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Computing has been a tricky thing for years allready, even for the most famouse, costly and corporating companies. Our CEO did update the htm-css coding, his opinion on IT_developments and some good software still relevant for SM (sadomaso) from 98 to 10.


Speech to friends and comrades on the sell of 10 mio social users data, newold presidents and the consequences some will face.

Biwak 1 - 3

The basecamp series, Biwak 1, - 2 and - 3, Camp 4 and the djungle hut in the swamps, hot basecamping.

On way in Latin Americas

Experiences, hints and advices, traffic, freedoms, spanish villages and spicy food, from Peru to Mexico and Cuba.

Reden eines Häuptlings

Kriegserklärung gegen ihre Mauern, ein alte Tradition und Ringelschwanz u Entenspiegel, eine Kritik an ihrer Schwan und Entenpolitik. The chief in english during his stay in Mexico or "how to say it" (wie soll man sagen).

Nature observations

latest from
Thayland, Kyrgyztan, Cuba or Mexico, all via Dir 5, (Naturbeobachtungen)

Mit starker Hand II -I

The latest by the Lord of Innovation, shopping and miracles (oct-nov). News from "El padrone de aquarias" and "Costums to costums" friendships.


is a big thing, from New maps, Inovation, scans, fax ... by the way, we do not run around to get some new cam, check press agencies.


Das Kapital

Good to know about Rating 2 and Deep marcet drilling deeper.