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from 26 march, island of Hvar, Sarajevo, Himmelsberge -Tien Shan,
SO asien tropical djungles (o18) ....

Oct to Dec o17, Peru - Mexico - Cuba (Central Cordillera over 4000m, Alti plano and tropics )

June 017 Sarajewo to Hvar (the best since the 80s )

March 2 april 2o17, Kyrgyztan - India (may)

Fall winter 2o16/17, Alps partly camping (Gaisberg, with functioning tent, still)

Sept 016, Tanzania - lake Malawi, Great Ruaha Great Rujivi (2 weeks only)

Spring 016, India Himalayas to Goa (bohut borrhia !!)
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    ECUADOR: On way from Peru via Lagoa Verde, on ecuadorian side, police checks can happen on routine and breaks on way in AC busses. Stand to bus, spread legs and so forth. Hip wide gallies in AC busses are not always comon standard. Snta Maria is nice, with an aerportlike looking Bus terminal.

    PERU: On way from Lima to Huaraz can be an hardship at the PanAmericana outer line, then into and up the mountains, but hardly any shops in the high altitude villages, in general little traffic on peruvian Alti Plano, but in the cities the more !

    MEXICO CITY: Some suburbs of Mexico city and adjoining areas are dangerouse, also adjoining areas to Chiapas. There nightgroup sittings of police squads in small villages like Jerusalem or Maravilha. Also Jaguars there, normally during nights. Agua Blanca is nice, exercito, grande ! Maravilha and Jerusalem are different, Las Nubes great, also Monte Bello (National parks).
    Little traffic overall on mexican southern countryside, hardly any traffic (cars, auto, trucks), also at border region to Guatemala.

    TRAVEL WARNING for Somalia, Iraq, Honduras, Belize, Sao Paolo, Rio (suburbs and favelas) dress decent there. Also some downtown parts at nights in Madrid and Barcelona.

    Never show posh and fency. If you have anything like a costly watch, necklace, earrings, bracelets, gold and jewels DO NOT show it in the streets, not from Sao Paolo to LA.
    Do only wear simple loose streetwear and daygear, many people like to take it from day to nights, anywhere at any busy streets. In some beach areas of Rio only wear a string, tanga and towel. Mark my words.

    MONEY LAUNDRING in these days is a different thing, it has a counter office in Kathmandu, backside with a parklike garden, but that is a different issue. Nepal is great and has organised mountaineering.
    If you want gold and jewels go to any church therefor !! Go there and stay there from Sicily to Bergamo (cum aerport, also Trier and Worms)

    Travel Warning also for Iraq and Syria, also parts of Libya since Bush II. Do not get lost in the desert and vadis there. Iran looks organized from sky during nights from aeroplane, they had many parties during last votes.

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