Strike o19

Remarks on modernity and shares


Der neue Cybersetzkasten zum viele Dinge rein tun.
Buecher sind schon ganz dolle,
haben Kanten u Ecken
Zeitungen biegen sich im Wind der neuen Zeit
doch software ist wohl das Allerteuerste u schoenste.

Sehr sauber

Das grosse 200 ltr Aquarium ist sehr sauber u
ich frage mich was fressen die Kaulaquappen unter einem neuen chinesischen Licht und Innenfilter (purchased in Sri Lanka of chinesischer Bauart, RS electrical 3310) wenn auch keine exotischen Fische wie einst in den 80- 90ern drinnen sind im 200ltr Becken.
    Es ist des neuen Moellsands wegen nur wenig trueb, der starke Innenfilter mit 3 Filterpatronen ist im Jahr des Schweines eine super Sache samt der auslaendischen LED (lightway 5,5W). Ohne Zierfische ist die Angelegenheit unmodern und nicht nachhaltig.

marcets ?

New simcard not capable of doing SIM (sending) is a prove of total failor in some marcets. Maybe it helps cleaning the uncell Mobile with a towel to get SMS done


I think that could become interesting as it can show effects on other big marcets and future outcomes. Empirically My home is my castle does not exist in some backlaid alpine regions, the castles and homes can get invaded by the web and WiFi, others mix over years wrong adresses with doors physically, also stolen goods as books or music tabes (show of mad and zombie ??), nowadays also harddisks get mixed, blocked or corrupted.

    Brexit points at economies as do cars, car producers and car driven societies (now also with electro cyclists in overaged societies uncyber). Bank employees and employers are effected allready preempt, as banking hubs get a cold blooded hand here and there. But GB is not Samoa, Puerto Rico or Fiji.

    GB has always been strongly engaging in other hemispheres and had always a strong exchange with other nations, lands and regions. They drive on left side and as long as they do not feed cows with fishdust again it should, also after delayed Brexit, be worth the challenge.

    There are many lands in Europe and political Exiteers (or subway nazis) Mergers or Outsourcers look totally different than economic Exiteers and breakaways to also underground racists, sometimes showing up in groups against long range migrants or refugees, also Jews or Muslims no question if they are there or not.

    Some move to Ibiza or Mallorca 4 Ballermann to get some good colour there then they get colour, brown or red at their necks, bellies or noses, some call them WASPs others rednecks or sunburnt and that makes a big difference getting back to their towns and seeing dark volks there .... Brexit or expat zones in chilly towns (Piri Piri)


Boeing 737 Max

over the last months from end of 2018 to 2019 there happened two major accidents with the Boeing 737 max civic aeroplanes.

    I think it gets dangerouse when you put big strong engines on an old solid plane which did it over some decades, but when the new engines are that big that you need more space under the wings and then the nose does strange signals during taking altitude, nose up ...,
    Then during taking altitude by an angel of 14% and by infos it gets then by 14% angel allready risky with noseup and if automatic flight controll (software) takes over after Takeoff and works against the commands of the captain who flies by experience and by instruments in cockpit, and when he has no chance because of the software and the heavy new strong engines with old construction, that is bad then.
    I have experienced interesting maneuvers during landing and before and the most magnificant region from air is the Amazonas delta at sunset before Belem ... far too much.

Asia shops

As the grosse Meister uses cremes from Asia, mostly India for hands and as well toothpaste, he is missing Asia shops which were there some years ago in that town where they sell Mozart balls nowadays.

    There is only 1 Asia shop there left, but only with food items, he want to buy as once Vicco turmeric and Meswak toothpaste, also some doop or incense sometimes. He also wants to give message, notice, that in that WTO marcets today there needs to be Asia shops, he can say from experience (empirically) that also the "Himalaya" brand is good, Fruit pack .... hhhmmm

Gender politics

The meister can not really elaborate on that, it gets often wired nowadays and there is hardly anything what is not possible in that chapter, as from homosexual couples with kids in some lands, divorces on row, porn and politixs (sometimes mixing, hush money etc), child abusers who get away with that in some hemispheres and behind altars, women rights and equal pay for same works, adoptions between superpowers and the more

    In general as long as women do not engage with the meister any more, but by smalltalk only at some shop counters over 2 minutes, he can not support them beyond that. Two minutes at any shopping counters is far too short, not possible. Also not in exotic foreign lands !
Looking free

Good aeroplanes

Once during the times of early adventures the Meister flew over the canadien Westcoast in a watertakeoff and landing capable aeroplane. We had to wait 4 good weather then.

    Today he likes planes as Airbus A-330, A-380 in civic jet class and for later optional flying procedures in company also watercapable takeoff and landing planes like Evector Outback EV-55.
    The flights with Bushpilots once were also great there in Canada. Evector Outback needs to be modified for waterstarts and landing, but the Meister estimates it is possible.

    He does not like getting into helicopters too much but Kamow KA-52 Alligator looks very solid, dangerouse and seems to be a special performer under all circumstances.

Corrupting private personal HDDs

As the grosse meister has no access to his 500 GB festplatte he got to know of the idea once more that somebody wants him to quit the netbooking tasks or work copy and paste the stuff from teh server, and work like in teh way as tehy want many to do so, with some clouds.

    It is not the cloud yet as fro many, but the wesbites on a server, what is quite similar in fact if you need it to work on.

    But the gr Meister says he will ever put hus stuff in a cloud with angels and fanbtasies getting flown and dreamed around, he will never do that in fact. The consequences will be different than some may expect as exit strategy to buy some workspace or socalled IT in form of a cloud ! The property will stay a personal HDD harddisk.

    He sees the whole blocking as corrupting his job, his task and his public relation. He will not take down, download the sites and source code from web, he will either have it on his mashine (personally) or take action against the blockers and corrupters of private HDDS or leave the stuff. Take it or forget it ! The cloud is nothing but a loose concept for him, good like another acre and virtual space for pay.

    Also in the future nobody, absolute nobody, will force him to work on his sites via clouds somewhere misty on some servers out there, good to watch, getting paied etc, that is a false deadend road for him but may be of help for some companies who have branches here and there, beside telefones, to connect to the IT on a cloud so to say, generated by another big company which is somewhere out there providing the cloud in heavens .... which could look like a modern garage so to say.

    I see GB as an open society with many expats from Pakistan, India, African lands and others, compared to lands and regions where the can not take 2 language village signs but learn it at school, often a 2nd or 3d living language, beside 3 language Train announcments (italien, german, english), in modulelike robotic assambled stereo performance (un ambiente) at railway stations.

    Grexit was not devastating and I think Brexit will also not be so.

Urheberrechts discussion -copyright

There are some demonstrations out there nowadays against new laws in the EU on the Urheberrechtsschutz for users, comon web users, androisten, cyberspacers, applicants, posters of pics and melodies, messengers etc

  There is enough small stuff out there by them like pictures, music and melodies which can be from teenagers or other private persons performing mega if not social on cyber platforms. It can be small video clips and audio files for others to see and listen. If it is of quality, what is diverse and of diverse tastes, it can be good for profits, gains or losses if it got done dilletantic.

  It can be tagged as bananas or oranges with a copyright tag or symbol (virtual sticker) in case the original producers want the profit and business factor staying exclusivley to them. Some of the cheers can be as with standard and poors with some stock excanges, some big cheers on web can be seen as ratings by audiences and fans, or antifans and enemies.

  It should not only be mega platforms (youtube, netflix, amazon, facebook with some applicants taken over or bought hot -instagram, whatsapp etc) which have a triple Janus-face as they cash by advertising, they cash by mega input of data on their platforms by users and sell it more or less hiddenn to 3d parties and or other software joinees and trustees, applicantees, they cash by the mega publicity andc opinion or hate ... forming impacts and having million of private volks getting a minimum perecentage of the share of that publicity.

  I also think the russian ansatz with "place of data", where it gets generated on mega platforms is the regions wher the need to pay for it (taxing).
  So where the data gets produced which can be many lands where the servers, mashines, collect the data, and not the virtual cyberspace alone. The mashines (PCs, software, storages, data garages and alike) are on the ground, like wars get won on the ground.

  It is not that loose as some may think in Europe that it is only the cyberspace, and some of its new cloud and misty promoters, the mashines which keep the data a millionfold are on the ground, visible.

  It can be seen as with garages, cars and drivers which seems to be for many heavens and space to roam, it is just the components before and after assambling and driving looks different, as with money and taxes on all its components, either on streets or cyberspace. Maybe a GPS for taxing cyberspace Mega platforms and mothercorporations would do.

  The other thing is socalled social networking which implicates shitstorms, politicans showing strong or nuts on the web, tweeting on routine, party invitations going viral which can get to unwanted big streetparties in front of some homes. Britans have the phrase "My home is my castle", the castle in cyberspace has many loose walls, windows, backdoors, nite and cosy looking applications etc

  Others name hatespeech beside seeing others removing their dogs shit form streets in plastic gloves, very rare mammals, something like reverse evolution same time. Part of platforms can also be recruiters for wars or strange looking gender politixs on all sides, some stars are well known, some of them (stars) are not welcome same time to perform in lands with mega populations.

  The meister says people should know what they search or look for, when they know it the better, specialisation is also good in the web, not only sciences, extreme jobs or politics on worldwide mega cyber onscreen, often reduced to handhelkds and tiny mobile devices, soem of them not allowed during takeoff and landing. There are quite a few forums which show special as well beside the mega corpses with mega spam and some of its dusty dirty winds.

Algorythm against hatespeech

On megaplatforms like that with facebook, of which they say it has so many users, the right algearythms against hate or nazispeech is very important, so that it can get immediatly eradicated, the bad and hatespeech from its websites, or small cellphone screens even.
  Phrases like "heil, sieg heil oder heil hitla", or more longer word combinations even in nazi contecxt or against any migrants or refugees as well, also bad speech against Native americans like Mapuche (perue) or Zeltal (mex) has to be eradicated form that specific tiny or big sites with that many joinees they say.
  That bad, hostile and hatespeech has to be algearythmed and eradicated, also in Oklahoma if necessary, once the socalled indian territories.
  Software on aeroplanes (B-737 max) below 1 minute can show devastating and wired enough today in connection with sensors ....

part of IT