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    Auf eine Firmenadresse wird hier freiwillig verzichtet weil wir keine Firma sind !! Data sammeln und keksi platzieren tun andere

Remote Controll
Remotecontroll is not by rumble, dust, blows and clouds (diverse clouds servers etc)

Remote control is by the Ultimate .


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aus dem sekretariat

elvira sie war immer live dabei

Renate auch eine tolle schlitten

barbara die aufgestoeckelte 1e echte influencarin

10 kilo in nur 2 monaten

immer ganz nah dran maleia und strohsack

silvana und latoia na was sagt ihr dazu

anastasia die das office dicht macht

Stile and art

    People should not expect that most on this site is kept in superseriouse stile. Even as the topics and issues are seriouse it can be seen from different perspectives, angels and in this days it is better to produce a smile and laugh, with some insight by this pages. There are good seriouse medias out there and the usual klatsch and tratsch by printmedias or TV. This is another case.

    As the times changed and many themes and issues are very seriouse from nature katastrophies, flooded towns and cities, hurricanes, draughts and wildfires on mass scale in this days it does not necessarily force to write and explain on that in the comon stile. People could get more drawned and more poor if all would be kept in seriouse stile. That is not the intention here.

    Even as issues are seriouse we explain on it by a more easy stile, what could produce smiles here and then, some could even laugh out loud. Times got seriouse enough ! The pages show off a personal touch, for some too much of it for other it could be interesting so. The not average stile is also for a reason. Some of the actual and forcing themes are my favorite ones and so the cheers can read about it mor often.

    There are investigative journalists out there and they risk much more as they hint and hit on corrupt, dangerouse or very dangerouse groups, firmas, corporations and politicans depending on their position and power. That has always be the case over history, and each of them has to know the risk and price by themself, public outcry and performanec has its price, either inthat or that way.

    There are politicans who can take it, powerfull positions can get questioned in different forms, if they dont do it by themself and their outcome. And there are others who can hardly or not at all take criticism, same counts on when their stories and deeds get uncovered, some end up before courts, others do an end to their adversaries, critics or judges.

    Anyway most of volks have something to hide, just the question how much and big it is and got. When it gets to politics there are thousands demonstrating others doing messages, research, recruiting, bookings, platforming or good journalism. The issues are many with them and changing over times. I have my wants and likes and on some I could hit and strike daily but in general it is not my thing to strike on single politicans, persons or subjects of public interest. It happens and they might get that. Some politic scene or politicans get my notice here and then rarely. If the like it or not is on another tablet.

    I do not keep me as a journalist but a public striker, influencer is different,
stile and art can change and mix.

    This pages are not here to produce tears and worries but to show some bright sides as well, it is not surperseriouse articles, even as topics are seriouse, it can be seen with as smile, in easiness and whatfor to produce more worries an sorries when life has sun and rain, day and night, the storm and the calm, low and high tide, light and shadow, heavy and light, it is all part of it.


Es gibt heute soviele beruehmte Privatunternehmer von Jeff, Elon, Carsten und Bill, Wir waren schon privat unterwegs als die noch Profite machen wollten.

    Ohne dass das was mit einer Company, fintech, Commerce, ECommerce oder Trading zu tun hatte, Man wird ja nicht als teil einer Firma geboren oder als Zelle eines mutter oder tochterkonzern oder dann einfach mit anderem Namen weiter machen wollen, oder gar ueber Jahre erst nur auf Island eingetragen udn angemeldet.

    Das trifft eben nicht zu. Wir sind privataktiv unterwegs, auch nicht teilprivatisiert, ganz, halb oder erst nach dem merger, der fusion oder einem Splitting, nein !


    Unser Dings bleibt meistens unter einer Bemessungsgrundlage, eben weit daneben oder woanders quasi   NICHT MESSBAR !

    Daneben aber ist klar, dass sich diverse private Personalien, raketen u autobauer, CEOs und Manager von Privatunternehmen mit Messlatten ueberhaupt noch nie auskannten !

    Was aber wieder messbar ist, als Statsitik mit bunten Balken und so, auch Torten u Pizzstuecken (ham se auch gerne ) ! im Gegnsatz zu Blitzen oder Vulkanen.

Jeder hatte mal einen Traum oder eine Idee zu einem startup, oder das Unmoegliche moeglich machen. Ich hab da was neues zur erweiterten Relativitaets-theorie.

Hier was zum Reinhoehren - Multimedia

2023 the Bad Year
It took them about 2 years till a court did some decision, after that decision it took them another 3 months from Xmas-22 till the bucks got PUT.

He made his travels as onvce in the while as to Thayland via Kyrgisthan Tien Shan. But lately in thayland the stole his bank card (not gthe valet) what made it more difficult to get to Bangkok from Krabi over two weeks. He made some stretches on foot so and that was not a major problem for him, resting under palm oil trees etc.

The summer was OK some visits over touri season in Hungary and 3 days on river Moldau -Vltava. There he got approved again the for long registered hotel problem in mid to east Europe, that means unappropriate high prices, even in same hotel brands (BB vienna Lubjana etc), if tehy are open anyhow orthere is soem reception if anything else. A hotel pool was never on his wishlist also not some studio appartments (Croatia - Slowenia). So that means looking as some... if it was there or not. He takes british BBreakfast on his radar.

And his radar his huge.

In the while they dared to plot on his bike, from midyear 2023 june, a nice scooter which he also used for a small construction site in his garden (SECRET), That problem took them half a year even before court.

At end of 2023 banking got out of hand as his account got corrupted over the time of his travels in Oman and Turky. That is unaccaptable but as he spoke to an old judge whom he know from the 80s and 90s and that happened to that judge in Feuerland and patagonia.

So rechtsmitelbelehrungen und bank auislieferungs oder airbag versicherungsabkommen, get a hard fire controll, as was teh case in 2008 and later with negative inter. rates lets say. When he was back from that corrupoted travels, the bank meant it could not close that account, oh what a surprise, what can they do. Not closing an account on which fake numbers got registered over long enough time, what got immediatly seen on the bank slips whan he was back then after 3 days overland from Sofia (IST)

Then he says it gets finished as was teh case 2008, long before takeovers, mergers and new names on fake accounts or even social net plotforms (account -ing). And till then they did not get the message ! That means Pakistan and Russia, where he tried to get from KTM Nepal once, it was 2018.

The Agency
The Agency hardly stops working it is just under diverse or limited conditions that performance rate can change sharply.

Our head officer hardly stops working, also not in Turky.

But US it can be that there are other settings and connections are so fragile if not lost and hidden that the head officer can not get into his usual transponder set.

Shutting down the agancy as is the case with the US government on yearly base is not the thing of our agency.

It can be stormy here and then but a shutdown gets hardly ever estimated. We are not blowing the invest dust and rumble set.

thank you for your understanding


    Biometrie des Schwachsins udn die Daten dazu sammeln sie beim eurodating, siehe dort, zum Fuerchten !

    Besser kein konto als ein Geister oder Fakekonto!

    Es wurde die endgueltige Vernichtung diverser konten verlangt, das Recht hat man, auch das Recht auf Vergessen werden hat man.


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ANTI Adabei

    Daher sind wir auch nicht auf Plattformen der Millionen mit unterwegs, das koennen wir auch, das Nicht Dabei sein. Es ist anders interessanter!

Climate matters
Wildlife matters
Survival matters
Life matters

our success

vision 2030

Our Canoe II
under preparation 2023

no support 4 smartphones

our adventures
at exotic lands and shores

our taste

Location of justice ..
is dependent on where justice got faked, cloned, corrupted, or injured,
it depends where justice failed. If it was there ever.

ziemlich unbekannt weil Standorte des Webmasters wechseln und das Gericht (im fall der faelle) nicht hinterher kommt, es dort sowas garnicht gibt oder aufgrund wechselnder locations unzustaendig ist.

Nicht verfolgenswuerdig
Falls es sowas (Gericht) dort gab es die Vorkommnisse fuer garnicht verfolgenswuerdig erachtete , .... wie Sachbeschaedigungen, Hausfried.bruch, Diebstaehle u Einschlaichdiebstaehle etc

Es gab aber mal schon eine Hausdurchsuchung mit 3 herangefahrenen Karren und sage und schreibe 7 Bullen (teils in civil) und das ohne richterlichen Hausdurchsuchungsbefehl !! Gab es da also ueberhaupt einen grund fuer .. ?

Es besteht daher der begruendete Verdacht, dass die Doktrin.mil.us -
"DO NOT SEE - DO NOT TELL" Anwendung fand u findet

allernorts sensoren (schall, rauch, stroemung u stroem.abrisse- stall, strassen vehicel etc) duerften diversen stumpfen entwicklungen sogar vorschub leisten

my predictions
our enemies

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