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Friends of Sierra Leone

Friends of Sierra Leone

Take care withe that petrol trucks it is highly explosice stuff and keep distance when thatstart burning.

    In the while they trample and and die on each other in Housten Texas in concerts and stadiums beside the sitting police cops, mostly in cars.

    I had goodtimes with friends form Sierra Leone since the primary (no election) school times. WE are still good friends, one of them was my first encounter in the hot relation stuff. She was insisting then after a day along the Wolfgangsee. Then I sent her to New York as she was a model from Sierra Leone, she stied theer about 12 years then, she grew up with me during primary school time. Now her daughter is much looking on smart toys and a smart phones, also TVs, in the while I have not one working after my journey back from Greece, some telephone ... it is a simple one for 20 bucks euro.


anschluss oder eingemeinden Wird spannend wo Tobago, die gr oder kleine Antillen eingemeindet, angeschsch-schlosen werden. Ob die Kurilen bei China oder Russland oder den Neolips. Ob Taiwan bei bei Puerto Rico angeschlossen wird und ob Bruecken nach Long Island gehen werden ?

Was hat Man in Manhattan an ? Wird spannend mit den anschluessen udn eingemeindungen nach 15 jahren neolips.

Taxing the bIg Five
I was surprised about the temperature in Freetown as chcking by sites and soem Atlas biooks, it is always steadily at 26 to 27 degrees max plus 2 up down, always steady temp in Freetown. I got also puzzled when I got the news that Black people from the USA had times when they travelled, migrated back to Liberia, they had that programm onc. Must have been during the last century.

    The time when i staied with wild pigs in the woods, they got close to thetent during nights but never entered, now they have many of that in Brandenburg close to POland, in the while Poland payes to Euyrope 1 mio euro a day what is quite a lot of money, I have no idea why they pay that. It is very complicated in Europe and really cooling down now, it is freezing in November and thta is the time when the pond gets ice in the garden, but only on top, the lower areas stay fresh icecold and fish survived ast winer when there was huge hipes of snow on it. So take care of that petrol trucks, Arabs also watch that.

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