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Turky again
Second half of July 23, nice times in Antalya, Fethye, Ephesos and other places, partly with misshaps or delays

Via Kyrgisthan to Thayland
I wanted to get back to Yssik Kul, it was too magic once. Thayland was ok till they too a card at Krabi


- Dubai views
Pics from Dubai dissapeared from the Mashines PC. It was far too special after the hardships in Cylon and Nepal before. Some would name it culture shock but it was sunny and relaxing, seagulls, friendly people, eciting views and light effects seen from a distance Evene the seabirds seem to have a good share of it, Thanx

Sri Lanka - Nepal -

- Oman

Desert mountains, Bazars, Oman part two and

Pharao cult
( ---B)

2020 - 21

Turky - Egypt -
My self evactuation form Europe during the pandemia, it was hard times and with misshaps, many stranded in hospitals and and each cov.test was costly as also waitingtime at airport KAI. Finally I got out again (A ---)

2019 - 20

Last Exit Burgs
After the ticket out of Turky got not accepted I decided to roam some time in southeast Europe, by chance magnificant places got visited as Phillipoi near Krenides, the only open Motel was OK then and the hill under the old fort gave me peace

90s - 2022

Canoe II     With boys Onriver     Old Canoe stories


Crete Hvar Ljubljanba

Visiting Dalmatiafall 2022 and earlier

Summer 2020 along islands up to Dalmatia and further, or otok Hvar by Mixed places



First time in Egypt I   - II   Fascinating and always close to the desert

// - Turky

- 2018

- Sri Lanka

Exotic and magic from birds to fish, mountains, hills, sea, Buddhists and local Volks ( --- C)

- Thayland -

My story of Thayland with Kambodia, Laos and Indonesia, partly from the late 90s
( -- B --)
Kyrgyzthan -

Magic Lands of the Snow Leopard near a sea

In the magic white and silver covered Tien Shan and the story of that time // where you get free simcards (tel) at the airport by arrival !
( A ----)

2018 -

Peru ---- Ecuador ----

Following some stories of Darwin and to see his descriptions in real

LIMA - Huaraz - Huanuco - La Union - Tarapoto - Tingo Maria - Snt Maria - Chiclayo - Tumbes - Quito

From coastal deserts to high peaks in thin air, djungles, snow, rain and hail breathtaking, partly over 3500m as like in Huanuco and further to Tarapoto and Chiclayo on mud pistas and snowfall
--- Mexico     A - B

From the Megacity to Las Nubes, mte Bello NP and Agua Blanca, secret places in djungles and along rivers

Mex. city - Oaxaca - Pochutla - Zipolite - Sn Christobal de las casas - Comitan (3 NPs) - Salinas - Merida - Cancun - CUBA


2017 - 18

---- Cuba II

Finally more tranquilohhh

Havanna - Baya Pelicanos - Malecon - Playa - Havanna

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