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Computing has been a tricky thing for years allready, even for the most famouse, costly and corporating companies. Our CEO did update the htm-css coding, his opinion on IT_developments and some good software still relevant for SM (sadomaso) from 98 to 10.


"What you see is What you get", When you see nothing, hear nothing, know of nothing you get nothing, part of the page By strong hand which gives further hints on "barrierefrei, region of baeuerlein, mysticism over years and popo-mobil" and more. Also in range pages as Neoclerikal, Mudbattle.


Das Kapital

pages on marcets like Deep marcet, Comerco, Mega a hintgiver Ratings for insiders, also by Dir_1

Speeches of a warrior chief

On the many walls in a small country and on cats, dogs and waterbirds con el ninjo of the same land. (german)