Thien Shan ...

On way in Thien Shan, ohhh Kungej Alatoo ... Tshengis, Tulsui to Khan Tengri

Men from Tengri and Kunzum !
Before the permafrost gets soft
ride there and destroy that city
that spanish village - Barcelona -
destroy it and take what you want
Take its women, take its gold and food
Then have a break and rest at the shores
Ride back and bring me a queen ...

Men from Tengri and Kunzum !
When the permafrost gets soft plant trees
walnut, apple, lemon, peach and grapes
Then we harvest and
our women and kids get happy

Thien Shan you Beauty
You make me nuts
Fine lines getting lost on endless horizon
Huge peaks slowly getting closer
glimmering in snowcover like christalls
Smooth curves and lines rising high into the sky
Touching the gods and powers
Small streams in fresh
joining the sea in azure

And men from Tengri and Kunzum !
when you re on the way to that spanish village
do not ride all the way along streets, it s very dirty
and do not eat chlor chicken on way
the dirt of the streets and the chlor chicken would make you weak
men from Tengri and Kunzum

Men from Tengri and Kunzum !
what is that Merzbacher wiese
I ve never heared of such a thing
that makes me nuts
A grassfield of 300 x 100m somewhere up there at 3100m alt
And Rotfront, what is this ?
It sounds strange to me, but if it is there
we need to defend Rotfront,
fortify Rotfront ....

I am not sure if I can manage that thing

Thien Shan
(Himmelsberge, mar.017)

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