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CEO - Board of govs

    CEO and President - Hub. Schuetz

Board of Govs:
    Got fired lacking code of conducts, mobilebox settings and SMS capabilities and ability to do 100 km in 6 years (oneway). Circumstances and conditons do not fit anymore.

    Executive failed to find the canoe robbers over 13 years.
    Neue Einkaufssackerl reissen schon gleich nach d Einkauf .... !
(stand october 2o18)

    Illustrations and arts, pictures, TV-channel and radio changer, drawings, galleries (galerien), content, managment, opinion, leadership, texts, layout, Nr 1 - 3 .... public relations - Hub. Schuetz

under check for fitting some socalled marcets ... (hintern 7 berge)

Privacy pol / c - m - b

Communication and content-data will not be given to third parties.
    But could be collected by 3d parties, which are not incorporated by hublog.at. These not incorporated agencies or other 3d parties do such things in general by request of their government or lobby security letters before.

Kommunikations und Inhaltsdaten interaktiver Seiten werden nicht an Dritte weiter gegeben.

We do not link with WEBMULTIES,
we do not exchange links with cybermonsters, glass, street, alpha, omega or spaceoccupants and polluters, and webmonopolistas !

We do not integrate, build on and embed with cybermonopolists and multies !!!

There are many webs, nets and spiders, from small to big from Nazi to friends and mutual, from The Netcentric envoronment over informants to friends, freaks, specialists and agents.
We do not embed with cyberhydra, weboctopus and its sticky, catchy or poisen tentacels !

under check for fitting neo... liberal methods ...

Pictures - Bilder:

♥ Pics of the Domain hublog.at can get copied for private use one time only, in case pics show people (insaan in hindi...) dont use them. Good easy to handle picture software is Irfan View.

Some of the CEOs pictures have a copyright stamp, in that case dont use them for any purpose.
    Most of the pics got shot by our CEO, sadly his cam and related equipment gets sometimes stolen, even from locked hotel rooms or professionals like in parque industrial de Barcelona, beside a swim pant drying on a tree. We do not care for your jealousy, lackings or swimpant smellers.

♥ Fotos dieser Domain sind zum grössten Teil vom Meisterfotografen, leider werden manchmal Teile seines Equipments gestohlen. Fotos können einmal für privat kopiert werden, von Verwendung für gewerbliche Zwecke ist abzusehen.
    Manche Bilder haben einen copyright Schriftzug, in diesem Fall ist von jeglicher Verwendung derselben abzusehen. Rechtsanwaltsabteilungen im Freien Markt etc kümmern sich zT um sowas, ist aber nicht unbedingt unser Dings, genausowenig wie die im Web ist alles moeglich, wurscht und gleich comons tour. Weiteres auf Anfrage.

under check for fitting neos .... liberal methods ...

Team got changed

Rights reserved - Haftungsausschluss - HiFi- net

This Domain is not responsible for content of linked websites of third partiess.
    Don t take single words on the scale and don t take sententces out of its context by the page.
    We do not care about NLP, gender bulla, lies, split tonges, paied, possible or fem speech, smart rogue phrases, either by robotic, blackboxes, navi, random cctv surveillance or multisurround playback sys. Take that into account. Dont read my lips but some of these pages !
No special code of conduct

Diese schöne Domain hublog.at ist nicht verantwortlich für den Inhalt verlinkter Seiten Dritter.
    Wir pfeiffen auf NLP, smart oder schurkisches Phrasendreschen, bezahlte oder gespaltene Zungen, possible bulla, Lip readers oder Körpersprachstudenten, das zu kalkulieren !
    Wir pfeiffen auch auf Systeme die sich an ihren eigenen gespaltenen Zungen messen und herumprojezieren. Genauso auf Systeme die sich über Robotik, Navi, blackboxen, multisurround playback, cctv random surveillance oder Polizeistaatunmanieren definieren, das zu kalkulieren !

under check for fitting neoliberal marcets or exit strategies ....

Progress - fortschritt .... aehhh oohh uff

G-strassenschau, G-brille und G-auto ohne Fahrer ist nichts fuer uns, sowas ist uns fremd, wir machen lieber Abenteuer die nicht unbedingt viel kosten muessen und auch nicht solche komischen Produkte und Entwicklungen brauchen. Wir koennen auch kochen, abwaschen und putzen und machen auch sonst unser Dings selber was im freien Makt besonders geschaetzt wird, Standards.

G-streetview, G-glasses, G-car without driver are looking strange to us, we like adventures which do not necessarily cost much, we can also cook along, clean and do much more ourself, what is of high value, but specially in free marcets.

We do not integrate, build on, exchange links and embed with cybermulties !!!

Was there progress last years .... it looks more like reverse engineering with faked softwares and applicants.


You can read or leave a message in Our guestbook

We do never apply to neo and or neoliberal marcets, they can not take ads in newspapers, they are missing telefone books ... and Firmenverzeichnisse. Their marcets plastic bags are falling apart on way from their kaufhaeuser, over.

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