Tien Shan - A (Kyrgyztan mar.017)


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Impressions in Bishkek

Impressions in Bishkek

The way of the Nomads ... nothing what they can not carry

... on road to missio autocarro (automesse)

sometimes cosy rooms with plastic-silk curtains, picture from over bed in superzoom

on way to the Petroglyphs

naturally painted granite rocks, some sib. Ibex like that ...

on rock a sibirean Ibex, their prefered meal about 4000 years ago
(a better one at Tien Shan page)

sunset with Lenin, Tsholpon Ata

streetset in Tsholpon Ata

Daily dining in luxuriouse, the family got lost and its usually one reste per remote village during winters, but this one which was far too much !

... first signs of spring (fruehling)

Chilling nights under the 4000-ders, ice christalls in small streams

Sheep grazing in granite fields, very good camouflaged ... dont know what tastes better

Beach time and tasting of the Kirgisean Sea, Yssik Kul is a bid salty

staying in Karakol one night -

... and arriving to Bokonbayjewo

Bokonbajewo is a lovely spread around village between the kirgisean sea and Snow Leopard country

... broad not too busy streets, in contrast to cities ... scooters and big bikes are not seen anywhere (lacking that freedoms,.. and would be dusty in steppe areas anyway)

... on way watching peaks of the Snow Leopards, too much ...

... Horses in harmony, Bokonbajewo, southeast Yssik Kul

Saatkraehen prepairing in huge trees for nesting (crows)

refilling before take off, looking south and -

and the view north