Travel IT - Reisen- Dir 3

Dubai views     Arrivals- Departures     Last Exit Burgas

Creta- Hvar- Ljubljana

Summer 2020 along islands up to Dalmatia and further
, or otok Hvar by Mixed places

Egypt II - Oman

Desert mountains, Bazars
, Oman UPdated and Pharao cult

Canoe 2

Profiles of the last trips and tours,
partly in biathlon mode and Canoe o1

Egypt I   - II   - III

Burried in desertlands

Sri Lanka

Exotic and magic from birds to fish and Buddhists

Thayland 3

Story of Thayland with Kambodia, Laos and Indonesia, partly from the late 90s


Magic Lands of the Snow Leopard near a sea

in Tien Shan // where you get free simcards (tel) at the airport by arrival !

Cuba - (C)

The friendly island after travel hardship
Havanna infos

Mexico - (B)

From megacities to Las Nubes and Agua Blanca

Peru - Ecuador - (A)

Breathtaking, partly over 3500m Huanuco



Great Experiences

(.... shoot that yourself)
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