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marcet - economy

surface crawling

    The Lotos-effect inspired Scientists (Nanotech) to try some new surfaces in western toilets and bathrooms to make the dirt and fluids leaving the surfaces immediately after use, but bad for antiviral systems of kiddies who need to grow up in a robust environment (none chemical but organical, no dangerouse furniture impregnation etc), researchers found out that most healthy kids lived in farms and agriculture-like environments, to develop robust antivirus-body
    Same time the new surface industries (does all kind of new mixtures) does good money by new surface products as kitchen-stores etc in da west.
my Lotos-infos site

conditioning systems

Remote Controlled Behaviorism in connection with IT and sysOS (Computer operation systems)
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shopping consuming

to make shopping nice, easy, smooth and smart big consumers and shoppers, mostly coming with Pick-Ups or other 4 wheel vehicles get supported at counters of the all-american-malls and marcets to pack everything while paying as fast as possible into plastic-bags and carriages, then to the fridge and later into the microwave in da states, the prozess of shopping is still there but the prozess of cookig got mainly lost

World War theories

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and latest Bank trials between Swisserland and the USA ...

Ecology - Ökologie - Ecologia

Borderline areas

For me interesting are borderline areas like hedges, coastal-stripes - interesting structured as with cliffs, bays and beach, and relating bio-indicators who show changes in the specific areas and indicate other factors.

Galleries with scientific potential

but you might have to do some reasearch on the locations, i ve altitudes, potantials, temperature, names (fish, birds, some plants; rivers, villages etc), fruits, fish n veg ... (dont rely on the KumaonTouristGuideBook, its mostly a mass with much phantasia ... attached map isnt too bad !!)
Kumaon 1st, Kumaon 2nd

Idioms - languages


in german you can not ask for the female as "wer hat das gemacht ?" (asking for male),
"welche (-frau, -maedchen..) hat das gemacht ?" (asking for female, klingt aber komisch ...?!)
"was ist das ?" (sachlich...)
man kann fragen -
wo ist sie, wie ist sie, wer ist sie, welche ist d richtige ... aber man kann nicht direkt schnell nach ihr fragen...!
gemeint ist "w-eibchen hat das gemacht ?"
waere moeglich ... wer-was- ?


hard to pronounce but very interesting to follow traces and origins

sab sabji - all veg - alles Gemuese
sir sirf - only head - nur Kopf


s stands for the snake and x for the male chromosome


Tiny chaos theory/ Butterfly acts

a litte event like a butterflies wingbeat can change the world somewhere out there at other place, has an effect somewhere else around the world
    - irrelevant theory -
(its big kaps hope doing theory for his tiny shareholder in kapital chaos)

BUT butterflies (Schmetterlinge), birds and nature at all levels overbound
is clue giving, showing signs, signals ...

Cause and reaction

- is a good one = karmic circle
(so kapitalists know what you breed, know what you bred)

World War theories

got approoved by SUB-Comandante
and latest Bank trials between Swisserland and the USA ...


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