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COP 26 or flieing migrants to borders for the new HYBRID VEHICLE CONFLICTS

Hybrid Vehicle Conflicts

They had four days left for the new agreements and results, the vision funds and the millions to be spent on fighting climate change.

    They had four days left for declaratiosn and explanations on what will hapen and if not.

    In the while advertising was big as always for cars, the new thing was Hybride cars, it was another big thing beside superfats trains ain Italy, France and Gremany. Greta got a diesel lokomotive after her return from the Americas in a sailing ship. It was a diesel lok in Spain as they new nothing about the new generation which name was X or Android. They knew nothing about the Generationen vertrag of which they were talking beside teh new compliance and neos marcet settings (beside private banking ...)

    Hybride was the big thing and they had four days left. It got to the group on Methan pollution with nations doing the compliance on that, it got the group for CO2 and the group for FCKW, it got many nations on different chemical issues and methods.

    It got in sight that hybrid cars was coming along with the neos phrase of hybrid conflicts which ment in main that migrants got flown ot their borders and limits of hope. It was after the sumer in Afghanistan when 15 000 got flewn out as the new locale Ortskraefte, it was neigbourhood watchiungs and Ortskraefte (local helpers) since years, only the cost on that changed form packbags with money to trucks, rafts and planes part of neos hybrid conflicts.

    They had no idea what hybrid ment, and howmany new cars got tried on that conflict line. Someboidy asked his 60 mio fellow folowers on his 10% shares, the name was stocks, in most lands and nations they did not bargain and deals with that. It was some time after the banking sweat tests which got lately self testing for mid term school pupils, just imagine.
    The new generation Android doing self tests. Along somebody sold his 10% shares (21 mio of his hybride factories) beside building rockets and hybride cars. The 10% stock value was 21 million. Nobody had any idea how hidden or transparent that was and in which lands taht happened.

Climate desaster

Taxing the bIg Five

Facebook Ausschalten

Climate Change

Mar a Lego


Cloud architecture

In the while COP 26 gto teh wind out og its new sails by the hybrid scenario along norteast European borders. Itw as another socalled hybrid conflict and case for sanctiosnadn conflict. The neww thinhg in that conflict was that simple poeple, others would say soft assets got flewn to borders in civic jets. In other lands they were nto able any more to handle any more flight tickets. It was another case of hybrid business.

    What was once a routine there in an travel agency got otherwhere the new case for hybrid tickets and migration routes by some carzy dictators. During last try 4 check IN most flew to Pakistan, which seemed to get part of the NEW HYBRID MIGARTION ROUTES beside hybrid cars.

    Part for that was tickets, not to dreamlands and dream countries with cheap labour and its new welcome for - hello to snta Claus, new hybrid slaves and no pockets at MC Donalds. They had demonstrations for tips and pockets, where to put that. The next new hybrid conflict scenario, but after years of profits on teh backs of servants without pockets 4 tips, by some burgers nd sandwiches. The neos hybrid there was the drivein scenarios, that was the hybrid thing there.

    Europes flanks got part of hybrid conflicts, from its far southeast to its far nrotheastern tips, and the new hello for the dreamlands after tickets for skies got also part of lacking capabiliteios to inform on the selftest during checkIn.

Vaccinating Seepferdchen

When they wanted to know the temperature

.. PANDEMIC - (delete history - PC tip)
Before the pandemic stroke on many lands they exchanged T shirts, not for the drive of a SUV, no before sportive events like soccer. Then they exchanged signatures and QR codes, it was long after strichcodes got done for the way of shopping and consuming, MARCET STIMULI AND INCENTIVES ...

In the while fligt procedures changed and so tourism changed for teh new refugee crsis and scenarios ...

    The other thing was temperature, it was never a topic for reptiles as coprocos or sea turtles, their temperature changed with the heat of the day and sun and that was pretty enough. Some of them could ebven losse soem limbs as lizards, a tail or so, but for reptiles, the small modern dinosaurs, temperature was never an issue as it got regulated by outer, exteriour factors.

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