strange acts n file transfer procedures observed, can do, can explain ...!? doks n files

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As i do sometimes text writing, typing via keyboards, and try to do that in .rtf or .txt (Editor) format it gets strange sometimes, guess by file transfer problem (or compiling) .... can some file-scriptors or ansi asci file transferers explain what that means or is it just as during last year when i sat at an apple laptop and tried to edit some websites with an text editor from apple and the apple aditor could not even show commen html tags

Pics -
path implementation
desktop-background snap

A gallery on Netbook

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Got to see new webfiles in India .ece

Files -
Letter by me cause of tiny case in Alpenfestung (2015 uncase)
Anklagepunkte gegen die Trotteln und Dokumentenfaelscher der Alpenfestung
(Offenses listed for trial againat the Alpenfestungs idiots, i am estimating (taking in account) a Sammelklage against them, not by people but by offenses page Alpenfestung.
Carterpillar behind house 2009 on steep rising wood road (ehem Saumpfad), new canalisated (the year of their leaders suizide 140hm/h wall hit)

MS Installer (2013) Hack- logfile
Doc by DoD (Deprtment of defense.usa)
Part of a US court file found via (found 2008)

Docs -
by ILO (Internat.Labour Org suborg of the UN) -
"Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention" 1989, C169

Messages -
message by Anonymous (2013)

Galleries on MS -
over years i observed on my PCs and Laptops, that it got often corrupted,
either by, i guess nazi-hackers of Alpenfestung (Duster), some US-sys-pcOS Behauviorists, or maybe scientofoggies of Pushkar nov.015.
Proof of remote intruders (also room intruders while me out ...), plotters or scientofoggies by my galleries
to be found in the Archives

Wired TV obs.

Somewhen on Doha airport on way to Japan (end july 015) i ve seen on CNN Donald Trump (running 4 president) giving interview. His body language while sitting was amazing. But always again on CNN they do more and more wired body language.

On way from Europe to India via Dubai airport (nov 014) i watched on an airports TV screen CNN which got a hackers screen attack, multimedia can do many jobs on many levels, and the speaker on CNN had a tongue overly graphic, always again moving in and out of his mouth ! And it was for sure not NLP but nice to watch.

By the way my PCs paied, my mashine clients, and with sys-win over years get for years the hackers backdoor jobs done and shown. Quite unstable systems OS, really unstable, they show that well, the dusters of Nazi and fashist lands.
Guess they try something preempt and really determined over years, and guess well paied, maybe with packbags of money brought here and there.

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