Making more Madness from Madness

Why do they make more madness from madness ?
But it seems to be possible.

It seems to be indifferent warfare by them, without making a difference between children, journailsts, families, enemies and blowing block by block indifferently.

Indifferent warfare can get dangerously out of controll

Producing graveyards for children can not be accepted, even as it happened at a few places over times.

May the wounds heal again !

Lamie what is happening ?

I see your faces, the anger and fear, also your grief and I see you speaking on TV and it is touching me, it is getting very close to me.

Horrendouse things happened, I got to know of unthinkable crimes and do not want to hear of it again !

In teh US they va that Battlefield and Massacre sites have nt seen that many in Arizona to Texas

After Bad nights it shall become Poker tov (good mornings) again, after nights and darkness shall come the mornings and the sun shall shine on you and on many.

The sun is shining as the sun is shining on the sun, and all the people when .... it is not too cloudy here and then, but there are often clouds.

I can see your pain by the wounds which got done in horror, it can not get worth.

in Mozart town they ve that goldplate reminders on streets, and many other stories of autosaloon and streetnames

In teh US is a walk of fame- monky stile - In Normandie it looks different, massgrave yards
I wish and hope that your wounds will heal again and that the anger and hate will not take grip of you, and the many. I remember you dancing, the joy and the fun and that it will not die, under any circumstances ever.

You got the right vergessen zu werden so delete pegasus and browser history

Tunesia will not accept alomsen

I ve seen your terrified faces and can feel the pain with you, and I want that to change again to the good.

May the big and deep wounds heal again. But be also carefull that that your hits, fight and struggle does not produce many more and ugly wounds on others who do not deserve it. You can make the difference and that will count as now, tomorrow and yesterday.

On all sides many are harmless and innocent. I hope that the wounds adn killing will not get more and may stop and heal again.

In Afganisthan it looks different

There is Lebanon banking and others

Qatar has a modern milk factory

Qatar has a vermittlerrolle

Qatar has a few fussball clubs

I remember the times once at the shores and on the cliffs with some of you. You found the land you got your land, but it is also up to you how it will become in the future, now could be the time when things could get risky and out of hand. I do not wish so for your future and future of many !

I ve problems with saunaschwuchteln udn ohne swinger club udn kaputtem motorad gehts wahrscheinich ned - falsher film ?
You know your past so be carefull with your tomorrow - shalom !

You got the right vergessen zu werden so delete pegasus and browser history

I ve less problems with Al Sauds eating cookies during a conference !
Hard times can need hard measures but times may return to the better again, it is up to you.

Changing points are many so keep the better in focus for the good outcome.
I hope that all these wounds may heal again !

Shalom ? !

From rumble to Dust again ?

Weltgemeinschaft atmet auf
USA koennen endlich keine Kriegseinsaetze mehr befehlen

Nach neuesten Berichten udn erkenntnissen aus den hauptquaarttieren der US Intelligence koennen die USA zurzeit, weil der US congress keinen Speaker hat, keien Kriegseinsaetze bewilligen.

Und das zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, die Weltgemsinschaft ist erleichtert, daneben gibt es noch metzger meister wie Duterte, wo niemend so genau weiss wann der kampfhahn zubeisst. Doch neben den Uebungen und nur das duerfen sie zur Zeit in diversen Seegebieten, koennen die USA derzeit keine eigenen kriegseinsaetze zulassen.

Es gibt sicher ganz genaue definitionen, in schweden zum beispiel was das jetzt heisst. Aber grundsaetzlich gehen zurzeit nur Uebungen, das koennen sie schon.

Von der baltischen See bis zum oestlichen Mittelmeer die USA koennen wo gemeinsame Ubeungen machen, mit ein oder 3 Schiffen oder auch m,al zwei Flugzeutraegern, doch das wars schon derzeoit. Auch mal wo muskeln zeigen bei Korea doch sonst ist das derzeit auch schon alles und die Weltgemeinscahft ist froh darum !

Anders sieht es natuerlcih mit Berater taetigkeiten, platformen und Uebungen aus,
ihr wisst schon was ich meine.
/ Brutus

Bilder sehen so aus wie damals oder

Einundfuenfzig Prozent und im Kongress sei wo das Klima vergiftet

Schliesslich fanden sie die Weapons of mass Distraction sie hiessen jetzt nur anders.

hier gehts weiter oder

Rucksack stat Rolli