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(jan 2022)

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The Campsites you seee on the background were in Hvar- Croatia, Tanzania.

Hard to try the migrant route and pass when it is winter and north of 42 latitude north. That gets tough then !!

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I do not like their odd- All accept cookie settings//

somehow like, - eat everything, accept everything, take everything ... not only virtually !!

It got allready very wired times in many circumstances

Once they had the phrase of ceroe tolerance ... now it got accept all cookies ... after popups were fobidden in Europe, and for a reason !

But in reality
Better not accept all the Wildfires, better not accept Climate change, hunger and draughts, migrants as political hebels and the more

Know what to accept and what better not !

It is allready two years enbeded in a global pandemic, hard to escape, al, that G and new Gs, 3G, 5G, 3G ...., it will help when you get vaccinated. I am two times vaccinated... Biontech pfizer. And have a yellow vaccination pass, the third since the 90s !

On current pagesettings:
The page is under partly LOCKDOWN which means that routinely upodates will not get done over some several weeks. And that is the case ... weil abnormal viel Staub ueber Wochen udn Monate im Homeoffice des gr Meisters aufgetaucht ist und radikal beakempft werden musste !! Er hasst abnormal viele Staub in seinen Raeumlichkeiten und 2 x am Tag Staubsaugen. Darum kann es wohl nicht gehen !

Staub Dust:
Da bleibt dann auch weniger Zeit fuer das ambitionierte Web Dings ( -- Domain--- hublog )

Wenn abnormal viel Zeit fuers Putzen entfaellt. (koennte sich um Staub Inflation handeln ...)

Das werden sie wohl verstehen.

Der gr Meister benoetigt nochimmer keine Putzfrau, keinen Koch, keine Nanny und Hausfrau oder maedchen fuer alles, und will sie auch in Zukunft nicht brauchen (midages u hofstaat ... over) !
Was sie davon halten ist ihm egal. Die Goetter akzeptieren extraviel und abnormal viel Staub nicht in seinem Homeoffice.

Und das gerade auch ueber die letzten 2 Jahre Seuchenzeit !

In der Natur ist kein Staub, Saharaflugsand und Wolken sind ganz was anderes !

Anekdote vom WW 2:
Nochwas, Opa hat einmal dem Gen. Rommel sogar die Meinung gesagt, Er war hinter der Front geschaetzt (irgendwo zwischen El Alamein und Tobruk ..) Da gab es kurz eine Drohung mit der Postkarte von der Front. Opa war der Groesste und hat sich nicht am deutsch. Fanatismus sogar in den Kr.Gefangenenlagern in den USA beteiligt (Rosewell N Mexico)

Ihr wisst also nicht mit wem ihr es zu tun habt.

Tiere (animals)
Intelligente Fischernetze im Flugmodus klingt interessant. Dre Bakaljau eints in Brasilien in der Sierra Zippo war lecker, nichtweit vom Christallabbruch.

Loewenmaehnenkanichen und Teddies des gr Meisters im Garten sind trotz Eis Schnee und Kaelte sind topfit. Sind sicher die schoensten und fittesten Hasis im ganzen Tal, und das nicht von irgendwo her. Rotkehlchen, euras. Jay und Meisen picken manchmal Koerner bei ihnen.

Groesste Forelle (largest trout):
Sorry aber einst als er etwa so 16 Jahre war hat er in einem der damals noch natuerlichen Seitenbaechlein der Moell die groesste Forelle, ein milchiges Weibchen von 60cm, unter der Wurzel eines Winterbaumes herausgefangen. ..... und das mit seinen blossen Haenden. Er ist also auch ein grosser Jaeger mit besonderen Qualitaeten, nichtnur im homeoffice !
hokahey Die Forelle haben wir dann zu dritte gegessen, lecker.

Seltene Beobachtungen
(Rare Sightings) Und nochwas, vom Restaurant in Luxor- Egypten am Nil hat er seltene Barsche beim Flussaufwandern beobachtet. Diese konnte er anhand 2 Aquarien Atlanten nochnicht bestimmen. Aquarien mit Exoten sind sowieso sehr anspruchsvoll, vergl mit Hund u Katz, Saeugetieren.

Dort in Luxor hat er auch das schnelle kleine Mausewiesel beobachtet. Ebenso letzten Winter (20/21) oben hinter dem Hasengehege im Garten, pfeilschnell war das Mausewiesel auf den Schneeflecken (wirkte gestresst).

Zwei grosse Seeschildkroeten in der Bay von Muscat (19/20) warten wie als Vorzeichen udn Warnung - klasse, neben anderen toillen eindreucken bis zum Bonellis Eagle (Adler) an einer Autobahn.

hier nich ein wunderbarer LINK fuer euch

Stile and art

    People should not expect that most on this site is kept in superseriouse stile. Even as the topics and issues are seriouse it can be seen from different perspectives, angels and in this days it is better to produce a smile and laugh, with some insight by this pages. There are good seriouse medias out there and the usual klatsch and tratsch by printmedias or TV. This is another case.

    As the times changed and many themes and issues are very seriouse from nature katastrophies, flooded towns and cities, hurricanes, draughts and wildfires on mass scale in this days it does not necessarily force to write and explain on that in the comon stile. People could get more drawned and more poor if all would be kept in seriouse stile. That is not the intention here.

    Even as issues are seriouse we explain on it by a more easy stile, what could produce smiles here and then, some could even laugh out loud. Times got seriouse enough ! The pages show off a personal touch, for some too much of it for other it could be interesting so. The not average stile is also for a reason. Some of the actual and forcing themes are my favorite ones and so the cheers can read about it mor often.

    There are investigative journalists out there and they risk much more as they hint and hit on corrupt, dangerouse or very dangerouse groups, firmas, corporations and politicans depending on their position and power. That has always be the case over history, and each of them has to know the risk and price by themself, public outcry and performanec has its price, either inthat or that way.

    There are politicans who can take it, powerfull positions can get questioned in different forms, if they dont do it by themself and their outcome. And there are others who can hardly or not at all take criticism, same counts on when their stories and deeds get uncovered, some end up before courts, others do an end to their adversaries, critics or judges.

    Anyway most of volks have something to hide, just the question how much and big it is and got. When it gets to politics there are thousands demonstrating others doing messages, research, recruiting, bookings, platforming or good journalism. The issues are many with them and changing over times. I have my wants and likes and on some I could hit and strike daily but in general it is not my thing to strike on single politicans, persons or subjects of public interest. It happens and they might get that. Some politic scene or politicans get my notice here and then rarely. If the like it or not is on another tablet.

    I do not keep me as a journalist but a public striker, influencer is different,
stile and art can change and mix.

    This pages are not here to produce tears and worries but to show some bright sides as well, it is not surperseriouse articles, even as topics are seriouse, it can be seen with as smile, in easiness and whatfor to produce more worries an sorries when life has sun and rain, day and night, the storm and the calm, low and high tide, light and shadow, heavy and light, it is all part of it.

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Location of justice ..
is dependent on where justice got faked, cloned, corrupted, or injured,
it depends where justice failed. If it was there ever.

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      - Hub. Schuetz; also known as Khan Tengri and Oegedei

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