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Postcards is an old traditional, individual and very stylish, long lasting for remembering if stored, original and can be of a strikingly personal option. It involves many entities as the fotografer, post and stamp masters, the card.appli doer, print studio, the Card-writer himself and the adressed
- Success and profits ! New cards - battlefield,

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postcarding is very nice, it makes you feel important, somebody maybe a friend, boy or girlfriend did some effort for you, its forcing your own handwriting, you ve got something in your hands when you got it, maybe after 2 weeks or 1 month, ... you can take the card with you (gewinnmitnahme). But be carefull some may be jealouse like with punctured luftmatratzen near a pond or with punctured water pipes near a garden, or with a cycle not far from a tent.

So when you got a postcard you know it is forever ...

as long as you do not lose the postcard, its not like with an email which dissapears between a million spams or shitstorm if not duststorms, or it gets part of a very costly election campaign, maybe over 8 month, so take the postcard, keep it and maybe put a date notice on it !
(background, Baracoa Cuba where the new world got started)

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