Tanzania (sept 016)

Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon Kumaon

Tanzania story

Travel infos

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... first morning after arrival

... first morning after arrival

along highway in Uzungwa mountains, heavy nice rivers with big currents .... maybe great Ruaha ?

from the truck in Uzungwa mountains

overnight near Iringa

leaving Iringa 4 the night, after meeting with Punjabi

walks in Iringa

camping at Mbeya and discussing movies with guys
who ve been 5 months on way with cycles from Kape town

quite allready modern built shops in the outback ...

comon style restaurant of Safari lodges

guys on bikes in the morning brise

on way to lake Malawi near Kiwira

service for people on way .... but often short stopovers

comon village of Tanzanias southwest

interesting fields mixed with trees

lake Malawi, reaching the end of the world

Ikombe at shores of lake Malawi

mixed stretches of beach, biz could get advanced,
eco trips, adventure boating, waterfall, Baobab boats

... breakfast at Ikombe beach

at Mbya bus stand, big city, many shops, guys on bikes and special locations

very local and easy going travel agencies

high heels on Dar eSalaam streets, hot biz

mixed architecture in Dar

heavy rains the last 2 days in Dar

.... nice bookshops in the streets and found even one from
startimes of Clinten, Madonna and Hasselhoff