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2o23- 24

Oman ------ --- -- -------- Turky

very different destinations over the New Year
ATM problem

UPDATED Feb 2024


Czech Republic

three days on river Moldau, hard to find some hotels after the sunburn onriver (Aug. SUMMER - 2023) impressions


one week around Lake Balaton coming from Maribor, when all was busy in hotels because of a biker meeting ... (one week during June SUMMER 023)

From Kyrgisthan

to Thayland over about one month start of 2023 (feb -mar)
pandemic maybe finished (mask biz ... !?)


Crete Hvar Ljubljana

Visiting Dalmatiafall 2022
Summer 2020 along islands up to Dalmatia and further, or otok Hvar by Mixed places

Sri Lanka - Nepal - Dubai quite very relaxing coming from the two lands before

Rome some three days Feb


Turky -

Bulgaristhan - Grece LAST EXIT BURGAS

Canoe II
Daytours and fixing the Boat, southcentral Alps
(summer 21)

On a scooter still
during a threeday biketour at northern Adria


2020 - 21


Istanbul - Izmir- Bodrum - Fethye - Istanbul
(about three weeks over 2021 - 22)

- Egypt

Aswan - Luxor, Karnak, Valley of Kings


90s - 2023

Wild Canoe

Moldau summer 2023 (Nature observations)

Canoe II (Biathlon days)     With boys Onriver    

Old Canoe stories


Egypt I -II III

and further to Oman

- 2018

Magic Lands of the Snow Leopard near a sea

In the magic white and silver covered Tien Shan where you get free simcards at the airport by arrival !

- Thayland
My story of Thayland with Kambodia, Laos and Indonesia, partly from the late 90s

Sri Lanka
Exotic and magic from birds to fish, mountains, hills, sea, Buddhists and local Volks

2016 - 17

Peru ---- Ecuador ----
Following some stories of Darwin and to see his descriptions in real

LIMA - Huaraz - Huanuco - La Union - Tarapoto - Tingo Maria - Snt Maria - Chiclayo - Tumbes - Quito

From coastal deserts to high peaks in thin air, djungles, snow, rain and hail breathtaking, partly over 3500m as like in Huanuco and further to Tarapoto and Chiclayo on mud pistas and snowfall

--- Mexico     A - B
From the Megacity to Las Nubes, mte Bello NP and Agua Blanca, secret places in djungles and along rivers

Mex. city - Oaxaca - Pochutla - Zipolite - Sn Christobal de las casas - Comitan (3 NPs) - Salinas - Merida - Cancun - CUBA

cam was demaged during that hardship of travelling

---- Cuba II
Finally more tranquilohhh

Havanna - Baya Pelicanos - Malecon - Playa - Havanna

Havanna infos by mixed Locations

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