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The "Himalayan Burner", not nice to touch ...
(Brennessel de)

"Himalayan Burner", not nice to touch ...
(Brennessel de)

Small temple in the ravines over Dharamkot

Vinca minor (Immergruen), also growing in a garden in the Alps,
there a bid smaller

Common Myna at the Pizza plates

Nice wallset, dry sunny location in the walls over Dharamkot

Great Barbet singing in a flowering tree, from veranda

Starting for the Trekk, in the Deodar woods

Dharamkot from water tank

Old friend Hoopoe looking or food between granite rocks, not yet breeding ? (Dharamkot 10.03)

Tushita repainted, in the woods (Tushita-info.com)

Nice plant mix


Art of compose

Sunset in the peaks

In the green

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