we observed ... we got into talk ... nice story by her (israeli), wild and strong, she lived for a while allready upthere in the backside ravine village up from Bhagsu and even spoke hindi, rough and loud voice. She went to bring "Late night cakes" for us in the chai stall, we have never seen again.

Longterm relationshipstories dont fit here and will remain undisclosed undiscussed.

Men -

Three VIP men
There are 3 important men in my life till now beside family ones who had quite an influence or impressed me.
    The one who lived 10 years in India with his gfriend and 3 years after in Mexico city, before returning to Mozart town. Wild action and show, celebrating madness etc in good stile (over 60 untypical austrian).
    The one who often danced in 9 Bar(Goa) at age of over 60 and tells interesting life stories (Afghanistan 70s, women, police etc) and -
    The much missed Buddhist monk from East Berlin who may still roam in India since many years, or returned to his buddhist monastery in Sri Lanka ? We met at main tibetan-indian hillstation and in Bod Gaya 2000, we had excellent conversations on Buddhism, much fun, he could laugh about himself and had a very good stile (over 60 age), gave me 2 times a preyer shawl for good bye and a small iron Buddha.

The barber from Porto Limon
He offered us after arriving by bus in the dark to stay overnight in his Barbers Saloon, I slept in a huge superstylish old barbers chair.
Little days later on way to his gfriends house in Costa Rican djungle, we used that old kind of iron 4 wheeler on wooden platform for railways you sometimes see in old movies. A boy made it move with a stick pushing, I sat, the barber watched for fruits, the boy pushed, I was just happy with the situation in the djungle. The barber got some fruits from fruit carring trees for his gfriend, nat. indian, we were going to visit
We reached his gfriends family house, on piles in the djungle along the railtrack, pigs underneath, chicken around, he gave the fruits to the family, they exchanged some words during me observing from the rail-wheeler, 15min later we left.
In Porto Limon harbour i tried to get on a carriership for the passage over the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, no success but special breakfasts with some crews and captains on board at harbour.
Ship crews are very diverse fromship to ship as are captains and to meet them is like meeting adventure of the past on some ships ......

Had many more special experiences, either with the barber from Porto Limon, men and women but that may be told somewhen somewhere later, too preciouse for mainstream internet cheers.

xy unresolved - xy ungelöst

3 punches and a plaster
Coming back from a scooter ride in GOA somebody grabbed my from behind at the guest houses parking lot, and he did not immediately release me, he einsisted a bit.
So i punched him, med sized and a bid corpulent, punched him 3 times in his face, each time first blocking his right striking fist ... he must have been dead cause it was med weight punchs (not fly weight ..) without boxing-gloves. Around 50kg by one fist 3 times .
    Then wondering, i thought a bit about it ... got interupted by knock on my door, took on swim pants, outside 20 locals and 1 police man, maybe 2, he asked me what happened, i told him in short that somebody grabbed me from behind at parking lot and that i needed to defend myself ... so we took to the police station (Goa) two times in one night, back forth back forth, maybe 3 hrs totale, waiting n time passing in police head quarter (Goa northern territories).
    Some days later the on who got into trouble with me also appeared in the police station, i tried to get my passport, he had a little plaster over his right eye. But the one i hit must have had a mask 4 sure,
at place of my punches at the place of action was no blood, no signs or traces around ... (maybe it was like dont be at the wrong time at the wrong place)
But in the police station (Goan north headquarter) one had a little plaster over his eye.

    This is Goa - that is India !! (march 2015)

Leaning by riding
By riding my scooter one of my daily patrols (most time uncorrupted of air release or other scooter way corruptions) - bio, beach and bunny patrols always swift and alert, i got a couple in between some speed breakers leaning on me suddenly as i was overtaking and dropped off slowly somehow...
    I felt hardly anything because I knew it wasn t a big one (accident), a bit leaning and turning aside, also gov bus drivers in front left me overtaking, but some 3 km two fast hindutva bikers with glasses got around and stopped me, told me that i would have produced a bike accident, they appeared to be a bid aggressive, i denied, and saied show me the place, so i follow them and close to the place
the one in front turned and told me to chello (leave) and showed it with his hand as well.
    I turned and scooterd to Inner line Laguna Territory (but these kind of hreadless arrangments could end up in unknown results)
    Did about 60km on Goan roads on bio, beach n bunny patrol a week when it was average Some days no scooting, sab kutsh days corrupted scooter many days enjoyng cooling wind beach, bunnies, waves, currents, swifts and moves. Most interesting at bio patrols are Goan rare eagles, kites, seagulls and swifts, djungles, Banyan and wall climbing trees, peacocks and young water buffaloes. on hills, flowering trees by its smells oveturning you. Resting in shades under trees and on hills very hot and dry at that time. Sunsets with WBSeaeagles, sometimes even with 50 kites overhead and couples duing their marriage walks down to sea sometimes. Also beach n bunny patrol is nice but thats another stories.
( march 2015)

similar stories can be read at Thaca Ushte Medizine man of the Sioux or check my book shelf

Sanctioning -
I read about sanctions on Russia till 2016, and i got to know from a local police man that i get my garden tools back 2016 which i need for hedge cutting and its not a Laubbläser oder grass trimmer-peitscherl, in Saunazi region also called Alpenfestung (Hitler)
    The ordentliche Beschäftigungspolitik is something very special since Haiter u Schlüssel (politicans), .... so get my sanctions till 2018 (double time ratio since the poli-man told me some bulla) if i get my hedge cutting tools back i drop some sanctions you warmduscher, mystic story tellers and oddies !

Bambie stories

Lost in the dark
Met two can. girls in a reste in Rishikesh,
they were good old friends for long allready as they told me,
after a while one said to the other during sunset "you pussy" (i agreed immediately ...)
later, it was dark allready, they tried to follow me (mutually) to the other side over LaxJhula ...
    They got lost somehow in the dark behind me before the bridge ...
i didn t care, but the spider same night in my bathroom when coming back
was of no simply pussy

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