Nice Panorama scrollies

Dharamkot Eagle view

From Eagle ridge, mar.016 HP India

Rock n Village

Dharamkot downtown, Mongoose, Hoopoe, Flycatcher n mores biotops downtown mar.016

25% Rise

Not far from Shiva temple, Copyright©Hub.Schuetz (reg.ptn239)
Panorama scrollies are good cause you can take place and time in scrollie to inspect special spots and locations on changes, of all kind of locations like public baths, beaches, avalunches from peaks, mudslides, water levels, devastation by hotel clustering etc Above from India, below Tien Shan, Kyrgyztan early spring 017

Peaks in granite

Not far from the Petroglyphs, all granite, the highest peaks close 5000ders

Tien Shan - Himmelsberge

Between Yssik Kul, kirgisean sea, and Kongej Alatoo range, near Tsholpon Ata
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