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Nilgiri bio.1
Tea hills
Nilgiri bio.2

- unrateable gallery

Blackwinged Stilts allday at Pushkar lake

Blackwinged Stilts allday at Pushkar lake

pu to progresso

Interesting farn leaves

Colorfull mix

Nice Hill-roses (no Diva)

Tea plantations clustered with huge rocks,
should be of volcanic origin, some 10 mio. years back (?)

Region map in the bird sanctuari

Unknown interestinhg plant

Related to Tomatoe plant (Nachtschatten family)

... long cew for Nat.park ticket (bus trip)

... in the Restaurant above, young Nilgiri Thar

Near the gate, bird view

Another Nachschatten bush

Roaming the hills

Drying laundry after moist days

Magic valley grounds

Near the waters