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Bigs biz most wanted is - profits  (1)

  - it does not want big Government and does not want to pay taxes, it wants big Profits and for big Profits it wants your money, it doesn t want you to pay much taxes it wants you and for itself to pay less taxes to the state but to pay it direct and buy stocks from it instead, it wants the peoples money direct by sidelining the state which gets privatised now, that is what Big biz wants.

  So some pay double, they pay taxes and stocks, taxes to the state and stocks to the private Bizman.

  Big Biz is by privates who dont like the state and its rulers, and don t like the workers and in some cases even not the kostumers, big biz wants to rule, command and control all and it wants big profits, the more others rule, do the laws, govern and govern themself the less Big Biz will do it, it will cut its power, so to say power cuts in the name of the people and their grow, quality, win, life and  gains, so check who wants it all and gets it all and then you know who will profit, if it is people or Biz.
  The one who gets the power by the people should not abuse his power to sell and give it all away to Big Biz from the state which is serving the people as they pay the state and not Big Biz what is by the private and serves the private and not the people. the Private serves his own interests and not the interests of the people, he doesn t like the state and the ones who rule it because he wants to rule, command and control and therefor he pays the ones who got elected and rule that they make the laws he wants, lobby for him and cut his taxes. the ones who get elected get elected by the people and not by Big Biz, also it often pays the Elected premptively (poll puts) what counts in Money System but not in Democracy. in Democracy counts who gets elected and not who gets most money, so Big Biz will have to learn and accept what counts in Democracy and what counts for the people also it tries for a long time to ignore what counts for people. If at all it only wants to know it (profiling etc) for its own profits, nothing more and that is why many either the well fed or the poor live unhealthy because they have to life at the cost and pay the prize for others Big Biz and its profits.

   The one who pays counts in Kapitalism only, the one who gets elected counts in Democracy, the chosen counts somewhere else, the one who fights for many wins many, the one who only fights for himself counts only for himself, also he pays others to fight for him, which pays but doesn t count.

  In Democracy counts the vote of the voters, (some just can t accept it) and who they vote, in Marketdemocracy  counts who pays the elected. 

  When one gets elected by the people who does Big Reforms in the name and for the people what is always many and not little as the privates of big biz, he will be fought by Big Biz. it hates it when somebody is cutting its power and property in the name of the people  their interests and we alkl know from history what happens to them who fight for the people and do Big Reforms, they get bombed at 9.11 (chile), get couped killed and flown out. that is what happens when you get elected do strong reforms or fight for the rights of the people.
   Big Biz will try all to get rid of the one who tries to serve the people and does reforms in their name therefor cuts the power and property of Big Biz for the health of the people.

  The one at power who rules and speaks law in the name of people and life  and not in the name of money, its possesors and their profits  

  Big Biz hates nothing more than the ones who are at power and tell it the rules, because itself wants to dictate the rules and conditiones, and this are the rules and conditiones good for Big Biz and its profits, but not the rules and conditiones good for the people as for them it gets more costly, unsecure and unhealthy.
  Big biz not only wants to rule and inforce the law, it also wants to own everything, either materially or intelectually and what was once by the state which it often gets now by the elected statesmen who doesn t want to take the responsibility for the state and people any more even as he gets elected by them. he just talks a lot about all kind of things which got and get commercialised, privatised and about how good this is, even in the name of the state and the people while he sells all to Big Biz which only takes responsibility for its wins, gains and profits but not for the people.
  it is the free Bigs Biz freeway and the promoted high-way for the konsumer; under total highway controll by kameras, highway patrol, digital registration and helicopters securing the busy and rushy race.

  The Big Biz man knows very well the dangers of real Democracy for him when the powerful ruler by the people does reforms and changes for the better of the people and speaks law in the name of their lifes prospering which is naturally in total opposition to the prospering of Big Biz and the richmans profits. and that is the reason why in some lands people have to give fingerprints at the airports, get on flight and book lists, get inprisoned without defence and as by the law of nation Big Biz it can take any person around the world to prison who the state free Big Biz keeps as a danger for it.
   But when nation free Big Biz sees some interest it wants to conquer, save and controll it seems that no law in the world can stop it to go after its greed and by Doctrin of that same land it can do wars preemptively as it loves war and unrest to be able to ingage and fight at new frontiers, and when there are other lands with other rules and priorities which are more calm but powerful, organized and with influence it will attack and try to destabilze them.

   Big Biz pays and buys everything and everybody it wants, also and specially people who help its goals,  either hidden or transparent, most support is hidden, either to some of its homelandians  as are big lobbists, administrators, taxcutters,  advisers, trainers, or people of other lands as all kind combatants, military, bizpartners and paramilitary, newly also usual people for rapid revolution at some regiones, death squads, and politcans, everybody in short or long who helps its goals, in the Americas it was never the simple people and struggle for their rights it was always the bizman and military there, never revolution but counterrevolution, far away they like revolution.

  It pays, buys and supports everything and everybody it wants (only) to have them doing the jobs it wants to be done. the paied and bought ones do as the foreigner told and trained him to do, at some lands it was and is the traditional killing by the Imperialist (native americans know that, actually from Mexico, Guatemala to Colombia) in some land you get a letter before, it has a tradition and some who life there by facing death name it sozial genozid, it is gets heavily supported by the ones who like to talk of freedom and justize,

  In reality the poorest get absolutely nothing, they starve and their children die beside the fat and rich who even spray their lands with herbicides and fungus and pest their pigs, only in some very rare cases they get little food before some electiones but usually it is blocked streets, warnings and death threats, spraied, poisoned and devastated land, fled homes  for megaprojects and korridors and pested pigs either direct by the Imperialist or by his bought friends and bought people kapital.
  It pays and supports all it wants but only supports and pays what it wants and is in its interests and it needs, this can also and specially be  terror regimes and terrorists premptively.
  It pays all from tunnels, caves and camps to socalled human aid for terror regimes to rapid revolutiones, it pays it all, not all take money, some are resistant and not willing for what all the Investor invests and pays, it is a lot in fact unlimited as some name it, some take it and use it the same way.

  But the simple and funny thing is that imperial Biz stops abrupt when it can not buy and pay what it wants, as much is of value immeasurable and not for shopping, buying and rating and that is the moment when Big Biz stops  when it can not pay it because a lot and some are just not there for and not interested, Big Biz doesn t understand that
 and it is good that the worlds biggest Democracy understands that and is a Superpower by that it is a cosmic land as life, it is just if others can see it and a understand that. some lands are old and deeply rooted, a huge giant tree with roots up and down and many plants growing on it.  keeping traditiones and open for the new, others are very young, headless, agile and unpatient, behauving as young agressive boys and it is just if they can see that and what they are willing for, for agressive young boys with funny words and speech or something valuable, open, deeply rooted, strong, rich and enriching.

  You can travel lands on a highway superfast and miss a lot and need to search a lot but not advertisments, others are hard to travel but rich and full of secrets, have it so much, all kind and all ways that it can become even too much of it ...

  The one at power who rules by the power of the people in the name of the people for the people will rule supreme and the people will love him and Big Biz will hate him, what is in fact a reality, because it is not money but to understand life what they will get to know what  the other  doesn t know and want to know but destroy, reduce and fight.


   1) but much less quality because quality doesn t need Big Biz, quality can be with itself and stay long so, (if the waste and spoil of an unintellignet auto soziety isn t evene in fear of quality at all, and uses some kind of tech also to protect itself from quality, as a signal and sign of mad and modern getting autorobos, preempt is irrelevant) what big biz keeps as quality, solely for its cash, it feds on a broad and mass base as cash crop and modified food, it pumps and injects at one side to profit, even by all kind of its spoiled and plastik insurgery side products. 

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