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Opus Diaboli
by Karlheinz Deschner (rororo Sachbuch)
Doku of the bloodthursty hardcore katholics and their cruel burnings, murders, torture and killings over centuries. Very detailed with quotes of relevant popes, bishops, spaniards, austrians,
inquisitors etc from times of Augustus to Hitler and Franco and their goodfriends

Must read ! A masterpiece of facts, quotes in essayic german, volume documenti perverto imprimatur !

Gesammelte Werke
(CHARLES DARWIN, superinteresting descriptions and tractate of 5 years journey around the world during times of Napoleon, slavery and the 1st crossing of the Rocky Mt, german translation !)

- "Magie der Sprache" von Karl Kraus (suhrkmp taschenbuch)
- Michail Gorbatschow "Was ich wirklich will" (Orac)
- "Playboy Interview" Werner Herzog, Guenter Wallraff, Andre Heller, Charles Bukowski (Moewig)
- "Greifvoegel" von Benny Gensbol u Walther Thiede (BLV)
- "Jean Paul Sartre und Simone de Beauvoir" von Axel Madsen (Rororo)
- "Alte Meister" THomas Bernhard
- "Existentialismus ist ein Humanismus" von Sartre (Rororo)
(jun.o17 ....
waiting to do the chicken cage, open on top to get in sight of the Hawk !!)

Manas Epos
(Manas vol 1, Version by Sakymbai Orozbakov, translation by Walter May 1995)

Nineteen 84 (by George Orwell, publ. 1949)

Flugzeuge der Welt (german edition 016)
pocket format, many infos, Dreiseitenrisse, latest high tek details,
countries and number of orders, civic, military, planes, jets, drones and helis etc

Indian Mammals
A field guide by Vivek Menon, Hachette India,
400 species, 150 distribution maps, 528 pages
(oct- dec 015)

Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
by Bikram Grewal, Local Colour, 213 pages, 440 color pictures, Index of families and species
What i like very much about it is that it explains special habits of each specie.
(oct- dec 015)

Bury my heart at wounded knee (by Dee Brown) Doku of the Native american indian wars, detailed and with source index at end.

read YEARS AGO beside more ...
- Salvador Dali
- "Tahca Ushte" (Lame Deer - Richard Erdoes, Medizineman of the Sioux)
- Carlos Castaneda (3 books)
    I hardly read any novels, romans too much of fantasia and illusions but
- Hermann Hesse
- Charles Bukowsky
- "Der Papalagi"
- "The Little Prince" (Exsuperie)

- Osho (Baghwan, "Art of Tantra, Courage, Here and now", some music tapes ...)
- Krishnamurti
- "I Ging" (The book of changings, Diederichs Gelbe Reihe)
- Lao Tse ("Tao te King")
- Kahlil Gibran ("The voice of the Master")
- "Der Weg u die Kraft" (R.L.Wing, tolle Übersetzung des Tao te King)

Science - Wissenschaften -
- Konrad Lorenz (1973 Nobel Price for science - Vergleichende Verhaltensforschung)
all his well known and alltime actual books,

- Other scientists read: Erich Fromm, Fritz Riemann,
... Simon de Beauvoir (D. andere Geschlecht)
Many many books on birds, trees, gardening, ponds, horses, some ecology, some geology ...

Wanted Books -
- Subcom Marcos books,
200 essays and 21 books documenting his political and philosophical views,
Infos on Subcom Marcos, and a webpage linked to companieros
- J.P.Sartre "Existentialism and Human Emotions" (seen in KTMandu but too costly paperback)
- Naomi Klein "Shock doctrine" (seen KTMandu ... n too heavy)
- Dzogchen (1000 pages+ huge paperback, had in hands 2000 in Bodh Gaya), special Buddhist practises advanced !

(The Book of Changings, Diederichs Gelbe Reihe/ Originalübersetzung)

Books and biz
Brazil is a huge country
along the coast there are big cities but you dont find bookshops there.
India has a million books, books on holy men, books by masters and gurus,
books on life, new books on biz and success, story books and science books,
but in Brazil, which is quite a young country, you dont find good schools and bookshops.
In Colombia FARC is having its own schools and teachers,
same is the case in Mexico with the EZLN
but in Mexico the have some good universities as well.

In the Americas biz is done on the backs of simple people,
when people get educated it is not that easy any more for biz and its profits
and in the once backyard of uncle bigbiz
it is only one ignorant church, the katholic church
which only accepts its own stories told and doesnt like people reading other stories.
That is why there are hardly any bookshops in Brazil.
In India you find a million books.

Native Americans
- "Bury my heart at Woonded Knee" (by Brown)
- "Atlas of the North American Indian" (by Carl Waldmann, facts n files, science, history, present situation...)
- "Tahca Ushte" (Lame Deer - Richard Erdoes, Medizineman of the Sioux) my brothers favorite
- George Catlin (1830s) and more

- Fritz Riemann - (Grundfromen der Angst)
- Enwicklungspsycholgie ...

On horses
- "Mit Pferden tanzen" (author Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, in german, remarkable)
- Wie beurteile ich eine Yacht (Joachim F. Muhs, Verlag Delius Klasing)

... Out of my page
Talks with Kurt -
Alle Achtung -
Kurt ich las heute Marguerite Duras -
"Ganze Tage undetr Bäumen" und dann dort das -
Alphabet. Gesamtverzeichnis der Suhrkamp Taschenbücher
und muss sagen, Kurt das waren Zeiten,
alle Achtung -
Hesse, Handke, Brecht, Adorno, Bernhard, Artmann, Beckett, frisch, Gandhi,
Horvath, Vargas Llosa, Weill, Duras ...
also ich muss sagen Kurt -
Das waren Zeiten !
    (august 015, Talks with Kurt to be found via Dir_9)

I would forget about the digi-booklets (no stile),
and how they get sold and read !

My library storecases are about 6m long total,
mums and grandparents ones extra,
thats pretty good to get the most important intus between 13 and 27 ?)

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