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Blackwinged Stilts allday at Pushkar lake

Blackwinged Stilts allday at Pushkar lake

Brown Rockchat at guest house

... curiouse ?

Rockchat female close up

Lake moods

A pair Redwattled Lapwings

Special mix, one of my preferd flowers
of the Nachtschatten family (also tomatoe)

Fragile flowers in the hills

Nice fish of the Cichlid family, seen also at other places in India
but strangly never in aquariums

Ants nest in hot desert sand, busy before noon

.. and the fast big desert runner ant, can also be seen at the Ghats

Well fed cosy Agra squirrels (Fivestriped Squirrels)

Best place

Close up in Shah Jahan park

Column parts

Hidden spots in Shah Jahan park

Some big trees with fluffy fragile flowers