The Wild West (the map by a CEO, dec o16)


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before Lewis and Clark got around ... 1830s

before Lewis and Clark got around ... 1830s

a few million Buffaloes roaming the Plains and many tribes

mixed deko during the CEOs smoking head

carefully selected battlegrounds, sometimes it was stinking over the flatlands of random killed buffaloes

Fetterman battle is far too complicated to be drawn, a big win of the native tribes, (check the book aside !) round pen lines are showing
last groups of Buffaloes, late 1870s

Little Bighorn battlefield, a victory of the Indien tribes ...

Apaches (below) kept them in a steady fight and finally for 24 Apaches an army of 4500inkl civil and mex.soldiers got assambled

Meeting with the Apache chief Cochise,
well known also Nana (70), Alchise, Geronimo, Naiche and more

Paha Sapa (Black Hills),of granite, at the central NW plains,
a close up 4 studies or exam

Russel Means a great chief of modern times ! (Lakota- Sioux)

excerts of the book in form of audio files could be put here
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assimilation via AC is a nogo ...