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Datum: 28-11-2017
with best wishes and regards, viva Fidel viva la revolucion and that much and this one vivaaaahhh and its always the Rose Pelikan !!!
Datum: 18-11-2017
... whats about cameras (digicams)with a telefone .... wouldn t that be great of an inventione, I mean sometimes shooting some pics isn t that bad of an idea, or midnsetting for web later on .... hows about that inovatione ??
Datum: 17-11-2017
... the fight for the campstick
Datum: 16-11-2017
strongly recomended comrades, comradinas viva !
Datum: 12-11-2017
I ve seen pyramids of garbage, around big cities and also aerports, pyramids of dump and garbage ... then came the winds, slao along highways pyramids of garbage ....
Datum: 06-11-2017
Please find yourself books on "Birds of Peru, Ecuador or Colombia", also books on Jaguars or Pumas, Lamas ad Vicunjas, Please find yourself these books, also and special in the capitels the paises (Lima with 8 mio people) and please fid yourself books by Charles Darwin "Gesammelte werke 1830s" which is mostly inetersting on Chile, Peru, galapagos etc, plase find these books and specially in teh capitels of that paises !! and this
Datum: 01-11-2017
I m proud to have seen once the last standing campsite between Belem and Manaus, maybe even to Peru ... it was at Alter do Chao (near Santarem) was for vende, Pousada por do Sol
Datum: 27-10-2017
When Xi Jinping was in the US they tested mother and father of all bombs (may 017) now Mr Trump is going to visit china and South Korea, lets watch what will haappen in the whuile, 3 US-aircraft carriers close there, maybe as bombig guards for Mr Trump
Datum: 27-10-2017
not even during medievel times that was relevant, to take a stick for a tent from soembody
Datum: 27-10-2017
somebody took one 5m stick for the tent in the room, in Aldos guest house de Huaraz, I could have slept last night in proper tent but had to do Bivak, and I hate them for that, soem blondes europeans theer at the time. Campesinhos sorry, I hate them for that.
Datum: 23-10-2017
today is Internat. Garbage day, the sentence of the year, I created a marcet and greenhorns tips 4 biz, Save a night with a busride
Datum: 04-10-2017
the CEO decided to cut down 80% of his diplomatic stuff, RT gmt 23.46 !!!
Datum: 03-10-2017
also this matches
Datum: 03-10-2017
a big CINEMASTIC hint and recomendation
Datum: 02-10-2017
Sind heute wieder wo ein paar 100 millionen rueber gewandert, Mr Kengeter, hat er sich mit der Bafin schon geeinigt, ich guck mal wies weiter geht, zum gloeckchen-haften start ins 4. Quartal. Bloeder weise is d FAZ seit tagen vergriffen, wohl zuviel des Luxus am waldrand.
Datum: 02-10-2017
If you want to do a STARTUP, kookle Alphabet could help or the Basics with facebook, that is good for a StartUp, go 4 it.
Datum: 01-10-2017
.... ich spuere feuer u zorn in meiner brust, auch die schlange im kopf ... weil die span. vetrottelung ... und wenn ich an die schoenen bilder vom Zwergadler (maroc) denke .... die schlange im koppf tut wehhhhh
Datum: 29-09-2017
... auch ich (CEO) gratuliere, (verspaetet d logistik wegen) den Deutschen zu einer abwechslungsreichen Wahl mit unterschiedlichen Ergebnissen und wuensche bei der Zusammenarbeit mit Frankreich, Schweden, Ungarn noch einigen Erfolg und dass sie auch president Putin nicht beleidigen
Datum: 21-09-2017
I support going on votes for autonomouse region Catalania and Baskia, like Freistaat Bayern or alike, vote for it .... autonom regions in Spain !!
Datum: 17-09-2017
somebody hammered the Rare Animals pages the VH signs got nailed to somewhere, that s uneccaptable and need further random consequences (up to 50 latitude... )
Datum: 16-09-2017
... if you are not sure, but really want to get into Problems look this
Datum: 02-09-2017
.... strange developments stove fires and much rain at many places
Datum: 31-08-2017
It has to be questioned, can they handle empty tankers, 3 times the size of the war ships with seals of the 7th US fleet and sacrfying their own seals so. Since june allready about 20 killed during anyhow peace times. And will they accept mirror sites of this one
Datum: 31-08-2017
mails said that you can also do like Banks over mobile !! but avoid windows !
Datum: 31-08-2017
..... send me password for upload MEGA or I delete website from server, no other chance 4 option !!! get it done !
Datum: 20-08-2017
... I don t like it when they can not make a book (or 2) out of WESITE of EXcEllENCE, when they do not want to make a social netprojct named Tribe, when they 2 can nopt print my Drones by a 3d printer or even make it for real, so stay virtual !
Datum: 19-08-2017
die Rueckrufaktionen bei Autos ua Porsch cayenne etc finde ich ganz toll, kann man viel manipulieren die Dinger ..... obs bei automatik was besser macht bleibt abzuwarten !
Datum: 15-08-2017
Nazis koennen nicht davon laufen! 1.weils sie die GEFAHR nicht erkennen, 2. weil sie immer zu Hause sind (sowas kann man berechnen)
Datum: 13-08-2017
na da schau einer an
Datum: 09-08-2017
... Ich bin auch besorgt ob soviel Saebelrasseln, das tut niemandem gut !! Tao te King, Om und Bhum shankar !!
Datum: 09-08-2017
Japan ist heute sogar auch auf seiten der ehem .... wars nicht ne atom-bombe damals .....
Datum: 09-08-2017
Gibts auch wo Grafiken zur Reichweite US Amerikanischer raketen und der moeglichen Ziele immer sieht man die Grafiken zu den koreanischen Raketen, d President d USA hat doch sofort nach antritt einen Befehl gegeben zu den Raketen, oder ....
Datum: 09-08-2017
i want to share something with you, No cookie !!
Datum: 28-07-2017
auch hier noch mehr, einige sind auf 1en hohen Zaun geklettert ....
Datum: 28-07-2017
... das neue Europa, Ukraine, Polen samt Catalanien wird wohl nicht so dumm u naiv sein u auf sanktinen aus den USA hereinfallen ! eine neue Initiative macht sich stark
Datum: 27-07-2017
..i will take action and take out the, my sword, and zur tat schreiten against the sanctions (which is hard word in legal terms to be found in GB or the US) and strike hard against the may could be erpresserische methoden of the bad economistas and very bad polluters ! Therefor i rise my swords against its could be sanctions !
Datum: 24-07-2017
i think of sanctions, cause nobody was at my actual party ....
Datum: 24-07-2017
... somebody is messing up my email account, thats nasty and a shuffle of a emailfach for an MC
Datum: 17-07-2017
Its strange, somehow i can not get rd off the impression that Europe gets rubbed and torn apart between US, Turky and Russia .. and by its own infights ....marcets getting wilder and digit.
Datum: 16-07-2017
really in all the EU medias from newsmags and radio they sould proper celebrate the try of a coup against Erdogan, it s a big story and can not get doubled and multiplied anough, go 4 it, he is strong, decisive and determined ... celebrate the try of a COUP !
Datum: 15-07-2017
our CEO tried to find a shablone for the copy of a A10 thudnerbolt, the seiten u hoehenruder hinten, form one of the books, for hos flier, news and pizza delivery drone but got on this
Datum: 15-07-2017
... need to get it into webShopTrolli, a read-To-Me.file of Snow Leopard or Nachtigall .... its magic or even total library of TELL-ME- MORE.mp6 files ....
Datum: 12-07-2017
... hab gerade meine whatts-app an Dr Watson geschickt !
Datum: 15-06-2017
hitch hiking can prove your braveness, determination and also can produce interesting relations. On way adventures can happen, here a page of desaster, very sadening,
Datum: 04-06-2017
i mean you can really spare the new veggie shit, from western seed laboratries i guess, Goldregen as from, sehr grosser ginster on dry locations, beside Jp Wassernuess, some small graves with new betonborders (some small foetus graves ... ?) but elsehow try hard the veggie stuff beside Arizona Pines up there southern hill of srinagar (Kashmir) and sehr grosse Ginsterstreucher flowering its too much of nuts beaties tried, maybe some more pfeffenputzergraeser, beside himal cedars or more Arizona pines, while the once Nr ! touri destination and lake is shrinking, !! The goldregen from carinthia maybe is really most special up there also Weissdorn ... I call it new tries of veggie shits
Datum: 31-05-2017
... ve got a problem donwn there ?? dont see dont tell ... Nei Cookie, soletti. Nei marshmellow, soletti ... namkin !
Datum: 03-05-2017
with best regards full success !!
Datum: 28-04-2017
... some new-old developments and and eine Buchempfehlung - OPUS DIABOLI von Karlheinz Deschner 15 unversoehnlich Esseys zur Arbeit im Weinberg des Herrn
Datum: 23-04-2017
... this is very inspiring refresh and refresh ... vote good !
Datum: 18-04-2017 is Internat. Newspaper day ... (somewhen also day of the cow by disney)
Datum: 17-04-2017
windows 98 was moch more big and massive ... win 10 looks like a small village in squares somewhere in the Wild west to me ..... it got wrigged
Datum: 16-04-2017
in modern marcets some of the frontlines are banking and stock exchange fronts - or check a Soros Unni
Datum: 16-04-2017
... and from the russian side the proof of the father of all ... even more powerfull, Heat is on in India, UP does holiday, Bihar got struck by thunderstorm, Hindust. Times in real paper is still missing
Datum: 16-04-2017
...strange developments by a new president US, dropping the mother of .... check yourself !
Datum: 10-04-2017
It has to be asked if the US by Trump will do more of these Thomahawk acts or just that attack as singled out one of determined action and will Spain join, will GB join, Libya, or France, who will get embeded so far by that attackers, will Deutschland join the agression or restrain from action, will they sell more cars to the US or not buy some Elbit Hermes which can controll 50 mio square miles over the western pacific rim .... who is next on the tissue VX list, it has to be asked.
Datum: 09-04-2017
I want to send a strong message, .. but what to do without 2 knifes, the Snow Leopard managed to get over the fence of the cage with 4 gates and 5 padlocks, no joke !!
Datum: 02-04-2017
... I am opening the front on the Flatscreen marcets .... either soft or the hard banking or so .... .... ..... .... ..... good or bad banking ... dont know !!
Datum: 01-04-2017
.... hedge funders as George Soros (quantum f) can not do much beting or by financial juggling against Goa freaks and comrades like me ...
Datum: 01-04-2017
The Manas Epos is great, fantastic .... checked some articles on the strategic Oil switches //
Datum: 16-03-2017
will also send a powerfull message sometimes, thats also of interest once there was something like starwars nowadays developments can be named cloudwars, the war in the clouds of digiting and cyberspace ! Snowden is still in refugee land, me in Tien Shan and Assange in house arrest in London .... privacy needs strong statements during these times .... A patriot took down a 300$ drone by allied forces, uneconomic as the General explained.
Datum: 16-03-2017
The great master and CEO is very amused and satisfacetd, as he had in mid europe for about 10 months no proper web access But now here in Tien Shan he can watch european websites what is very amusing for him, he is happy even as season for trekking has not yet come and getting the taste of the Snow Leopards territories of roam
Datum: 16-03-2017
a CEO is watching closely latest developments from a savety distance, 8500km and about 13 000km to US, sometimes only, .... the products they do need the answers they understand !
Datum: 02-03-2017
what is it ? ..has a black frame, about 0,8m broad, buttons and manual can hardly be made to be working, manual with 2 lithium onen akkus, buttons on frame need a torch for funtion and programms .... what is that ?
Datum: 24-02-2017
I also think that the many medias, but specially telescreens-TV out there are very wired, they do fake news and speak to you directly, try to corrupt, promote or produce you via the Telescreen, take care. its an international racket...
Datum: 24-02-2017
... Scheibchenweise Vernunft aus dem Oval office !!
Datum: 24-02-2017
Good links 4 you out there, Trump renewing attack on medias , , on the US and Pakistan—Pentagon-official/article17359367.ece , happy to be in reach of Hindustan Times !!
Datum: 23-02-2017
….. this is very special, Mr Trump setzt neue Massstäbe … .. oder das hier refresh nd enjoy ... !
Datum: 23-02-2017
... It is really strange, all this angry volks voted for Trump in the US (only) and now so many angry volks scream and shout angrily against the new rulers there who did allready some executive orders …. Angry here angry there, you need to get the emotional control application !
Datum: 07-02-2017
... Breitbart page und Bannon, Jean marie le pen and many families with blonds, these seem to be the guys of the future in some neo-age, guess its Neolithicum coming ?? with many walls and fortification against the evel ...
Datum: 07-02-2017
.. really so many bad news there on Trump, maybe all fake news, and bad Mexico, it does not like to pay Americas wall, bad ... white nazi men want to do biz finally, but how do that work really ??? Poltican is a fine job, nite, easy nd good for biz nd money, ... paisa paisa ... angry white men !
Datum: 07-02-2017
... here we are again, some votes got done, some told that soem intercepted the votes and other told of which did not reach the classifications for voting .... the white nazi men dont like bad news, the white nazi men also in france will get good biz, alo in the US if not too many bad stories will do biz, and if they all fly once in a while to Gadafi like men, in a tent for biz.
Datum: 07-02-2017
... captain to tower, final call, all runways open .... take off requested ...!!
Datum: 07-02-2017
... test test... captain to tower, tower to captain, take off requested .. test
Datum: 07-02-2017
.... who needs the scientofokkn, the universal church, the darwidians, the klukluxgclanitsh ... any ideas ...
Datum: 07-02-2017
... test test... captain to tower, tower to captain, take off requested .. test
Datum: 07-02-2017
.... who needs the scientofokkn, the universal church, the darwidians, who needs the klukluxgaxis, whats that all about any ideas ...
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