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Datum: 06-12-2019
Ola welcome GRETA ... you need to speak where the Tecknocrats speak, where they eat, you need to eat and drink whree they do so !-) after some pause and breaks ... if not too disgusted ! Speak where the Generalversammlung is .... ! Konteradmiral Khan Tengri
Datum: 06-12-2019
That looks strange from Birdview - !!! Khan Tengri
Datum: 04-12-2019
Mr president ... Ich hoffe auf eine Weihnachtsamnestie privjet, wie in Cuba oder Moskwa, war oft shlimm und raufsuechtig .... Doch niemand kann mich aus meinem Amt hebeln ...Khan Tengri
Datum: 30-11-2019
I liked Mexicoooohhh, on the ground (Las Nubes Agua Blanca) and from sky -different because I could see the blood in t streets. It s similar over the total central American coastline (Honduras, el Salv...) Obrador seems to be a good president, The US fight, offers and "cleanings" would only blow bloody in all their faces. Some fights acn hardly be won, expolice etz
Datum: 28-11-2019
.. recollecting some Info, last April o19 there got some soldiers shiftes ..mid east ...! Khan Tengri
Datum: 28-11-2019
I fully agree .. ! with that ! Khan Tengri
Datum: 25-11-2019
I had many TVs in many hotels, but now .. I do not know whats better a Putin calendar from 015- o17 or Greta on her new show ... Molotowa Tengri
Datum: 24-11-2019
It got hot and ugly in many lands over last weeks, Chile, Colombia, Syria, Hongkong Iran, Bolivia,.... always around election in the US time things turn nuts, also the president soon, I estimate Khan Tangri
Datum: 22-11-2019
Mapuche of Bolivia, Inka and Zeltal .. as in the future so in the past, hast la Victoria siempre !(some bishops conference is nothing .. nothing) Hermanos Viva !
Datum: 22-11-2019
YOU have the right to Get Forgetten VIRTUALLY !? thats all about your data, not that emotional !!! not too emotional on getting forgetten ...., just blow the account and enforce kill of accounted data, if wanted ! Not too emotional, real friedns are better and real cycles, real trains and trainees Khan Tengri
Datum: 22-11-2019
Ukraine, Turky and Hongkong seem to become long porjected fronts by the west, weapons and dolare since years to Ukraine (also Poland), Turkey the Parhia and Hongkong to China ! the Wests trendy issues at frontiers ! Khan Tengri Elaborating on these hurts
Datum: 17-11-2019
NOBODY got to know of the JOINT EXERCSES in Israel with Western joint forces ... not a big story ???? really (US-IS-FR-DE-GR-) K.Tengri even with
Datum: 17-11-2019
How s that possible, can that be true... trustees ?? , Khan Tengri Oegedei
Datum: 14-11-2019
..sorry but I don not want to provokate old rocket nations, new rocket shooters or the presidents of total nations ... no provocations are intended by my new MEGAIMPACT findings near North Korean shores, only very very big ... Khan Tengri
Datum: 08-11-2019
Is it possible to BUY somwhere the DATA of the Dog which killed Bagdadi anmd the US soldiers, it s all so secret on that Ambushers, the US soldiers, somewhere a Sell-store of that data !? The dogs cellphone would be great ... !
Datum: 08-11-2019
auch PIZARRO und CORTEZ, spanische Conquista hatten Hunde dabei ....
Datum: 08-11-2019
die NATO etwa im ausmachbaren Nahtod... ? keine gemeinsamen werte u ziele mehr, nach dem letzten Hundeangriff aus dem Heli auf einen Moslaemfuehrer ... VIELLEICHT helfen dann der NATO bellende zornige Hunde, Hinkel hatte auch einen schaefer.... Khan Tengri !
Datum: 08-10-2019
It is Brexit and migration time in Europe. Bankers are 1st settlers for Brexit .... since months ! Khan T...move on Boris Jo.
Datum: 08-10-2019
I LL B BACK...all systems got currupted !! mobile (no cell phone) and PC from behond teh 7 berge !! I ll be back countdown time ! Khan Tangri
Datum: 08-09-2019
BREXIT 2: Banking sector shifted allready few 1000 employees in the brexit preparation times, I think the British can take the Brexit, they countered spanish gold ships during 18th century so, bankers dis allready brexit ... now for the souvereign of teh Oegedei K.Tengri
Datum: 08-09-2019
.. some fellows want to strongly help the Dataprotection Beauftragten in the USA with the programm Team Viewer .. it can repair all remotly !-) Oegedei
Datum: 07-09-2019
NICHTS .... hab mir gr Teile - Galerien, meiner web-seite runter geladen, REPAIR on PC after HDD cracking some months before ... NOTHING ... Oegedei Khan
Datum: 29-08-2019
business english seems to fully hit now !! breakthrough of biz english ... Oegedei Khan T.
Datum: 29-08-2019
sorry sorry to Brazi and France for the Misshaps during G7 with the verbal assault on stateleadres wifes, that is really nuts ... Bolsonaroes (rio sangue typos) and all the 3 last stateheads of Peru .... good for jails .... I apologize with Mr Paulo Coelho for assaults on stateheads wifes...sorry sorry Oegedei Khan
Datum: 29-08-2019
South Sudan overall seems to be very, astonishingly quiet and peacfull, with that much of oil ...underground! Thanx Mr Banksy and conragtulations to Mr Macron, explanation on deals and speeches for deals and business english will follow as usual ! Oegedei Khan Tengri
Datum: 27-08-2019
... thank you BANKSY, did another great arts job, thanx BANKSY thank u ! Khan Tengri Oegedei
Datum: 24-08-2019
Nobody should confuse the G7 with the many Rocketmen and not with the Trade conflicts ... sametime - Oegedei Khan Tengri
Datum: 22-08-2019
Is the POWEDER river area for sell, the best hunting grounds once ... !!! anybody wants to buy that.... want a deal on that ? or next claims for mining or .... Puerto Rico for Mazedonia;; hey Luis XIV lets see ... then whats for sell or shop ! Oegedei Khan Tengri
Datum: 21-08-2019
...not White Mt for sell and not Comanche areas for sell, texas, not the mescalero regions for sell and not the Dakotas and Lakota territories.. some claims could be left ! Khan Tengri
Datum: 21-08-2019
Greenland is not for sell, also not the Lakotas and Yukon territories, also not the claims near Yellowstone river not the Comanche
Datum: 20-08-2019
nocheine schoene link best regards, Oegedei Khan Tengri
Datum: 20-08-2019
... have visited, nice .. kann man sich das wo verschreiben lassen (link), als medizin oder so Khan Oegedei Tengri
Datum: 08-08-2019
I fully understand the strategic move on the BIG CHESS BOARD of the north Korean hackers .... there was Panama and paradise papers ... I fully understand that, beside Fiji and Fuji atoll papers ...! Oegedei Khan Tengri
Datum: 05-08-2019
Alexa listened again to the falling stocks, hat schon wieder beim fall der Kurse zugehoehrt ..Alexa im geraeuschmodus bei fallenden kursen Oegedei Khan Tengri
Datum: 30-07-2019
EMERGENCY EMERGENCY Do not seize the tankers anymore, not anywhere it is too sensitive stuff ! free the oil tankers release the tankers - Free on Route, not that oily smeary stuff again (Exxon ands Deepwater was far too much ) Khan Tengri Oegedei
Datum: 21-07-2019
Obacht vorsicht- es gibt fuer kleine Boote, Kajaks etc EINSTIEGSHILFEN auf Fluessen ... ! Khan Tengri
Datum: 09-07-2019
Mrs Rackete gets on the freedom, the liberty path, nomore mass Buffaloe slaughters ... the wildwater rapids over III got done in topopen Canoe(no life jackets ..) ... high rank Chief in peto !
Datum: 09-07-2019
Lets free Julien A. and we gonna kickback with Mc Affee or we gonna .. Echa Gupta is on watchlist !!
Datum: 03-07-2019
Nachdem Postenschacher fuer die EU Spitzen sind sie jetzt bestellt gut, In den USA werden zu d gewuenschten lokalen majority Wahlergebnissen einfach die county grenzen verschoben .... komisch nicht, die Democarcy dort !
Datum: 03-07-2019
I can not understand that the women flee from the Wahabits, who swim in money .... there must be a problem with the share of the gold and money, the wealth the golden bathtubes etc ... usuallY women love the LUXERY
Datum: 29-06-2019
..... freies waren u personen verkehr ...?!
Datum: 27-06-2019
when they vote next time in the USA, then they could have a new cyber-currency then maybe (very volatile ??)... but sex in Sweden ok for sell but not 4 buy, whats that then, for sure not volatile !
Datum: 27-06-2019
but the more I just want sometimes Pancakes from Mr President Putin and a Sweat sour Duck from the chinese Kaiser ... if thats possible anyhow later then ... hmm ... an a Pu.calender !
Datum: 27-06-2019
the try of Bascics war schon schaurig, es muss zerschlagen werden ... u diese Spiele diese leidenschaft beim virtual gaming das is zuviel !
Datum: 27-06-2019
Als die Eurofighter vom Himmel brannten u eine Indische Filmcrew in der Gondel fest steckten, na da war was los ... ganz woanders !!! Facebooking muss zerschlagen werden !
Datum: 27-06-2019
Im uebrigen bin ich der meinung dass facbooking zerschlagen werden muss, banking auch noch mit den libras ..... neben onkel papa mama pics und komentaren, das ist 1000 nummern zuviel !
Datum: 21-06-2019
I fully join the line with OJ Simpson, we strike back, this website-magnificante gets 2-3 nice books remember !-) ... if they can take it, I do not think they can take it !! We strike back on the burning katholic shithipe and some dogshit carriers and hundekottraeger-innen ... we strike back ! Give me the books of Subcom Marcos, Moises and OJ Simpson !
Datum: 14-06-2019
I fully support ITALIA with its new Bot coin strategy beside the allready 9000 value network worth of 1 single BITCOIN .... full support for Italian Bot money !!
Datum: 14-06-2019
.. in case they will ax the US Android system 38% of netmarcet share in the EU will be gone !!! so much 4 a tip.
Datum: 14-06-2019
... very little bees this year in the valley, sr wenige Bienen heuer im Tal ... !
Datum: 10-06-2019
jede Gemeine braucht im unbedingt !!! einen Web und Cyber-Beauftragten fuer die Performance, (viele erkannt !!).. sowas is echt beunruhigend u schockierend !-) total schock... nd
Datum: 10-06-2019
Tue gerade auf meim Handteller Telefon (UNSMART) Palm reading machen
Datum: 10-06-2019
... was isn jez scho wieda mitn Verpackungskuenstler Christo ... Italien wird wohl and Scettino scheitern costa costa de ... sonst eben touris
Datum: 07-06-2019
5G, industry 4, web2 more or less new hypes 4 private users .... its all about palm reading by SMART PHONES !
Datum: 07-06-2019
... there is no winner with Tariff war, I would not deliver if they cash on that imports by ultimate high tariffs ! also blocking 2HDDs_no deliver possible online then. Can it be that some presidents are ugly by Caesaren madness, strange new fronts on new frictions by tariffs !! Caesaren madness is my diagnosis
Datum: 27-05-2019
Nach Echelon, Jul. Assange, Carnivore, Save Harbour, NSA will die USA ein Problem mit Huawei haben welche sie mit einigen anderen Laendern in den Handelskonflikt getrieben haben !! Das ist ein grosser Witz, wahrlich ! Ich hoffe nur dass dann die web Verbindungen, auch evtl ohne Huawei, doch bei sage u zeige 5G funktionieren werden .... na denn, Lets see ..
Datum: 22-05-2019
.. so lets see ... DOW is getting heavy pushes, clpas ... lets see !
Datum: 17-05-2019
...could not read the PROGRAMs of the EUropean Linke, Scialist and very GREEN parties yet ... konnte ihre programme nochnicht lesen !!
Datum: 12-05-2019
The USA has to be carefull with DETERRENCE and deterrential actings, there is much much money and deals to be drownde arouind that big aircraft carrying ships and its fighter jets or cruise missles There is much much money at stake, do not forget that !!! Much of biz can be sunk !
Datum: 10-05-2019
What is more dangerouse ?? Glyphosat, the Test Rockets or the Aquisition of Monsanto by Bayer ? (or most costly ?)
Datum: 08-05-2019
... some things look like cycle shops, some things look like cars anyway they could not PIMP MY BIKE .... in that city, the Trekk bike sounds like a Hummbee, like as Colibriii
Datum: 07-05-2019
before "Oberlehrer channnels" as CNN or some UKs get over you, just turnON MUTE !
Datum: 07-05-2019
Venezuela is good for huge statement investments sidelining frozen assets in US for Oil revenues, so Statehoods investments, shopes infrastructuroe and payroll via food power and electricity for first strikes. It is puzzling the failed F35 crash near Japan but gets help by assembling via Turky but nosell there the final product from US ... puzzling.
Datum: 01-05-2019
... for better JET !! in the stove !!
Datum: 01-05-2019
Once in a while I need to crawl my chimney even after super adaption ! I spare Collins and Severinus from that, do not get too dirty ! -
Datum: 28-04-2019
The USA no collusion- NO friction by an US Aircraft carrier entering Persian waters .... don t know what "will do before the horse change ... in mid of waters ... !"
Datum: 22-04-2019
I expect the sound program of Mr Zelensky, is it a software, is it improving relations, is it comic program, whats about his program, the program, program ! No, No, no, NO (schweigegelder), whatmore to come
Datum: 15-04-2019
The new conflicts (Venezuela, Sudan, Libya ...) is because ISIS got defeaeted... in way ....
Datum: 11-04-2019
Indiaaa saahsi waala aur waalis karunga, i am in mid of elections, but the extremeistas and fundamentalists have to qbe watched and can not be supported, soem call politics Tiramisu ! Chelega borrhia vote aur tieg elections ho ! Aise maat caro extremistas para vote hoo.... ! 6 hafta tieg vote ho
Datum: 09-04-2019
Free Assange, he got pardoned, he gets excused, Disco is public meeting place ... by the UN allready pardoned, get him out there but not to US as a prison migrant. People want to get to knmow on Mr Trumps tax evasions, money launders and his envisioned dark tower in Moskwa ??? Khan Tengri
Datum: 06-04-2019
.... or was it Int. Platform Day ??? hhhhmmmm Khan Tengri
Datum: 06-04-2019
... Anybody can tell me how SMS (simsen) works today in alpine backlaied austria (unaustralien) ??? Today International Social Network Day and how can i accsdss my 500 GB HDD anybody can tell me ???? Khan Tengri
Datum: 02-04-2019
... with kind regards .... .... Khan Tengri Oegedei
Datum: 01-04-2019
. fuer SMS haette es nach neuer sim-telefone reichen koennen (SIMsen) !!!!! ist that dangerouse, prekaer or what ..??? Have no idea .. ! - Snow Leopard Khan Tengri
Datum: 25-03-2019
I am happy to get notice that Italy is building bridges with China, the chinese Dragon is raising ! Mr Salvini has to look after the italian bridges (Genua), Aermachi and Bianchi did not look that bad to me. There was a mistake (FAZ) with Goldman Sachs numbers 21-22.03, ich schau mir das jez malwieda an ....
Datum: 19-03-2019
War, boycott and sanctions look different in these days, some just do not get that ! and others can not even do SMS (2 years) on a super chinese-phone-uncell after so much aplpplicatinating over years ! March (mahina) after womens day gets often hot ....Bury my heart at Wounded Knee is excellent, of the early days of the beahauvioristas in the Plains !
Datum: 16-03-2019
I can not accept the EU sanctioning me, my parties and my mobiles ! SMS has to work after 18 years, also the dentist will do a job and the 500GB HDD has to be in reach, my intel property ! I will leave the EU again and understand GB well
Datum: 10-03-2019
das Klima hat viele Gesichter, das der Verlorenen telefonbuecher neben den telefonnummern stocks. jeder der sich da n bisl auskennt weiss was diese indikatoren bedeuten. Dann d Gesicht ob per Auto, Rad, Bus, Flugzeug oder Zug. Oder ob in EU per Rad und sonst mit zug oder Flugi, auch bus .... dann das KlimaGesicht der gigantischen Wettermacher Tornados, Hurrikanes, Hitze, Fluten, Trockenheiten und Tsunamis, Vulkane etc manche sind darauf andere dorthin specialisiert, Obacht ! Auch das Gesicht der Telefnnumern charts (nummern klimati) ala stocks, futures, funds, exchange rates etc spricht im Jahr des schweines dessen Sprache !
Datum: 10-03-2019
I do not think that during times of ANDROID nations/tiny cellphones and Cars with software, that it gets healthy for marcets to block a 500GB HDD via a remote wifi connection, let s see what happens !!! ..... Do not be a Tesla !
Datum: 10-03-2019
... what s the problem with Bunga Bunga, ... better than a facelift ! (but I can never accept the "Map of idiot" close to me or house with forbidden garden NEVER !!! )
Datum: 07-03-2019
Today the Day after I used the Jainsaw on a 15m xmas tree, cut it into little pieces to get dry ...did not take 1-hrs ! Do not be a Tesla ! ...... Kufu Akesh !
Datum: 03-03-2019
.. as a 500 GB harddisc got blocked, ... I do not know if there will be a deal, a summit, if it is a rocket or a .. car with software. We will see then .. somewhen later !!! no updates so far possible so .... we will see
Datum: 09-02-2019
cases - At wrong time at the wrong place: Gen Patreus, Trump, MrAssange, Clinton, ..... for some professionals it pays good later and at the time, specially during Preelactioon times ... but a Disco case and an 5year embassy-arrest shows most wired in these times, mr unknown
Datum: 08-02-2019
I destroied the Netboock Launchpad totally ... for a new one later somewhen ... agent orange on a mio tiny cell phones than on the djungles, Horus - Ibis
Datum: 29-01-2019
somebody got poisened on a 900 euro flight (1st con) later on an island somebody crawled into a toilet bag for contacts and containers at the most costlzy regions rooms on an island .... irresponsible actings ... get more Kleptomans!!
Datum: 29-01-2019
Bolsonaro can be exchanged, Mursi ... Trump can be exchanged, Duterte not too much.... would shoot anybody around .... many can get exchanged – Regime change !
Datum: 29-01-2019
Regime change is for long a usual routine from the northern imerialist hegemonistas. Nothing new !! But also happened since about 1,5 decades in the Gulf region. Bitcoin is not too solid currency to counter the balance which gets kept in the brexit zone and Venezuela
Datum: 23-01-2019
Netbook get crashed the same day, doensnt make sens without contact lens container !!! last time thiosd country !
Datum: 23-01-2019
the rikshaw driver did not want to find Negombo from the aerport ...good sign ... eyeslens container got nstolen from 2200 room there, they wiill loose sight on the web next 6 month ...reduced to smart mob format did 20km on foo yesterdaz, slepot in djungle near Udurudambe... succes in Goa wityh 15 panchax
Datum: 24-12-2018
please take care of corn-cycle signs, specially around aerports or adjoining fields, corncircle cycle signs !!
Datum: 12-12-2018
I want to say tank you to the International binding Migration Pact, I am on the run since 20 years, 23 years ! Keep the standards !!! and welcome the the ones in need ! I am on the run .... they ll not catch me !
Datum: 15-11-2018
I can also report, doing briefing, that they are not good in install and managing mobile boxes here in the alps (alptraumhaftes)
Datum: 15-11-2018
Bolsonaro de novo Brasiu should better take care for the building of new long and Superfast Railtrracks and Passanger trains, before from north the imperialistas crowl over some latifundista pistas
Datum: 30-10-2018
Was heute wichtig ist ! Ich hatte 2 parties in 2 jahren doch sie sind nicht mal in der lage 100 km in 6 jahren zu machen !!! feel shame ...
Datum: 19-10-2018
Mr Assange should be freed and get freies Geleit of his choice when it is there, data leakeres and if the were dancing in Discos, that data leakers today are good for becoming politicans. Brexit will get hard enough, the more with Assange in Lundon. He is ready for going leaky and finding more on diaries. nomore cutoff of these leakers and reality winners spindoctresses
Datum: 17-10-2018
ziemlich makaber die Aktivitaeten mancher Saudis
Datum: 06-10-2018
..... it will have consequences boycotting and sanctioning my mobiles and SMS capabilities for 2 months allready, there will be consequences. In this times no SMS is criminal act and same to sanctions on other fronts.
Datum: 06-10-2018
.... ich lese dass GRU an den Pranger gestellt werden soll weil sie so agressiv im cyberspavce sind, rein virtuell aber ... sind doch eh schon Millionen nakt im Web, ganz nakt und sogar schon millionenmal verkauft, auch in der selbstbeschau und eigenauslage ..... wie agressiv und gezielt mahcne das die webhydren das das so gut klappt mit millionen ..... in China heban sie nur ein kl Buero ....
Datum: 06-10-2018
What was the case, they do not know it, what was it rape, murder or fun, they do not know, who was it, a women a dog or a monkey, they do not know it, what was the job, job for US SUPREME COURT, what was its name ....
Datum: 05-10-2018
Habs gefunden die Download seite, von LInux tolle sache, sonst in vielen lanedern weiteres Blutvergiessen in der katholen rechten Tradition Brasilien auch am Blutkurs zur Wahl obwohl viel einfache Leute LUla gut fanden !!
Datum: 29-09-2018
I decided that Brett Kavanaugh does not get the job in the US Supreme Court !! ....... sticky questions once on Bill Clinton .... soft Pasta and ketchup questions and finally a rapist. Rapists at the US Supreme court .... NO !
Datum: 27-09-2018
Interesting on a Turning point on and SWIFT monoploy and the Powers helping the Turning point and another hot link for sharing
Datum: 26-09-2018
.. diese Verbrechen muessen erst einmal aufgeklaert werden !! was will denn der Mann noch alles anstellen ..... das ist doch furchtbar !! 2500 cases before courts that crimes have to be settled and solved before that man can do any more crimes. Whatmore he wants .... movin to Colombia, diese sein oder ... Verbrechen muessen zuvor unter allen umstaenden aufgeklaert werden !! NO more crime posts in political posts (or post partner)
Datum: 25-09-2018
Man muss beim Hrn Trump wirklich sehr genau hinschauen, der Mannn hatte 2500 Faelle vor Gerichten, diese muessen erst einmal aufgeklaert werden !!!
Datum: 17-09-2018
I think the US White House will not be a problem for long, they will do it themself, the thing is that it is the US White House. In Germany Maassen should go, giving AfD the infos and data before publishing !
Datum: 15-09-2018
From my own testing I can tell if you go into the intestiles of a webbrowser like Firefox when it is in stall, doing slow page loading it is imediatly advancing performance by deleting files as all json files, also seesionstore-backup folders and folders like healthreport, datareporting, minidump, it will advance loading pags ! It is work and attention distracting but it works, and some want it to annoy you
Datum: 06-09-2018
... sie werden dort alle Gesetze an Mr Trump sehr genau anpassen muessen, sehr genau zuschneidern muessen quasi !
Datum: 06-09-2018
Stelle mir die Hexenjagd nach den Leakern im Weissen Haus der USA sehr witzig u aufregend vor, a tweet on that witchunt in the white house, that sounds most amusing !!
Datum: 02-09-2018
Wikipedia is a great source for information on fish from Cylon, National parks, Leopards, Crocos, Snakes and Elefants of Sri Lanka, the Island with the friendly people, good !!!!!!
Datum: 30-08-2018
Strange as Venezuela has biggest oil reserves but superinflation same time, very bad biz and country ruling people, no agricluture industry and can not make something out of its oil reserves .... very wired ! Usually all lands with oil are in a position of power, but close to the natural gas producing US .....
Datum: 30-08-2018
The US independancy on natural gas, parallel the downfall and superinflation of Venezuela could later make some biz men takeover in Venezuela and takeover of its oil reserves ..... check a history here -
Datum: 30-08-2018
Offshore rating is different to offshore banking and pooling, Offshore rating is objective and I got never mentioned either in the Panama or Paradise papers, can not even imagine that stupid stuff ! Paradise is not a pool and 7 sleeping rooms !!!
Datum: 28-08-2018
Nr o1 thinks it is very good when the neocons and nazis walk out from the UN Human Right comission and the UNESCO and world trade at all, thern there is a big chance for others to manage and engage, non engegemanet by nazis and neocons is good !!!!!! It shows their real keeping with it !!!
Datum: 20-08-2018
some actual news by and
Datum: 18-08-2018
I can not send sms with my new 15 € startbalance on mobile, only after next reload. I bought an aquarium filter and 2 fishnets in Cylon, but there is no aquaristic shops here now like in Havanna Cuba, Kanchanaburi Thayland, and Tissam, Negombo and Trincomale Cylon to buy some fish (parade) for the aquarium, sad.
Datum: 06-08-2018
Ecuador Quito has not even post offices so whats about the story with J. Assange .... katholics, hee eat your stones yourself !
Datum: 06-08-2018
Steven Seagull got the russian passport (, Saudis sent back the canadien attache, I am waiting for the Germans to send back the US embassador to Germany.
Datum: 02-08-2018
Prepairing for the region of katholic deathcult, empty villages ... there is a big difference between normal societies and total car ones.
Datum: 24-07-2018
When everything hangs on the web you will get problems during major conflicts. A buffer zone (like the green corridor along once inter German border) would be more save instead of sending weapons, rockets, money and want to make it part of NATO near the russian border (Ukraine, Georgia ...) I am wondering where all the aquaria shops are gone from places in salzburg city and others in austria also post offices often gone, left are shops with hundegeschirr. Here in Cylon they have post offices and aquaria shops and near most places are eagles flying around .....
Datum: 16-07-2018
The USA stepped out of the UNESCO and stepped out of the UN council for Human rights, it does not accept the International court of justice, but it accepts the scienologits, it accepst many NGOs everywhere, that makes teh difference and is part of their worldwide strategy since years.
Datum: 13-07-2018
I have very good products from India, best tooth paste, best skin cremes, best cremes and lotions, also cylon pepper and have cylon tea and coffe, all very good products ! Many good flowers for parfums, jasmin, frangipani and others
Datum: 13-07-2018 there in the USA you need to learn to trade better, next time, when that threat from ur president is over then, that threat on world trade, become more strong in trade, learn to trade, no complaints then, no junk food any more, no chlor chicken, loosers in trade .... bad job, bad job !
Datum: 13-07-2018
That mr Trump did a very bad job on world Trade, very bad job. You there have a president who had 2500 cases before court and wants to equip teachers at your schools with guns ... very bad job, very bad job
Datum: 10-07-2018
.... US Botschafter Grenell wuerde ich auch gleich raus schmeissen, No surprise that he did a meal with austrian head Kurz, no surprise, all that many conservative stars in wrong jobs, mixing jobs since years, get what you need to get !
Datum: 10-07-2018
When you take many refugees you also take responsility for them, many do not like to take that either in EU or USA, Merkel was 12 times most powerfull women by Forbes, 7 times in row, but US politics and targest changed, now they have different targets and focus, in way of conservative neos way, nomore responsibilities, not with friends, not with trade and not with refugees.
Datum: 10-07-2018
... later so in 1 or 2 years when there is a big problem, then germany and some more will have raised allready military spending to 2%, as wanted by the president form the USA.
Datum: 10-07-2018
In the US conservatives like to speak mostly with one leader, one Head per state or marcet, one strong leader or guy, with the EU it is far too comlicated for them .... to many lands, too many heads too comlex and complicated ...
Datum: 10-07-2018
every training and fitness condition gets checked , all bases on map and table ....
Datum: 01-07-2018
on Tradewar
Datum: 01-07-2018
Can it be that in Ukraine it is like once in Tshechoslowakia with the Germans and Tschech volks, Germans conquered nazification then had to leave when war was lost ... today Ukraine between EU and Russia somehow Ukraine today reminds me to that 1940s in Tschech
Datum: 21-06-2018
article on the hypocrits and nazis, another withdrawl on a specific front
Datum: 21-06-2018
It does not seem to be much of difference to them if it is migrant children today in US, once native children in Australia (Aboriginees) or natives in the US once .... same same ....
Datum: 18-06-2018
what you can buy today, mobiles, cookies, glasses, cars, bikes, and guess what .... guess ! There is a new big conflict scenario out there some call it war.
Datum: 07-06-2018
Intersting from another hotspot, a once US backyard, Nicaragua, , these youth congresses look strange to me, there is also a tibetan youth congress, getting support in other hemisphere, Some seem to have their fingers everywhere, now they call themself anti-establishment Neocons, but train youth in foreign lands ....
Datum: 06-06-2018
Das anti establishment getue ist sowieso die groesste Heuchelei in den US bis Europa, ham goldene tuergriffe, goldene Klinkenputzer ihrer Flugzeuge, heucheln gegen sogen. Establishments die neoconsis die neukatholen, die Heuchler, die ueber-Heuchelei ! jede menge scientologen u augenglaenzende Neocons die seit jahren nur Mist machen in Europa von d Bildung bis privatengagemanets in privathaeusern caspar melchior baltasars, die Heuchler , wo aders die blutleckenden Presidenten, seit jaherzehnten auch in Latein Amerika
Datum: 04-06-2018
Datum: 01-06-2018
Mid of the year is often the time when some go for war, also coups, Trump did not get the OK for that against Iran, in Sweden people got leavlets on waht to doo in case of war, Ulm gets new NATO powers, there s something moving out there and some politicans are risky for that, summerheat and political nutheads ....
Datum: 01-06-2018
this looks like Modi politic I don t like that !
Datum: 29-05-2018
Do they get on list of US sanctions, the spanish monies .... guess !
Datum: 29-05-2018
I keep Wikipediaas very good and reliable, seriouse information on many topics, very good. Other stuff - on spanish money !
Datum: 24-05-2018
Intersesting insights of a political profi check -
Datum: 21-05-2018
with Gina Haspel in office US citizens could face torturouse times ahead and then this -
Datum: 15-05-2018
strange when some women get paied to stay silent .... (big schweigegeld) No freedom of speech, no liberty 4 mating, .... more something like - Rape swift and pay.
Datum: 15-05-2018
It is a strange thing since the 70s, they invented the bank card system then, .... during times of hippies and JFK .. last months diplomats got expelled or quit at all, semirapists got to power here and there from Israel and the US, free love and hippie times are over, it is rapists times.
Datum: 13-05-2018
CEO laesst ausrichten, er will sich nach 20 jahren unterwegs nicht mehr bei der Einreise (2o18) sanktionieren lassen (Osho immigration failer 80s), solch unprofessionelles vorgehen mag er nicht, solche provokationen werden als gefaehrlcih eingestuft, ... er wird auch keine Privat-jets kaufen oder leasen.
Datum: 07-05-2018
Habe heute auf die Fotostrecke zu Donald Trumps Postenkarussel begutachtet, Leute das is ganz ganz toll, schaut euch das an, das is grosartig unartig, ist es nicht oder .... Scaramucchi zB .....
Datum: 06-05-2018
Mich kann niemand buchen ... doch die Goetter fesseln mich .... !
Datum: 03-05-2018
... some good infos ,, refresh nd enjoz ... !
Datum: 03-05-2018
What do they fear by emails, hilliriouse acts, dangerouse earth shakings .... whats the problem with emailing. .. get ya accsess idiots ... ! wanna do public ... and only transparent ...
Datum: 03-05-2018
..... you know, May is usually by some international habits, the month when they do mother or father of all bombs, also the israely president actually, us approved, did some heavy bunker buster or daisy cutter acts actually (check regional earth quake registry) but in N and S Koreas age of peace is starting !
Datum: 02-05-2018
There is Corona peak out there, Trishul and Nanda Dhevi so what you want fanatic packbag and jacket fakers, fingernail clippies .... 10 years enron jubilee
Datum: 30-04-2018
... 2018 seems to become a special target failer year, master and visa are married, that is their problem !!! I never engage with them, never ! after 20 years on road 2018 will no become a failor ! ... pre-assambled games are dead G ....
Datum: 28-04-2018
with the ctrl/strg trigger (control) while klicking new link, You can (yes you C) irritate cowatchers, also Google-tag-manager got always again observed seen meddling by the new links opened on windows systems.
Datum: 27-04-2018
FedEx has ordered 50 new big planes .. that is a great deal, isn t it !! I like big planes and if they can deliver POST CARDS the better !
Datum: 24-04-2018
wirklich schoene seite gut gemacht !! and that ones very python ETOY is on
Datum: 24-04-2018
guess there got a Po-seidon crashed over Syria, and that Po-seidon is a big plane, a really big plane.. they do not like it when such planes get drowned, therefor the 100 rockets cruise- somehting ... !
Datum: 23-04-2018
LET S SEE, lest s watch ...... from good high FENCE !
Datum: 23-04-2018
.... am camping now, 5 nights near good big high fence, ner the night car RACERS ... very good against all stupidity and dullness, morons ... waiting time 4 a ticket !!! 5 nights near good high fence
Datum: 15-04-2018
was schoenes zum lesen
Datum: 09-04-2018
... it is good when you could exchange-trade a vicco Turmeric skin cream and a Meswak Tooth paste, that is Best of Trade supported since take off from centrl Europe !
Datum: 09-04-2018
there was so much poisen in the food, fat, sulafte and fluorid in craoatsk mineral bottlis .... that means slow death in the streets of the fat west, swing lasso and keep off the food poisening ! (are detox, botox and silikon traces next ...)
Datum: 05-04-2018
... with packbag i checked 3 Embassies allready, ... not toos successfully, one for Gilgit Abottabad Pakistan , ... one for India (by aerport only visas) .. and 1 more but there are other options, very good ones !!! ... getting out of the Taxci rows ... !!!!
Datum: 31-03-2018
Dalmatien coast is nice, but I do not like Fluorid and Sulfat in mineral waters there, Roemerquelle adn Radenska was very good once !!
Datum: 31-03-2018
our CEO activated TiO2 and SiO2 .... activated, cab crew Ready 4 Takeoff !!
Datum: 28-11-2017
with best wishes and regards, viva Fidel viva la revolucion and that much and this one vivaaaahhh and its always the Rose Pelikan !!!
Datum: 18-11-2017
... whats about cameras (digicams)with a telefone .... wouldn t that be great of an inventione, I mean sometimes shooting some pics isn t that bad of an idea, or midnsetting for web later on .... hows about that inovatione ??
Datum: 17-11-2017
... the fight for the campstick
Datum: 16-11-2017
strongly recomended comrades, comradinas viva !
Datum: 12-11-2017
I ve seen pyramids of garbage, around big cities and also aerports, pyramids of dump and garbage ... then came the winds, slao along highways pyramids of garbage ....
Datum: 06-11-2017
Please find yourself books on "Birds of Peru, Ecuador or Colombia", also books on Jaguars or Pumas, Lamas ad Vicunjas, Please find yourself these books, also and special in the capitels the paises (Lima with 8 mio people) and please fid yourself books by Charles Darwin "Gesammelte werke 1830s" which is mostly inetersting on Chile, Peru, galapagos etc, plase find these books and specially in teh capitels of that paises !! and this
Datum: 01-11-2017
I m proud to have seen once the last standing campsite between Belem and Manaus, maybe even to Peru ... it was at Alter do Chao (near Santarem) was for vende, Pousada por do Sol
Datum: 27-10-2017
When Xi Jinping was in the US they tested mother and father of all bombs (may 017) now Mr Trump is going to visit china and South Korea, lets watch what will haappen in the whuile, 3 US-aircraft carriers close there, maybe as bombig guards for Mr Trump
Datum: 27-10-2017
not even during medievel times that was relevant, to take a stick for a tent from soembody
Datum: 27-10-2017
somebody took one 5m stick for the tent in the room, in Aldos guest house de Huaraz, I could have slept last night in proper tent but had to do Bivak, and I hate them for that, soem blondes europeans theer at the time. Campesinhos sorry, I hate them for that.
Datum: 23-10-2017
today is Internat. Garbage day, the sentence of the year, I created a marcet and greenhorns tips 4 biz, Save a night with a busride
Datum: 04-10-2017
the CEO decided to cut down 80% of his diplomatic stuff, RT gmt 23.46 !!!
Datum: 03-10-2017
also this matches
Datum: 03-10-2017
a big CINEMASTIC hint and recomendation
Datum: 02-10-2017
Sind heute wieder wo ein paar 100 millionen rueber gewandert, Mr Kengeter, hat er sich mit der Bafin schon geeinigt, ich guck mal wies weiter geht, zum gloeckchen-haften start ins 4. Quartal. Bloeder weise is d FAZ seit tagen vergriffen, wohl zuviel des Luxus am waldrand.
Datum: 02-10-2017
If you want to do a STARTUP, kookle Alphabet could help or the Basics with facebook, that is good for a StartUp, go 4 it.
Datum: 01-10-2017
.... ich spuere feuer u zorn in meiner brust, auch die schlange im kopf ... weil die span. vetrottelung ... und wenn ich an die schoenen bilder vom Zwergadler (maroc) denke .... die schlange im koppf tut wehhhhh
Datum: 29-09-2017
... auch ich (CEO) gratuliere, (verspaetet d logistik wegen) den Deutschen zu einer abwechslungsreichen Wahl mit unterschiedlichen Ergebnissen und wuensche bei der Zusammenarbeit mit Frankreich, Schweden, Ungarn noch einigen Erfolg und dass sie auch president Putin nicht beleidigen
Datum: 21-09-2017
I support going on votes for autonomouse region Catalania and Baskia, like Freistaat Bayern or alike, vote for it .... autonom regions in Spain !!
Datum: 17-09-2017
somebody hammered the Rare Animals pages the VH signs got nailed to somewhere, that s uneccaptable and need further random consequences (up to 50 latitude... )
Datum: 16-09-2017
... if you are not sure, but really want to get into Problems look this
Datum: 02-09-2017
.... strange developments stove fires and much rain at many places
Datum: 31-08-2017
It has to be questioned, can they handle empty tankers, 3 times the size of the war ships with seals of the 7th US fleet and sacrfying their own seals so. Since june allready about 20 killed during anyhow peace times. And will they accept mirror sites of this one
Datum: 31-08-2017
mails said that you can also do like Banks over mobile !! but avoid windows !
Datum: 31-08-2017
..... send me password for upload MEGA or I delete website from server, no other chance 4 option !!! get it done !
Datum: 20-08-2017
... I don t like it when they can not make a book (or 2) out of WESITE of EXcEllENCE, when they do not want to make a social netprojct named Tribe, when they 2 can nopt print my Drones by a 3d printer or even make it for real, so stay virtual !
Datum: 19-08-2017
die Rueckrufaktionen bei Autos ua Porsch cayenne etc finde ich ganz toll, kann man viel manipulieren die Dinger ..... obs bei automatik was besser macht bleibt abzuwarten !
Datum: 15-08-2017
Nazis koennen nicht davon laufen! 1.weils sie die GEFAHR nicht erkennen, 2. weil sie immer zu Hause sind (sowas kann man berechnen)
Datum: 13-08-2017
na da schau einer an
Datum: 09-08-2017
... Ich bin auch besorgt ob soviel Saebelrasseln, das tut niemandem gut !! Tao te King, Om und Bhum shankar !!
Datum: 09-08-2017
Japan ist heute sogar auch auf seiten der ehem .... wars nicht ne atom-bombe damals .....
Datum: 09-08-2017
Gibts auch wo Grafiken zur Reichweite US Amerikanischer raketen und der moeglichen Ziele immer sieht man die Grafiken zu den koreanischen Raketen, d President d USA hat doch sofort nach antritt einen Befehl gegeben zu den Raketen, oder ....
Datum: 09-08-2017
i want to share something with you, No cookie !!
Datum: 28-07-2017
auch hier noch mehr, einige sind auf 1en hohen Zaun geklettert ....
Datum: 28-07-2017
... das neue Europa, Ukraine, Polen samt Catalanien wird wohl nicht so dumm u naiv sein u auf sanktinen aus den USA hereinfallen ! eine neue Initiative macht sich stark
Datum: 27-07-2017
..i will take action and take out the, my sword, and zur tat schreiten against the sanctions (which is hard word in legal terms to be found in GB or the US) and strike hard against the may could be erpresserische methoden of the bad economistas and very bad polluters ! Therefor i rise my swords against its could be sanctions !
Datum: 24-07-2017
i think of sanctions, cause nobody was at my actual party ....
Datum: 24-07-2017
... somebody is messing up my email account, thats nasty and a shuffle of a emailfach for an MC
Datum: 17-07-2017
Its strange, somehow i can not get rd off the impression that Europe gets rubbed and torn apart between US, Turky and Russia .. and by its own infights ....marcets getting wilder and digit.
Datum: 16-07-2017
really in all the EU medias from newsmags and radio they sould proper celebrate the try of a coup against Erdogan, it s a big story and can not get doubled and multiplied anough, go 4 it, he is strong, decisive and determined ... celebrate the try of a COUP !
Datum: 15-07-2017
our CEO tried to find a shablone for the copy of a A10 thudnerbolt, the seiten u hoehenruder hinten, form one of the books, for hos flier, news and pizza delivery drone but got on this
Datum: 15-07-2017
... need to get it into webShopTrolli, a read-To-Me.file of Snow Leopard or Nachtigall .... its magic or even total library of TELL-ME- MORE.mp6 files ....
Datum: 12-07-2017
... hab gerade meine whatts-app an Dr Watson geschickt !
Datum: 15-06-2017
hitch hiking can prove your braveness, determination and also can produce interesting relations. On way adventures can happen, here a page of desaster, very sadening,
Datum: 04-06-2017
i mean you can really spare the new veggie shit, from western seed laboratries i guess, Goldregen as from, sehr grosser ginster on dry locations, beside Jp Wassernuess, some small graves with new betonborders (some small foetus graves ... ?) but elsehow try hard the veggie stuff beside Arizona Pines up there southern hill of srinagar (Kashmir) and sehr grosse Ginsterstreucher flowering its too much of nuts beaties tried, maybe some more pfeffenputzergraeser, beside himal cedars or more Arizona pines, while the once Nr ! touri destination and lake is shrinking, !! The goldregen from carinthia maybe is really most special up there also Weissdorn ... I call it new tries of veggie shits
Datum: 31-05-2017
... ve got a problem donwn there ?? dont see dont tell ... Nei Cookie, soletti. Nei marshmellow, soletti ... namkin !
Datum: 03-05-2017
with best regards full success !!
Datum: 28-04-2017
... some new-old developments and and eine Buchempfehlung - OPUS DIABOLI von Karlheinz Deschner 15 unversoehnlich Esseys zur Arbeit im Weinberg des Herrn
Datum: 23-04-2017
... this is very inspiring refresh and refresh ... vote good !
Datum: 18-04-2017 is Internat. Newspaper day ... (somewhen also day of the cow by disney)
Datum: 17-04-2017
windows 98 was moch more big and massive ... win 10 looks like a small village in squares somewhere in the Wild west to me ..... it got wrigged
Datum: 16-04-2017
in modern marcets some of the frontlines are banking and stock exchange fronts - or check a Soros Unni
Datum: 16-04-2017
... and from the russian side the proof of the father of all ... even more powerfull, Heat is on in India, UP does holiday, Bihar got struck by thunderstorm, Hindust. Times in real paper is still missing
Datum: 16-04-2017
...strange developments by a new president US, dropping the mother of .... check yourself !
Datum: 10-04-2017
It has to be asked if the US by Trump will do more of these Thomahawk acts or just that attack as singled out one of determined action and will Spain join, will GB join, Libya, or France, who will get embeded so far by that attackers, will Deutschland join the agression or restrain from action, will they sell more cars to the US or not buy some Elbit Hermes which can controll 50 mio square miles over the western pacific rim .... who is next on the tissue VX list, it has to be asked.
Datum: 09-04-2017
I want to send a strong message, .. but what to do without 2 knifes, the Snow Leopard managed to get over the fence of the cage with 4 gates and 5 padlocks, no joke !!
Datum: 02-04-2017
... I am opening the front on the Flatscreen marcets .... either soft or the hard banking or so .... .... ..... .... ..... good or bad banking ... dont know !!
Datum: 01-04-2017
.... hedge funders as George Soros (quantum f) can not do much beting or by financial juggling against Goa freaks and comrades like me ...
Datum: 01-04-2017
The Manas Epos is great, fantastic .... checked some articles on the strategic Oil switches //
Datum: 16-03-2017
will also send a powerfull message sometimes, thats also of interest once there was something like starwars nowadays developments can be named cloudwars, the war in the clouds of digiting and cyberspace ! Snowden is still in refugee land, me in Tien Shan and Assange in house arrest in London .... privacy needs strong statements during these times .... A patriot took down a 300$ drone by allied forces, uneconomic as the General explained.
Datum: 16-03-2017
The great master and CEO is very amused and satisfacetd, as he had in mid europe for about 10 months no proper web access But now here in Tien Shan he can watch european websites what is very amusing for him, he is happy even as season for trekking has not yet come and getting the taste of the Snow Leopards territories of roam
Datum: 16-03-2017
a CEO is watching closely latest developments from a savety distance, 8500km and about 13 000km to US, sometimes only, .... the products they do need the answers they understand !
Datum: 02-03-2017
what is it ? ..has a black frame, about 0,8m broad, buttons and manual can hardly be made to be working, manual with 2 lithium onen akkus, buttons on frame need a torch for funtion and programms .... what is that ?
Datum: 24-02-2017
I also think that the many medias, but specially telescreens-TV out there are very wired, they do fake news and speak to you directly, try to corrupt, promote or produce you via the Telescreen, take care. its an international racket...
Datum: 24-02-2017
... Scheibchenweise Vernunft aus dem Oval office !!
Datum: 24-02-2017
Good links 4 you out there, Trump renewing attack on medias , , on the US and Pakistan—Pentagon-official/article17359367.ece , happy to be in reach of Hindustan Times !!
Datum: 23-02-2017
….. this is very special, Mr Trump setzt neue Massstäbe … .. oder das hier refresh nd enjoy ... !
Datum: 23-02-2017
... It is really strange, all this angry volks voted for Trump in the US (only) and now so many angry volks scream and shout angrily against the new rulers there who did allready some executive orders …. Angry here angry there, you need to get the emotional control application !
Datum: 07-02-2017
... Breitbart page und Bannon, Jean marie le pen and many families with blonds, these seem to be the guys of the future in some neo-age, guess its Neolithicum coming ?? with many walls and fortification against the evel ...
Datum: 07-02-2017
.. really so many bad news there on Trump, maybe all fake news, and bad Mexico, it does not like to pay Americas wall, bad ... white nazi men want to do biz finally, but how do that work really ??? Poltican is a fine job, nite, easy nd good for biz nd money, ... paisa paisa ... angry white men !
Datum: 07-02-2017
... here we are again, some votes got done, some told that soem intercepted the votes and other told of which did not reach the classifications for voting .... the white nazi men dont like bad news, the white nazi men also in france will get good biz, alo in the US if not too many bad stories will do biz, and if they all fly once in a while to Gadafi like men, in a tent for biz.
Datum: 07-02-2017
... captain to tower, final call, all runways open .... take off requested ...!!
Datum: 07-02-2017
... test test... captain to tower, tower to captain, take off requested .. test
Datum: 07-02-2017
.... who needs the scientofokkn, the universal church, the darwidians, the klukluxgclanitsh ... any ideas ...
Datum: 07-02-2017
... test test... captain to tower, tower to captain, take off requested .. test
Datum: 07-02-2017
.... who needs the scientofokkn, the universal church, the darwidians, who needs the klukluxgaxis, whats that all about any ideas ...
This is hot and even beside Networks of Billions carefully choosen stuff !!

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