February 6, 2002

Norman B. Linnell OCR-USDC/EDVA (703)549-4626

A. Asbury - Direct


1 the Taliban, Mr. Lindh was aware that the United States
2 government had dealings with the Taliban during the year
3 2001.
4 During the year 2001 the United States government
5 supplied the Taliban on May 18 with $43 million in what it
6 called humanitarian aid.
The proffer will be that that was
7 for the purpose of eradicating the poppy population.
8 The proffer includes the fact that during the
9 fiscal year, which is in the government, it used to be when I
10 was an Assistant U.S. Attorney, I assume it still is July 1,
11 from July 1 through the following July 1, 2001, the U.S.
12 government supplied to the Taliban $123 million. That in the
13 prior fiscal year they supplied $140 million.
And that the
14 defendant was aware of that.
15 So that when he took up his position on the front
16 line, he knew that he was fighting against people that were
17 not liked by the American government, that's the Northern
18 Alliance. And he knew that those people that he was with had
19 had financial dealings and other dealings with the Taliban
20 that he was with.
21 The proffer includes the fact that when John Lindh
22 was on the line as of the 10th of September, the proffer is,
23 as you would expect, that there was not a single person in
24 the United States government that had any idea that we would
25 be engaged in military operations within the country of

"We will starve the terrorists of funding," he said.
"If you do business with terrorists, if you support or sponsor them, you will not do business with the United States of America."

--George Bush, 24 September 2001

the nation failed by its way of doing humanitarian aid,
it looks that some wars got started for compensation afterwards
bad government and evil acts all togather bluw up....
we can just hope that somehow this mass will be cleaned up soon or later

and empire shall not be allowed to do such irresponsible acts again
it has to become a responsible government, the mass has to be cleaned up,
gizmo shall be closed and all be brought to justice

humaniatarian aid failed, or what the hell they kept for it,
something went wrong again,
and who is doing biz and funding whom now...??
lets see

To be hunt down ...
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