Deep marcet

Opus diaboli

The great master got over a book by the title Opus Diaboli

    Today and since the millenium change people got news on Abhu Graib, on secret CIA camps in Europe, people got to know of camp Xray, land rent from Cuba, which does not even take the rent therefor. A new predsident in the US since nov but in office since january, who does not like dark volks from south and by far not any muslims, also not disabled or handicapped, who he makes fun of them sometimes, I can see that a bid by the book as well but much more clear by the period of Bush jun. and his Rumsy dumpsies.
    And he, Trump, does not care about all that little steps down from the presidents plane specially when his wife is in back, awkward some need to remark very disturbed if not even shocked these days by such a behauvior of a president.

    And the new president from the US does not like strong euro by germany, must be manipulated and kept strong somehow, maybe artificially, and does not like the strong renmimbi by China, also another artificial measure behind estimated. But then that rocket tests in that small country, thats was somthing to go for and he sent a big ship with some jets over the ocean.

    And by the book and some modern system and its products coming along in Europe or the US, robotic and automat, we can see far right parties popping here and then. Inspired by the book, Opus Diaboli, we can see since the Gujarat summits that they from the west liked the now indian president and supported him since then. He was different, more taking hard measures in his hands, thats what they really liked about him, socalled leading capabilities and tough answers, that is a friend then, a good friend for the west and its biz. And many know his followers and got to knwo his men.

    But overall from the US over many european countries we can see that there is with smart biz and its smartiest codes of conduct, if not mutual friendship at all.
    Coming along also smartphones with many applis for the small consumist cells in the megamarcets, not to make them fall asleep or astray. No to keep them busy with dreaming and making dreams come true. Dreams of seeing every streetcorner in the world, dreams of shopping goodies by a single small flatscreen, thats too much for most marcet dreamers. Finding the best hotel and the best match by one single small flatscreen.

    Same time security has to catch up along with dreams and business and security gets tightend, cctv cams, save harbours, nafta, ttips, finger prints at aerports, some tried naked scanners for short which was too shocking, further G7 and G20 meetings, hemispheric stock exchanges, which is superfast biz in hours and billions, most andvanced (check daycharts once in a while, its miraculouse), IMF and world bank meetings here and there under full and advanced security popup, beside the usual savety measures coming along with advanced marcets as mentioned above.

    This profes often tightening for men in that marcets, for women less as they get so much by small flatscreens what is totally different in other regions. Cutting freedoms here, much regulations there, and very much liberalisation overall everywhere.

    What produces radicals in these marcets, these free radicals then often produce radical parties. It can be seen in Germany, France, India, the US, which had for long only two nationwide parties, what will hardly change by strong tradition, there is the radical relicts of free marcets in Latin America which are the drug gangs, death squads, paramilitaries and troopers, also in the Phillipeens.

    So as the marcets get advanced by advanced business, marcets and people interact and flow, but people often less than products and money same time, people have different needs than marcet products, different habits, culture and traditions and the more. But money often moves most fast and speedy (stock exchanges) daily in billions beside the hard trail of people moving either on holiday, vacation, studies or on flight from wars, draughts and the more.

    The money moving daily, speedy and fast, in billions spent and shared by the ones who like to do so and like to risk it by that way. Often by the ones skilled and trained hard to handle and manage their money. In many ways of constructions, futures, options, shares, investment banking, pooling, assets, swaps, swift and bic, some do marketing, others go by investment rates, ratings, black or laundring money, washing, cleaning or giving it new designs.

    It is all part of that huge segment of the paper money marcets, with a billion nills moving here and there daily. Some is called baisse, some is called hausse, others get named brokers, some is named bulls and others bears (pushing and taking down), there are many names and many constructions.

    Most of these marcets are not driven only by sole marcet force but also by ideologies in the back and thats how in some marcets alike new political parties pop up. In Europe often far right wing parties because of europes hard money policy, many countries (27) with very different traditions, languages, intermixed history, overboarding burocacy and the more coming along, but as well parties like the Pirate party in Germany or Cinque Stelle (5 Stars) in Italy on the other side of the spectrum which is a good sign of healthy developments in some countries.

    In the US they go by consumer stimuli and let it run more loose often, which is often seen as self regulation, freedoms, which also produce school shootings here and then, (which inforces security beafed up in some regions at schools) and along with the socalled freedoms like Do what you want, with whomever wherever you want and show it, thats in the very far west like California, its different from east to westcoast and quite diverse and in asian regions totally different. But what is not relevant for that marcet gets not taught in schools in the US, you can do it yourself anyway, maybe as a camper, comon consumists, freelancer, volunteer, big or small spender, trooper or paratrooper, speech holder and the more of the

    They have specialists there as well, also thinktankers in thinktanks, guess deep philosophers if not philantrops at all, the last stage of a big earning prodcer is usully philantrop, they engage agencies, spend into foundations and crawl over all kind of very specific themes and topics. Often backed by the big players who want to see products and specific developments beamed on the ground, so to say transformed into hard facts somewhere out there far away.

    With new politicans thats changing then, depending on the very specific mind-setting of the new relevant politican in office of that huge marcet which can look very different from marcet to marcet and that s not uninteresting.

    In India there is also ideologies behind, like Cow lovers against cow traders, or Muslims against Hindutva fighters. Some send advisers, otherwhere some finance their special Uni, some try new fronts like Mr Soros or ISIS, some set up new churches as by the many freedoms and its liberalisation possible as since the late 70s allready scientology in the US from or the universal church in Brazil, elsewhere thez do not allow such developments.

    I am waiting for some more marcet witchcraft phrases on Mexico, Turky, maybe also Spain, Simbabwe, Honduras, Puerto Rico, also on France could do gain or loss in billions over hours and days, maybe by a president on twitter or linkedin when time is short for a press coneference and all that many questions, but with huge marcet effect to see something great produced.

    Dont hesitate to check latest daycharts, it is modern marcets modern witchcraft, count on it.

    I do not really want to lose many words on win-10, it is too wired of a soft software target which can be still used either by front or backdoors, apple is less soft to attackers either from front or backdoor, and it has not that many active x controlls for multimedia hookers. But it is wired enough by its virtual endorsing and framing, its endorsing settings. But some may want to check other modern marcets witchcraft. It gets special if not obscure, android, desktop safaris, wal and hazelnut, win-10, the active X, multirole activ Y or the Beam gadget also possible by next generation sys-OS.

    I can imagine G-plane, G-train, MS-carrot and SM-marrige with divorce controll beside the parental one specifically designed for US marcet.

    And finally, once and for all, G-alphabet which takes over and solves everything.

    If you can not read, if you can not write, if you can not speak, use G-alphabet ! It can do it all for you, it can write a speech for you, it can elaborate on Mexico and Puerto Rico. Shitstorms can blow and pop here and there, thats part of modern virtual marcets, also its output may not be that accountable like in billions. Thats of other lips to be read, heared or twittered.

Some votes got done, lets observe further marcets witchcraft and its steakholders.

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