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Last Exit Burgas



The first morning was great even beside the hardships and headaches of yesterday, finally I got not drawned in the mediterranean sea or between Calais and Dover in a raft with 20 more volks and fellows. These cowardly acts by air booking have to get strictly avoided ofuture, if they can not manage the next years covid will do or rising waters and floods.

    I thought all was gone, the head, headset and the set - yes it was like that, and since two years allready, airlines got grounded over months, planes sold on row and all got restructured. Even as they had some alliances ... over years and new civic jets from Russia and China.

    No pillows but the head, set and headset was gone, that was for sure, no tiny flatscreens left for further payback and rewards, no terminals and no additional infos ... which were for long lost, the set was lost and two more items (read above).

    Sofia and Bulgaria had mostly good and sunny weather, it was great again, all was shing and good for welcome, then hotel which was excellent and gave me some release as I told them what happened after years of doeing that air bookings, and had to enet the hotel a few times more than I would have done before that hardshipo days in Turky. Crossover to southeast of the the Europeans marcet got successfull at last.

    Sofia has some main huge center squares with lovely nundred fountains, straight into its city center which is a pedestrian zone what is great again. To the south you get to South park, where I went about 2 times, had some nice rests there watching all that dogs and fooling around.

    Finally Southpark got 700 trees from the USA as a goodfriend present. Also China had its presence with a wall of pictures on way to Southpark from the times of Deng Xiaoping and the friendship meetings, guess it was for progress then.

    People speak also english and lobbies got seen on streetsigns from the kyrillic ages, I could not decipher that, and the additional balance for SMS and the new bulgarian sim card was extra, SMS was of another standard so far .. extra, which made me think of howfar back was kyrill, as storm, dessert storm or some words in written SMS.

    Anyway the people are nice and friendly, the catwalk is there in the cities center whithe the glasscontainers aside for food during cold times with heaters, what surprised me a bid as covid got the total glasscontainer settings along the centers catwalk a more sticky and dangerouse effect during taking foods in such glasscontainers.

allready in Greece ... Phillipoi Octavian Augustus //
drama lyrics enignata

There was some fency and costly looking high hotel to the opposite way from southpark (with all that many lovely kept dogs). It is good when they keep them as friends, it is the best friends since ages and spaniards in Latin America (there it was cowdogs to hunt on natives....).

    Typical for Sofia was its huge pedestrian bridges where you do not get the bas dust of the highways underneath. Near the fancy costly hotel there was some remains from ancient times the 16 century.

    When some crusaders were on way to Turky, some 40 000 Bulgarians got blinded by some cruseaders (see book Opus Diaboli).

    They are for sure not blind in modern days, no you see all kind of streetgear by the young generation. Some couples or new friends sit in good restaurants nad I have to give proove tat I had my best Lemon chicken with Safranrice there. The welcome to the restaurant was .. "forget it" i had to LOL loud, he returned and did another welcome more in order. It was the best lemon chicken with safran rice ! I got that two times in 3 days, it was too much. (total recovery ..!!)

    The best of strawsucking show aside, by a fresh couple, looking a bid russian, was also nice. Also a fency dark car across the street, with 3 guys nearly climbing on it and the ad on a window across the street indicated that she was also there, beside the Lemon chicken, I knew -

    I could have been her next prey.

    It was not a simple strawsucking cofee story and it was her face acorss the street on the window (huge ad), she had many faces. All masktime beside the need against covid was over. It was like on a set for a movie. I got immediatly addicted to .. a lemon chicken, and it was never in a tiny flatscreen (and not in tiger woods). Sofia was great.

    The hardship by a bad ticket (checkin failkor by bad info and ticket) was passing away slowly as I got enabled by chance, to write finally some complaint emails, some weavers, the mails for the sue, the refund of the price for the air ticket. The price for going to court, the infos etc.

    I met somebody from a security by chance in the hotellobby, he told me later he was from Blackwater , 12 years in Afghnaisthan and got out of there mid of last August. I could see with my sharp eyes, that the man, around 60 was from the security by his equipment in his room, and he was nice to let me on his computers which was there on the rooms desk, where I had ot take my cam and card for the pic of the ticket later and the email stuff.
    He was in the while on the outside of the room for the better router conection of his netbook, beside all the stuff on that hotel rooms desktop, which had soem cables, smartphones but not that far soem the new amazons intended 100 satelites. I knew he was not for me a security threat and me not for him. The mails gro written ... the paied and lost ticket never compensated or refunded. It got to new scenarios with security in hoztels and lobbies.

    Windows got immediatly grey, shades of grey after i had that two mails done, more mails seemed to be by the wrong server and maynbe router, as it was the case with Hillary Cl. once. MS showed all shades of grey some minutes later. Blackwater did a good job, far away from some new airport and the plains of Turky !!

    I got a little puzzled as some women looked so attraktive but even then the way back from Southpark some needed to shout what that means, and what men must do .. it was to much. Which men in the modern south of europe beside the LGBTN OHHCG does not know that. But is it a must, a gentleman or a pretty scream of what men must do..., told by old teens somewhere on way back from... souh park.

    Allready some of the waiters dresses , in a few food places, which had good ones, their costumes reminded me to frog suits in black, and the dark red hearts here and there on it, one or two times, they had more of these frogsuit food locations also in Burgas where I got later. Aside I got also to see people in normal to good need of a good outlook.
    I mean there is facespuk since years, linkedin, bytedance, whatspop, all that digital rubbish, whatfor teens screaming for the F, what the f and LOL the more in frogsuits.

    Where is the ministry for out cuture, discipline, order and dress codes or free wear. The sun was shing ... mostly ... in Sofia the message got heared form stages in GB during brexit times, the sun was mostly shining ... but some wanted to sing to that, to scream for more sun or the moon even, wasn t it. Till it burns you, till volcanoes get done on wheel pipes and mergers done after accquisations. if it got not to the new accusations for hundred pegasus infected cell phones ,... for paied and lost tickets, beside all systems .. inside or lost for long.

    I had to leave for Burgas which was on my adventzure schedule, the sea which got never before visited there but its connection seen in Istanbul. After a long and not the fastest ride on train, which took about 7 hrs, the first one and half by 60 km/hrs speed, the mid by 80 - 90 km/lhrs speed, passig ghost stations and villages, the last hour moving by nearly 100 km speed. I reached Burgas during sunset.

    Lately I wanted some normal place, a normal lobby and a normal room, no fency and shing center, no 20 floor tower in the shine near soem centers ruins. from the 16 century. Not the closed lobby after 18.00 for 10 euro in Burgas. I am not sure ifit was normal then, the breakfast place nice under the two floors then, but after two times return before noon the room was so stiky and if somebody would have taken two times a shower. I am not sure if that was normal. The fish meals were good there.

    Getting to a food place near the street the police left the location at the point, the women in frogsuit nice but I was never sure if all that was normal. was it lost to tiny flatscreens over years. I had to reach the sea. It was there and i took some time off relaxing, having fews where the ska and sea met, passing and getting puzzled by all that rail tracks, factory looking areas and chimneys over that, near container ports and docks, some yet in use. It was a huge area and as a normal old port town, the ads for missing men and women on some trees in Burgas looked as it were a bid too many ads for them on some trees.

    They had glassfronts of wine and firewater bottles at some shops seen from streets, the park and civil rail station were ok, but hardly visited. The long stretch of beach had to passed through a modern disrict with balken to get cars paied for acces and the nearby park. Nobody on the beach, only me, no dogs but some crows and seagulls. The factory and railway sector out of reach, the seawaters and shells indicated that it was not again too polluted or far over the dump level, even as the docks and containers were there during some periods. It was a huge bay and the mainland on other side here not 10 km away on other bayside it was more close to 20 kilometers to the north.

    As the hotel room always had some strange atmosphere on my returns, I left immediatly when the dust got too much, tramepd out of the center, asking around trieing to follow the rail track and ended up at the busstand of Burgas for Sofias. It took 2 hrs less than by train and I decided to leave for Greece.

Overland from Turky to Svilengrad Bulgria and Greece (spring 016)

Vaccinating Seepferdchen


The paperwork got done 1 hrs before takeoff and the .. sun was shining on way south again. There were no connections to Sarajevo via Serbia and not evryday busses. The railway station was in treh back of the busstand and partly under constructuion. Prices were more than reasonable and more to cheap, but fitting on way ... to Russia as allready experienced in Kyrgisthan, part of GUS. No visa was needed for Greece.

    The difference was that turkish teens or young women did not shout what men must do, or what that or that frog suit ment. Turky was more a machostate (mostly) in contrary to Bulgaria, which got more to the green border between Russia and Europe, it was the southern tip of the Balkan mountains which could get easliy seen from Sofia in a good distance.
In one of the main bus-hubs in Thessaloniki -Greece, I talked with a young women after the busride about some seashore villages, which got me to Kavala some 4 hours later, waiting time was not too bad, the bus full mostly with youngsters which dropped off at last destination, Kavala. A big city spread in the close hills of northeastern Midgreece at the sea.

    The frightened priest wrang hastily the bell dunring it got dark, while I took me way on foot the way to the castle. I got puzzled as there were a 100 000 flats with balconies, and aside four fency costly hotels, everybody knew them. The hotel europa one was booked till November, finally I took the way up another steep rising hill and got a room for 50 euro the night. I wanted to see if the room fitted me, what was my routine in india and the sticky one in Bulgaria, but that dod not fit the protokoll in the Enignata one.

    The time later in bed I had to lough out loud on that, "room check" in such a place before paiment, which did not fit the protokoll.

    I guess Hillary Cl. had a similar experience but in China maybe. Different standards on way in short got to different protocolls, and nobody new where all the headsets were gone. They had these chipcards for the doors and next day returning from breakfast which was ok, by the goodview over the bay of Kavala there was a sticker on my roomdoor, I could not enter.

    The morning after breakfast I made the women from the reception runup the stairs (it was not an empire SB) and told her that in Mexico that got them a problem, when I could not enter my room there, it was in Chiapas south Mexico. That was of a minor problem so far and some protocoll got missed.

    Lately it got to fists, hadshakes, hugs and ellbows in political arenas (ritterspiele on TV was over). Only teens had to try the selftest here and then, which I kept as unresponsible bulla.

    Clear that I wanted to leave, I did a mountain round back to the northeast of Kavala on foot, with my packbag over rocks and taking shrotcuts in the hills with flowering med. Goldbecher (looking like Crocus) and mediter. Cyclamen. I passed 5 houses named Paleo Kavala onway, there are many paleo locations in Greece. Got in the sight of a snake eagle and some buzzards, it was sunny and warm weather.

    The difference with dogs between Bulgaria dn Greece was that in Sofia Sothpark they looked mostly nice and well kept, along the streets in midcentral Greece many dogs got kept in some more or less wild gardens with grapes or olive trees, olives were also leing in the streets but on way also dogs in factory areas in Greece.

    That made me think if it was worth keeping some big dogs with olive trees and grapes somewhere along dusty roadways and if not the dogfood would take a part of the profits for the olives harvested by the locals.

    I mean big dogs need some food and not little over some weeks nd months. It was some four to six dogs behind fences in midgrece areas. Some out on the street but keeping distance usually. The packbag looked big enough to most of them, but whats about the profits cut by the dogfood. Many of them were kept on chain. There were minimarcets in the vilage and only in bigger vilages and towns one proper restaurant,most other locations had vofees or tea.

    Once for short before nonn a women waspassing me with something looking like food in a plastic bag and I asked her if that was for me ? We never passed each other again.

    Since the takeover of Blackrock (in some areas) and the woodfires with fatalities not only between the shores and the capitel, the financial crisis from brexit over the hidden swiss accounts to greece also pools (measured for taxes) did not get more onway where I passed gardens and villages. Often with some chained dogs in the Hinterland, guess it was for olive trees.

    One of the highlights in Greece, as a biologist and enthusiast, was the encounter with a grece landturtle (not aquatic) which can get quite old, not like olive trees but older than dogs I guess. It was an old nice coloured land turtle duirng sunset near the hill, not far from Phillipoi, Drama, (Lyra) Krenides the archeological site and the fortification walls and the once transformed and transmitted town to roman stile with an theater and an octagon as well. Made on some older structures of Philippo (got a tradition later building on older stuff), the city once fortified by the father of Alexander the Great.

    The turtle and me wanted nothing more than to spend some time .. during sunset near a hill, we knew it was going to get colder during nights. Also a freshly done ground hole got passed which must have been of a coyote or foxlike creature what hijnts to medium sized mammals around the museum there.

    Later the day everybody knew that motel at Lydia not far from the ruins of Phillipoi, founded by the father of Alexander the Great, not far from Drama and Lyra. It was really great. I did my jumps everyday mornig over the close hill and over the ruins of Phillipo, and took the way back before sunset, in the rocks. Three great days in ease. Only at the at the fifth day I visited the ruin place of Phillipo with the museum.

    The evening hike when I met the grece turtle in then hill. It was a good sign but bad with the netbook, it all failed. The same night till 1 in te night the partitions got split in 6 the system broke and could not mount one of them porper, i macde it one and installed all that partly, I knew it was after the meet with the turtle, it was Ok. A hint by the turtle. It was no stress. Next day I left by bus and decided to take the way back to the Alps.

    Nomore stopovers or long halfday waiting time at some bushubs. They mentioned at one ticket counter of 3 in Thessaloniki, that busses were full to Corfu so it got Igomeniza in the south of Corfu.
    Some one and half hour later after my stopover there, the huge ferry was leaving fo Ancona in Italy.

see parts of Ancona over the roofs (summer 2020)

Vaccinating Seepferdchen


I was asking for Triest, Rijeka, Split but they did not connect to these ports, only to Venice, Ancona or Bari but not the west Balkan. There must have been some problem with these routes up to the tip of the Adria. On the ferry there were some outdoor campers and rovers, best equipped and many truck drivers.

A small bird was on the ferry maybe it was two or three even, they could not leave during the way, what looked funny here and then. It got save to Ancona. The ticket was cheaper than for others because I had no truck or car, also no bike with me, but at first her price was 160 euro, the correct one was 71 then without some additional vehicle. I was the first who got out from the huge ferry (no suoerfast) over the ramp, took my way out ind to the railway statione. On and half hour later teh exquisite highspeed train rosso got boarded. All so special from the interiour design in artifical leader but only littel time to Bologna for that money, the new time-track relation in Europe. The connection was Ok and also fast to Ven.maestre, but interesting not that elegant volks in the conecting train then, also highspeed. I got out for one more overnight stop finally oin Treviso, which I knew from last time.

    Teens on their way to school, here and there a coffe maciato or latte before work or school, some toilett was missing at the station, and a shame in comparison to airports, and thats for pay along highways and in many railway stations. Not in all lands of Europe and in France you have some restplace in the railstations, I think it was in Bourdeaux from 4 in the morning.

Cloud architecture

Deadly Aga Agas

Amazon bottlepee or 100 neo satellites (+PC solutions)

Blackrocks Alla-din verspekulatius

Basics on a webdesign

Hass im netz
The two fency hotels (or 4) is not the thing really also oin Treviso, wgats about privat (!) run family and guest houses, not couch surfing after water boarders (torture torture), the need and capacities are there for family run guest houses, no appartments with extra a car for shopping and cooking for the time offschool with the neos holiday stress then.

    Privat run Bed and Breakfast would fit in Europs total south as well since long. GB and France ar farmore north, they have that.

    Beton and Bettenburgen are another thing. Italy got passed fast as the pandemic was not yet over and precautions need to be taken. Either in superfast trains, sticky hotel rooms or the last train on return way. Thy had many fatalities in many lands and if marcets cum any tickets will fit the new challanges will show some future.

    Home offices have been there since long and schools can take longer, it was like "The head, set and headset got lost" ... onway.

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