Ganga    Rishikesh may 2014 - B

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FotosİHubert Schütz
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Monarch near rock

Monarch near rock

Getting closer to the magic moments of joy spots

From the cliff

in the shady hangover

Special stonewashed

Nice rock

Segelfalters joy in the sun near the river

Same in close up

Nice cosmopolitan plant, found in different colors

Beautiful young Crested Kingfisher near rapids


Nice hardrock setting

From the watchpoint near steep sandbanks ...

Watchpoint-rock with tree after the joyful swims in currents betweeen the rocks

Checking for prey, whistling like an eagle ...

Thistl growing in hot n sandy surface, nearly all over India

One river, two sides ...

Bodhi tree and shanti Babu

From the Leopards rock ...

Further downriver between the bridges (end of May)

From the guest house, good to watch river levels, Rafts and doing good morning sounds
with many birds (check gallery from oktober 13...)

... hhhmmmm too much