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Czech Republic      
three days on river Moldau (Vltava) (11.- 13. August 2023) impressions

Turky Turkie        
- ANTALYA - Belek - FETHYE - Izmir - ISTANBUL - most hotels with reasonable prices, windows and good fews, hardly any charge too much for sleeping.
even Istanbul has quite normal coffee and hotel prices for its internat. level and flair, hotel searchtime below half hour (18.- 29.July 2023)

- about one week from Lubljana over Maribor to Budapest, then heading to Lake balaton, where there are hardly any EU Binnenland touris. Lakes water quality is interesting. Mostly camping and doing distances in Bus and trains. (22. - 29. June 2023)

Thayland               (9. - 28. MAR), always again hitting the landstrasse
                              not too far from the aequator / hot ---- !
Rambone is back

Kyrgyzthan - Kazacksthan        
(27. FEB - 8. MAR) has reasonable hotel prices and as for HALF NOMADS counts the same for its long distance taxis !!

Muscat OMAN
(mid of JAN) mostly reasonable hotel prices in places like Muscat and Sur, but ressorts as elsewhere along teh coast

On arrival at the airport they were immediatly ready to take my bike anywhere on bigcab, nice and coffees are a normal zthing as in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Travel stories


Dalmatia             18. sept - 1.oct (mostly CGCH)     Fall 2022 for main towns and coastal areas counts CGCH, but offseason.

Dubai                   24. Feb - 3. Mar The Creek

Sri Lanka - Nepal     Nepal     1. Feb - 24. Feb Sri Lanka
                                    SLanka     26. Jan - 1. Feb Nepal

Roma       Lectures in Rom     8. - 11. Jan 22


Turky - Bulgaria - Greece         Last Exit Burgas         (2nd half Oct)

Central Alps southern range

Tours and trips in the canoe and on a bike
over summer 21
Of a 3 day biketour in a threecorner area, at the northern Adria tip (top slip marcet)

Turky - Egypt  
Istanbul - Izmir- Bodrum - Fethye - Istanbul
        (over Newyear, 25.dec - 12.jan 2021) ///

Aswan - Luxor, Karnak, Valley of Kings, Hypostile halls, mega columns - Aswan (magic islands, desert, Triels, seagulls, hoopoes) -
    Cairo (some 4 day delay for takeoff, bookings and
cov.tests each 100 euros...// 12.jan- 3.feb 21)


Creta- Pyreus- Ancona-
Split- Hvar- Ljubljana
Creta (3-6. Aug)
Pyraeus- Igoumeniza- Corfu- Ancona (6- 8. Aug)/
Split, Hvar (8- 11. Aug) /
Ljubljana (12-14. Aug)

Canoe trips                 April - Sept 2020 - Canoe 2

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