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The world and the nazis 2

It got time for health care, of absurdities with the Tiny lifesavers, marcets hypocrits and Trade or neos deals.


Computing has been a tricky thing for years allready, even for the most famouse, costly and corporating companies. Our CEO did update the htm-css coding, his opinion on IT_developments and some good software still relevant for SM (sadomaso) from 98 to 10.


Reden eines Häuptlings

Kriegserklärung gegen ihre Mauern, ein alte Tradition und Ringelschwanz u Entenspiegel, eine Kritik an ihrer Schwan und Entenpolitik. The chief in english during his stay in Mexico or "how to say it" (wie soll man sagen).

Nature observations

latest from
Thayland, Kyrgyztan, Cuba or Mexico, all via Dir 5, (Naturbeobachtungen)


Das Kapital

Much changed and got possibel since years by neocons as same time much got reduced by the same. A few got more rich while many got their incomes cut, unsave rent, reduced healthcare, education etc. Check also Rating 2, Deep marcet drilling deeper, also other sites on the neoliberal changes, not be mixed with stock exchanges.