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Datum: 09-10-2021
... whats the official tax of an active US president, before it gotthe 750 dollers (klax tax) over years SOO MUCH TRANSPERANCY ... ???? //ktENGRI
Datum: 09-10-2021
beside the fight against the virus (when is winwin accomplished ??) and teh oilspills and overnight leave of mil.compounds .... next virus could be havana syndroms ...// Oegedei
Datum: 07-10-2021
... in this MOMENT the PRESSURE IS RAISING in Northstream 2, the pressure is raising .... NOMORE oilspills !! KTengri
Datum: 06-10-2021
hot wohl niemand kapiert (-!!!-)dass Laschet zur FLASCHEN ZEIT AM FALSCHEN ORT GELACHT HAT !!! --scholz scholz u gruen gruen // Oegedei
Datum: 06-10-2021
from today on there are STRICT AND RIGID QUARANTENE measures on facespuk, instagram ..G-GG-G and the rest of the BIG 4 GROUP // reduced SPLIT AND QUARANTENE !!!! Oegedei
Datum: 06-10-2021
...der Dreck, das Petrol, wenn das noch laenger OBEN SCHWIMMT, -dann gut es probleme u gewaltige ... nicht mehr soviel OEL oben am meer u donaukanal !! Oegdei
Datum: 05-10-2021
GOOD that the Medusas and Vacuum-cleaners which SUCK the web of its users GOT STOPPED SUCKING ON THEM ! WHAT U DO NOT USE DOES NOT HURT ! IT GOT YOUNGSTERS BELOW 14 on some suizide-gram pages (Benutzer Ablutschen)// !! Oegedei
Datum: 04-10-2021
LYBIA seems to be another exercising place, since Obama and the french and the many foreign and local forces making ramble to dust (neue werte bringen oder was) Gaddafi war zu ordentlich u organisiert. auch dort das westliche ua Engagement so stark. OEGEDEI
Datum: 04-10-2021
These weltumspannenden Netzwerke PANAMA PARADISE annd now PANDORRA offshore papers, what is next parallel to the Nasdaq, DowJoes// Wirecards, xing vaiPiano udn den vielen strafzahlungen since years ?? .. that poor and greedy ??? OEGEDEI
Datum: 24-09-2021
... are there ANY BIRDCOUNTING pages in mid.Europe .. or is that part of Bitannia sites ??? thanx 4 hints ! Oegedei
Datum: 21-09-2021
The best of Information on a hartdhit land and // Oegedei
Datum: 21-09-2021
why should YOU MANAGE cookies ??? Want get occupied with a system ??? Oegedei
Datum: 16-09-2021
my last tip and hint KTengri
Datum: 14-09-2021
nach dem Megadesaster um PEGASUS hat d Mossad 1e israelische mashine (cessna??) am weg nach Samos versenkt // Oegedei
Datum: 14-09-2021 that sounds great - SUCCESS ! KTengri
Datum: 12-09-2021
.. Next year Time 4 FlipFlop throwing again ... ?! KTengri
Datum: 08-09-2021
God gets angry when so many women in Afganisthan are crieing ! A little bid of understanding on either side is good // Khan Tengri