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Our Korrespondents

Khan Tengri
did good jobs on data and information. He likes nature, trekking, outdoor, canoeing and adventures

Oegedei who sends information on many topics since the Arab uprisings

Team got exchanged

Some could keep it for Memory (child play), monopoly, bingo or a flipper

some facts:
Arts, Cyberarts, Infotainment, pictures and galleries, drawings, data savety (not selling visitors data), science, content, managment, texts, Layouts, maps, neo maps, liberal mapping, liberal correctness, small mistakes, page coding, virtualisation, public relations, transparency and translations, liberal trustyness -
- Hub. Schuetz; also known as Khan Tengri and Oegedei

AGB 88 Absatz 2
The sourcecode on the sites is mostly correct .. much much coding, coding is special, so the first 20 minutes after UPLOAD MEGA it can be that the idiotic life performers of "meddle and mingle" (chingle bells) by MS or other flatscreens could want to make the just uploaded text on pages look different, usually it is minor mistakes (---- !!!!-----) like in Niger or school pupils in Nigeria would make.

But essential is the cource code .. that makes the difference !!!

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Disclaimer before 2020, from the politically correct times (0- 016 ...20 )

NO ACCOUNT, NO BANKING DATA, account slips get scratched and torn apart in marmelade cralwers regions, physical destruction, that gets shredded, NO INSURANE POLICCY, GORGE NO,