Nature Bio

Dir 5 -
the great


Nature observations - Science - Garden

Magic sightings onway - carefully watched and transformed in the studio, free service ... WSWYG: From the Alps     Fischtreppen

Turky Egypt

Birds and traces magic in sanddunes along the river in desert


Buzzards, foxes, hedgehog family, stories from the valley and wild garden, plus canoe


Exotic fish and doves, eagles along highways, Snipes, Crows and Turtles (vid)


Birds of prey, bunnies, from the river and gardenpond (019)

Goa- Sri Lanka- Egypt

Magic indian coastline birds and fish with Cylon to deserts along the Nile

Sri Lanka

The ultimate birdmix ever seen, Eagles, Hornbills, Sunbirds at djungles, lakes and mountains


Monitors, exotic djungle plants, Lotos along rivers and streets

Tien Shan

Godlen eagles, falcons, a couple Ruddy shellducks, Pamir squirrels and more


Birds of prey from the Oukamiden


(C) Pelicans at Havanna bay, birds of prey, Kolibris and Mongoose

Peru- Ecuador- Mexico

(A-B) Kolibris, Kingfishers, Pelicans, lago Conococha and Wilcacocha

Kashmir- HP- Uttarknd

Plants and birds of the Himalayan foothills

On way back

An odd quale, via Bari back to the pond with dragonflies

Goa - HP Dharamkot

(B) Barbets, peacocks and the Whitebellied, (A)Kumaon Pushkar Munnar (o15- o16)

The chiefs speeches

The chiefs on saveties, Davos, burning woods, villages and deals

Whitebellied Seaeagle

Studies on the Whitebelleid, ultim. Skymaster, (Pollonaruwa Cylon)

Along the Magic Route - Rupal Diamir - chronologically

Rishikesh_McLeodGanj_Goa_N-India(o14/15) India(C-13/14) Ellora-Goa-Nepal(13/14)

HP-Rishikesh-Kumaon-Goa when the rocket started
Garden-(2013) Alps-Garden India-Amazoonia-Garden(2009-2012) 2000-2006

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