Almora - Kathgodam (nov 015)

Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon


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Old stylish hill residencies

Old stylish hill residencies

Down the stairs, mixed temples

Looking over wall

Cats roaming ...

School girls the morning in Kosi valley

Lala Bazar

Main Bazar mix

Morning along small streets

Main square on cities central hilltop (Typing square)

During warm daytime at 1700m (nov)

To much for one window

Old nice house with laundry

Pupils training for cricket after school

It wasn t the best shot

Heavy flower mix

Big one ...

Local politicansti

Leaving the hills

Kathgodam railway station

Engines for long run

Spicy mix

Looking for the train

Getting ready

Nice rose datura