SANDSTORMS, WILDFIRES, swinepest and toxic grounds

Sandstorms, Wildfires and Toxic Grounds

We go notice that there are againhuge wilfires in the west of teh USA, itr s name is Calkifornia and we giot to see San Franciso in red (rote fareb sonnenuzntergang etc). Further we giot notice on tehnnews that teh totale wilfire smokes is even reahciung the eastern parts of the USA.

    Many houses and equipment also furniture and decorations got burnt. About 3000 houses got destroied and some helicopters gto in use for rescueing people beside allready nearly 10 fatalities duirng then wildfires this year. The scientists are now in search for the elaftovers from the wildires. In parallel to these immense wilfires also 2 tankers started bruning in the indian ocean. There the traces could veen be more devastating when teh oil carpets reach the shores of Mauritius or the shores of Sri Lanka.

    The smoke over the western USA will get to reach far eastern parts of the USA, so teh scientis have to follow by GPS data and picture taking via satellites where all that leftovers in the mist and dark red skies wil poor down. If it will leave traces in the earth and effect fuirther food supply chains or insect in th erelevanth regions where the smoke got into the earth. It is often poisen clouds full of burnt plastic, cans, rubbish, trailers anmd cars, also houses.

    If that heavy load of dirt and poisen clouds get into the earth it could become a dangerouse poisen earth and food supply chain mix.

    Along that front of fire and smole we can observe sand stroms from the Sahara in Africa whcih is not at all poiusen but just sand and caried away by the wind. Duzringf some winters or what left of that, people can see the traces from African sandstorms then on thei cars oir in the snow, it gets not yellow then but sand brown.
    These leftovers from sanbdstorms are usually no problem but fascinatinga s well as the distances on which the sand gets carried are huge. Usually that traces of storms are no problem.

    In contrary the traces of the storms in the USA could show other results, that is the not so stromy scenario. The mix of burnt woods, houses, campers, plastic, with fertiliozers in other reguons grounds for foodplants etc could be dangerouse toxic.

    On other frontlines we can observe the handling in the far western hemisphere of covid fighting or what some made of it. Now as some schools beginn the swinepest got an issue at the border to .... East Germany, now exactly now during school start in Germany, swine pest is a a topic. Allready one case at the eastern german border, but none the less also in austrian villages swinepestinfo folders got found in villages. That was before the start of school 2020.

    The other story goes that during 80 and 90s of last century wild pigs got very close to some of the chiefs tents allready that early, it was always wilderness around these guys, allready in that young years of adventures, pigs have good noses and sniff at many places and locations. And the more during octovers or novembers when they roam in groups.
    So in a tent when there are leftovers from the daicare time during camping, during nights in case pigs live there, could get very very close to the tents, specially as they had no enemies till then there and never had before ...., but swine pest was never an issue then.

    On other frontlines the covid scenario got rediculed by some presidents, it got a minor tag by some tongues, even as the virus reached allready circles close to the oval office, and that was no surprise at all as many people know of the US way of life, some say it is a dream or something, others name it lost soul country, open plains or once great plains.

    Then later they, some presidents excused theimself later (...) for covid rediculing with the phrase of "wanted to avoid chaos", samtime usual police sitcops and kneeing by killing, no changes by that strange scenarios which show some lacking here and there, if not even understanding. Once it was bullets, tomahawks and quite a lot of arrows against white settlers, with many stories coming along. One was the story of Apache kid who stole cattle during the Cochise and Nana battles in the south west, nowadays the border region to Mexico. But that left mostly blood and bullets in the earth.

    With wildfires in these days it is different as these fires should be of a toxic mix. Either along the Covid front or toxic fertilizers allready in the grounds with heavy load of smoke and burnt houses and burnt woods mix.

    Also these huge fires and blazes even reching the eastern parts of the US burn like 1000ds of cars. That has to get accounted on the pollution reduction lists and certificats, papers so to say. Which gets then transl√∂ated into scientific terms. If that will stay tehre over the time of Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit timer span will be seen as the results and effects on the earth and food supply chains, birds, and in specific insect eating ones could give clues and hints, if not Greenpeace itself, on teh effects of the firestorms and walzen of smoke and dust. Satellite images could indicate where that poors down lately.

    It is not minor cases which will get plaied down on small scales, as sometied with fuzzing small the covid front, fatalitoies tell different stories. When the numbers reach on the scale like during wars ... some socalled head of states should not try to shoot virus scenarios small by smart tagging just as it can not get done with 500 guns. And that is not even a small number of guns there in the USA.

    As school starts now in some parts of Europe swine pest got some articles in the medias, and many school pupils now about pigs, swines and the adventures close to them in the muddy woods near Fockenberg, Laufen or Kobernaussernwald. In that cases scientists said that the swinepest has no effect to humans, as long as they do not burn all togather like, lets say during the 30 years war or later till the Nazis had to take their last tablets in all that rumble.

    Swines could also not just go for the leckere trueffel but also show wich ground is most toxic, trueffel-schweine could indicate toxic erden (verdreckte erden).

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