Support options -

♥ You can recommend in some web-forums n post a link

As long as the pages are not good enough for 2 books we keep on with web notices, there are enough good books out there.

♥ For boat trips, canoeing, Laguna tours, trekks here the card infos

Support can be done in many ways, feel creative and not a sleepy cell.
The Studio is always in search for new inspireing input, actors and acts.

Also Guest book entries can proove nice and interesting, spam robots never get to understand their long endless tries of rubbishing.

We can exchange links, contact via disclaimer (impressum)

Cars can be painted and fliers put on street for party or smart old school. As streetart, nobody gets hurt or blocked and its nice animation, promo etc Let us have an email with streetart pics attached and we do a contest, reward, out of it.

We promote or animate each other by other means or places of excellence and its more real than all the medias hypes, movies and ads.

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