Is it HYBRID enough now - Eure Kriege nerven mich !

Many chances missed over years for new deals and wars

Some could expect me to respond to the many reports and war mongering on teh news.

    It is disgustiung enough to se lal that on TV and it look that many people did not understand that before that actual conflict there is the other one still blowing its shells which is by teh virus. These clusters and bombshells by the pandemic forced over 4 mio dead allready.

    That numer is like form a war scenario also as many would not see it as a maior conflict or a war. But iof you see the numbers of killed ones by teh virus amd the faked statistics and partly feka numbers on that since two years people should better not underestimate the potential of that not yet solved and won war. The numbers by the pandemic are like the ones by a war (can see some indices).
    The dull and dumb did not seem to understand the measures and fight against the pandemic which was and is lifesaving, what is hard to understand.

    Now there is another conflict burning and getting close to the borders of Europe, 4 mio migrants from Syria in Turkey, 1,5 mio in Germany. Many say it is one man alone who is responsible fir the new bunring conflict and war. That sound stupid and rediculouse. When tehre is a war it never one person who is responsible for that war. There has been the time before missing meetings and negotiations befpre that war.

    There were foreigners doing biz and as everywhere, over quite a while after something like globalistation got the promo, other lands were joing the military alliance, other huge countries wanted securities which got faked and promises broken so if some say it is that or this persons war, it is lies and wild polarisation and that is one reason why I do not want to elaborate much and put more hot and heavy stones, and strong words in that new burning fire.

    There has been more burning lands and nations before and the many migrants and refugees by that burning lands and nations at war. It was never one person, one president or that one system which is responsibel for the mass many harvest since years.

    The more I would focus on all the cornerstones, on all the hot and burning issues and missed points, meetings, negotiations, persons and meetings, the more it would incite more fires and burning conflicts.

    But did they see the bushfires in the many lands beside, and how long it took to stop them burning, it was huge wildfires over months.

    Did they get to know and understand that the pandemic is the other burning conflict by numbers of fatalities and dead, by the strikes on total lands and economies, of which can be said that not all and most of them learned to understand the price and toll of that global hitting conflict, even as many got vaccinated and saved from more havoc.

    To see all that news and polarisation is heavy cost in these days and it makes little sense to talk of that one president or that one system, or that one military alliance, and along to forget about other lands which suffered by sanctions and ignorance since decades (or not). Decades ago there was unification in Europe, the fall of a wall and checkpoints got vacated. Since two years the measures against the pandemic had lockdowns and heavy losses in many sectore if not all.

    Did they get that message, did they get the hints and clues, did they proceed properly in the fight for the win over that desaster? I am not sure but it seems they will manage.

    Then another major offensive, after much got lost over years where it got forbidden to speak the neighbours language, even the language in the own country. That was stupid measures, a law, like with kids from native people robbed form their parents, cut from their roots and told that their language was forbidden from then, something unlawfull.

    It is drieing some tears to see them plaieing music and singing togather now during the newold conflict, the virus forced others to sing from balconies. It is not long ago.

    I will not heat more stones and throw them into the fire and take on either side, it would only polarize more and heat up either sides. With some commanders in chief I can see them blowing themself up togather. Something to think about. Musicans and artist from different backgrounds show on the medias, play music and sing togather, the sign for hope and what should never change, during presidents and commanders in chief try to compensate what got missed in the past or proceed with blowing themself up togather. It could happen if they did not learn from the past. Take it as a warning.

    Many deals and profits either here or there, tried on row, failed and faked, got strikes, hits and devastation during lands and nations got from rumble to dust as its people spread in many directions.

    In these days after volcanoes erupted and fires burnt over months, after politicans and dealmakers missed some chances for the price of the comon people from many lands they d better be carful with peak oil, cut pipelines, broken ties, new planes capable of the nuclear thing, more and new sanctions for the price of new deals and friends otherwhere.

    Just some days before on many TV channels it was much of Nazi stuff abnd docus, they got never tired of that, never stupid enough for it, as in a preparation for more to come.

    Then the new conflict turned the pages and now many try to save whats left for hope, thousands in the streets for peace, the most brave show by surprise on TV and networks. As long as heads of states meet in cities not far from teh lines of fire not all is lost, also marcets numbers, indices, give hints and clues, day by day, how the fires burn and in what direction.

    In some lands they were strong, brave and organised enough to get these huge fires down, to stop them burning, in many other lands it was a lost fight.

    Now it looks that there are new lessons to come which can only be faced, averted and learnt of by the the other ones not long ago, in other regions, with similar output, also some missed goals and targets, if they were there or had any, it was not so long ago.

    The question is if they can see it ? I am not sure.

part of IT march 2022