Cuba 2009

Havanna near harbour

Havanna near harbour

Was funny to see naked sunbathers near the big pigs togather on beach
nowhere else seen again

Remembering Che Guevara, the great fighter for Socialismo and related standards

Pigeons taking a bath - Cienfuegos

Special stonewashed

Eternal running cuban cars, real stylish

Shore promenade - Cienfuegos

Along the way to the beach - Trinidad

Havanna Kapitol

Colonial stile - Old Havanna

Baracoa Cycle Taxis

Nice relaxing parklike squares - Cienfuegos

Memorial for Che Guevara - Santa Clara -

Nicely done street signs - Old Havanna

Beautiful houses along streets - Trinidad

Trinidad central squares

Street gig in Trinidad

Museums on Cuban revolution, portraits of Che - Trinidad

Local transport - Trinidad

Local cycle taxis

... along the streets
with many birds (check gallery from oktober 13...)

Once the Diktators army post which got stormed in first days during revolution,
now school still showing bullet hits

Old excellent built houses - Santiago de Cuba

Old stile windows along shady streets