Remarks on a Guestbook

Entries will get checked for spam, hate-speech and NLP and then put - voila !

Me 16-08-2014

In case you are curiouse for spam, junk mail or as 95% unable to write proper emails, check here a dirty, overloaded propped and something ..... to see the results of spam junkiemonkies (automat)

Me 12-09-2013

In own case, (in eigener Sache) -
If you like my HP or not, let me know, if you dont like social-networking or chatting by smilies
just leave a message in the gusetbook - voila -

The old Guestbook of 2011/2013 may get reintegrated somewhen later,
got too much spammed by the pill and tub spammers (-grant-spenders) ...