(Manas vol 1, Version by Sakymbai Orozbakov, translation by Walter May 1995, Talas)
wird in EU nicht aufgelegt und gab es nie there was also an airport by the same name manas ....

Bury my heart at wounded knee (by Dee Brown) Doku of the Native american indian wars, detailed and with source index at end.

OPUS DIABOLI by Karlheinz Deschner thatfor he became lots of readers !

NINETEEN 84 ( by George Orwell, 1949)

Flugzeuge der Welt (3 editions !!)
by Claudio Mueller (William Green) Pocket format, many infos, Dreiseitenrisse, latest high tech details and orders from airlines,
countries, civic, military, also helicopters ... ( max max jets MCAS etc )

Gesammelte Werke (CHARLES DARWIN, 5 years on the seas, 1830s !!, superinteresting descriptions and hints, by the journey around the world, times of Napoleon, slavery and the 1st crossing of the Rocky Mt, german translation!)

The book of Changing,
(Chinese huge longrange book, Diederichs Gelbe Reihe)
one of the books which surveived the Culture Revolution

Indian Mammals
Huge fieldguide by Vivek Menon, Hachette India,
400 species, 150 distribution maps, 528 pages
(oct- dec 015)

opus diaboli Opus Diaboli
by Karlheinz Deschner (rororo Sachbuch)
Must read ... volume documenti perverto imprimatur !

Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
by Bikram Grewal, Local Colour, 213 pages, 440 color pictures, Index of families and species
What i like very much about it is that it explains special habits of each specie.
(oct- dec 015)

ABERMALS KRAEHTE DER HAHN by Karlheinz Deschner some keep it for his main work.

Mit Pferden tanzen (author Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, in german,
pics and explanations, remarkable !!)

MANAS EPOS (Manas vol 1, Version by Sakymbai Orozbakov, translation by Walter May)

Der Weg u die Kraft (R.L.Wing, tolle Übersetzung mit chin. Illustrationen u Erlaeuterungen des Tao te King)

Fakenews and Hypothetic Newstimes
Snake encounters

Biathlon days

The Big Conspiracy

International Investigation on Poisen
Can the US be saved from homegrown terror
Creta- Hvar- Ljubljana

KONRAD LORENZ QUITE A FEW WORKS Rueckseitze des spiegels udn er sprahc mit dem Vieh Hunden udn Voegeln

(Lame Deer - Richard Erdoes, Medizineman of the Sioux, my brothers favourite)

Der Papalagi

Further a list of countries which got stationed in Iraq like Poland etc as foreign occupants or part of the coalition of some willing

Charles Bukowsky, and Henry Miller are also something ...

- instead of bad bookings

by Wikileaks and tits head CEO Julien Assange (somewhere in GB) of modern times.


HARRIES MEMORIES a darling prince boys memories (Reserve )

Wie beurteile ich eine Yacht (Joachim F. Muhs, Verlag Delius Klasing)