I declare -

Int. Falco peregrinus day

19.05 (19th of may)

Kosi river valley

- as a preciouse Jewel of Nature
and region of Universal master which
needs 2 be protected, presereved and sustainable used forever only !
(Kumaon/ Uttarkhand/ India)
galleries via this page (top classified and preciouse)

Valle de Oureka

- Maroc, to a preciouse jewel of nature and culture, good for World Heritage Monument

Ellora.in -

Amazoonia - story

Dhauladar range.in - bio infos

Int. kitchen day (12.01)

Int. kinderwagen day

Int. trekking day (09.10), int missing link day

Int. water hydel day

special places listed, quite well known destinations i visited, many of them accepted as by international standards, to find here with my remarks and symbols