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Tien Shan - Kyrgyztan

From Bishkek to Yssik Kul, the kirgisean sea at 1600m alt, further to Karakol and Bokonbayewo and south via Dshalalabad to Arslan Bob, (mar-april.017) and back
way back

On way

from Abu Dhabi (mar-apr 016) on way to Istanbul and further via Svilengrad (Bulgaria) to Grece and bella Italia, where we met in Bari and after the summer for 2 weeks in Tanzania (sept.016)
India 015-16


Rishikesh, Kumaon and via Mumbai and Pushkar south to Mysore the Nilgiris and Westcoast. From the start in Delhi or jump to Almora, Mumbai and Goa
Bioseries linked onpage as Nilgiri and Westcoast bios, Pushkar-Agra bio or Masala djungle, Dharamkot and Dhauladar range and its bioseries linked onpage (o15 - o16)
India 2014


Nine months over winter and longer, from start to end, (not all galleries listed) Delhi - Parvati valley (1), - Rishikesh, Kumaon, Goa (5), Ellora (6),
    Nepal (7), and back to Kumaon, enjoyng Ganga (9), to Dharamsala and beloved Kosi river series via top secret page   (2013-014)

Thailand - Laos - Kambodia

Travelled Southeast Asia for 2 months 2013, from Bangkok north via Ayutthaia and Sukothai to Chiang Mai, Pai and Mae Hong Son, later to southern Thailand, Kho Tao and Kho Phangan, later three weeks to Laos and Kambodia