OP marcet I

OP marcet I

House marmot

Early morning up there i heared the marmot
over many days and also late evenings sometimes.
It knew all holes in the walls and felt save
and i heared the marmot wanted o mate
many times heared the marmot over days
calling for mating, i was pissed
So i decide to send it strong message
I dont like to mate with a marmot, or a rly station which speakers
do not change over days so monotonouse
One morning I took the pillow and shot it up at the double plafon
and got notice of the marmot running and hiding
It was a good shot, birds and skymasters sounded excited as always like me
it was a good hit ! (Parvaty valley may.o17)

Drone vario

I want to mention in superiority to IT technology, a nice newspaper delivery drone would look most modern and appropriate, also fitting for postcards on way back
in entire Parvaty valley for instance.
    It does not need to be a glob. hawk or grey eagle but something which can be of need for a bunch of CEOs.

Biz and IT can get advanced
modernite, fraternite, eternite

report missuse , become a trustee, think healthy and donate, read a good book, do a cable or show great


It s quite interesting these new developments, we can see it here and there. Mr Trumps first move on that regard as new head of state US was that he had a website closed, guess by executive order in that regard, it seems that it was a very dangerouse website, it was on the nations pollution, energy and effect on climate change, webpage alert got put to orange.

    Erdogan head of Turky had wikipedia and facebook shut down because these sites can trigger unsocial unrest and revolts, hatespeech and shitstorms can be its products triggerd by such pages the virtual reality transforms then into the real. Once it was fliers and leavlets, today it can be social medias. Socalled social networks triggereing social revolts sometimes. That s a new form today and interesting trends developing so.

    In the US what is not seen good for its marcet and the establishment there, which does not want its consumers to see on web gets also sometimes shut down. Its the same in China, Turky, Saudi Arabia and the more
    Trump overall does media bashing once in while, significant, so much fake news out there, also on science research based ones even, isn t that annoying for them. How to make a difference then. The establishment and private run networks will tell you.

    Private run media networks as opinion leaders will tell them as for decades. In the mid ages in Europe it was bad books hunted in farm houses, some told they can bomb you back to stone-ages if they want to.
    In the US and Latin America it was hardly any books over times. More often rumours, stories, mouth propaganda and articles constructed. Amazon is a modern plot on book houses in Europe today. In Latin America and the US they are not big readers for long, they are more artists, musicans, singers and in the south dancers.

    Muslims on the other side also do not take too many of books, they often prefer to dig into the Koran. And it gets a strange story then when the Koran is read by prisoners in a camp run by the extremists from the US and it ends up in a toilet, thats really strange and is more wired than any rumour, news or story faked.

    In China they have sites shut down if they dont apply to their content or dont take content out of social network sites.
    Facebooks CEO pretended a bid naive to me last time, hatespeech prevention, shitstorms, some words trigger immediate denial message, some invitations produce huge crowds for party in the neighbourhood. False news here and psycho accusations on paraprivate (parapublic) networks and platforms there.
    In some central european valley there is no public groups at all (facebook), no surprise so stupid and mad they are, it needs to be kept undisclosed, what gets not understand gets kept in dark, if it is understood anyhow at all there.

    I am wondering which is the next network taken over by MS as Linkedin (before takeover of the telephone producer Nokia.eu). It looks a bid like buying back the more or less hot steaks of marcets to get the right mess done on it. It will be interesting to see these trends evolving, bad and fake news really hard fought ? Shitstorms and hatespeech, parapublic infights, science cut off money while networks and telecomes taken over same time.
    There is not much difference between private run networks and marcets and autocrat run states and its medias, the difference is how they show and argue on the measures they take on it. Deep marcet

Chaos can be prevented !

The new president.us elect has a very personal and private team of advisers now in office, from Disney and Exxon, also the presidents daughter is in the inner circle of his advisers. But people got to know that the president is a man of chaos and not for no reason he had more than 2000 cases before court before getting to office of the nation.
    No surprise then that these old men with grey hair look very very seriouse, it s a seriouse case which needs seriouse answers and measures taken to counter the threat of chaos. In such a position of power chaos can not be allowed and tolerated and needs to be faced seriousely, also as advisers from Disney or his daughter do not look fit enough to face that serious challenge to prevent chaos.

It can be avoided and is of a great challenge, go for it !

Missio accomplished

Missio autocarro, missio gastro and landwitschaftsmesse
missio hunter, rifle and NRA
is all done by the same old ugly guys and their shitty missions
which shared biz and missions for long allready
Miss contests are only of other side of same coin.
Deep marcet

Nasdaq 4893.90,      Dow 21 403,23,      Dax 13007,57,      Hang 25378,21,      Sensex 23548,90,      Kospi 4986,30,      Bitcoin 367,04      IRS 70,04,      Yen 100,44,      Yuan 70,08,      Euro 1,03,      Dollar 1,79,      Renmimbi 70,08,      Rubel 70,08      Som 70,01      (may 2017, richtwert 2000m)   Kaspersky 9   Mc Affee 8   CCleaner 4   Budweiser 23,   Henkel 7,    Bayer 27,    Toshiba 23,    Hiundai 15,    Honda 34,    Nokia 3,    Cargill 7,    Rolling stones 9,    Hefner 6,    BMW 27,    Daimler 34,    Mazurati,    Tata 35,    Eicher 12,    Enfield 3,    Mahindra 7,    Laksman 12,    Paramount 14,    AustinP 5,    Douglas 2,    Cloony 9,    Naomi 7,    Agazi 9,    Huge 4,    Prost 3,    Trusten 5,    Frustio 5,    Husten 4,    Barrel 50,04,    Quarrel 40,03,    Marell 43,78

Viral flatscreen

Some may keep postcards as old stile,
but as important individuals in some marcet
get heavy payed for doing speeches
many can not read and write any more but by pushing flatscreen buttons
while others learn to read and write
When stamps lose face, color and value in some lands
many lose head and mind by flatscreens
Creativity and handwriting gets lost by
emailing and triggering social networking (unsocial cultural shift)
the postcard.app is a good countermeasure.

When everything gets simple by shopping, chatting, emailing and exchanging on mobiles
postcards will be a good challenge and give proof
of composing the whole thing and
being able to keep in touch in such way over more or less big distances.

Emails get dumped and deleted like spam in short
some minutes skyping are fascinating 2 many
while profilers and marceteers do live surveillance and data collecting
usually most data gets dumped and deleted and little is of consistance as nonesense.

Time ratio with stocks and banking is something
time ratio with mobile devices is also something.

Postcards need time and involvement
and they last for a while (the same with books)

Chatting, emailing, social networking need not much time and involvement
and so fast they dissapear.
It is exchange by the virtual
and so it becomes, viral virtuality
which transforms into viral reality.

Viral virtuality gets directed by
robotic, automat (tickets, money, banking etc), Nawi, GPS,
netbanking, flatscreens, mobiles, some health apps and tablets (X).

Once there were firewalls, viruses and antivirus,
hackers, pretty good privacy and thelike
Now there is face recognition, CCTV cams, a billion public profiles and
clouds with angels and trumpets flieing around.

(X - all a kind of testing by digiting on the masses,
flatscreen is testcreen)


Welcome - take your chocolate
welcome - take your cash
(but don t mix the dark blue ones with 2 ceroes
with the dark blue ones and 3 nills)
welcome - take your knife
welcome - take your xmas towel
welcome - take your Nepal karta (map)
welcome - take your knife dollar nomads
(Kyrgtn 09.04.17)


Interhelpo - ein spanishes Dorf wird gebaut
Nach jahrelangen Vorbereitungen und Designarbeiten
fuer die Haeuser wurde Interhelpo nach Reissbrett gebaut
doch dann kamen die Mongolen und haben Interhelpo zerstoert
Brasilia, Palmas und Belo Horizontshi waren zuweit weg

Interhelpo war nicht viel wert den Mongolen
genausowenig wie Osch, Bishkek, Delhi und der respektlose Choresm
dann haben sie auch noch alle ganz die grossen Strassen aufgerissen
die Eisenbahn sowieso wie auch im wilden westen dort
und nichts ging mehr mit business (bizness wie loch ness),
trade, nafte und exchange in wechselstube
dann haben sie auch die Papiergeld wechselstuben (boersen oder stock exchanges)
samt bizcoin kaputt gemacht zu Konfetti wie bei Neujahr
weil alles schon ueber die grosse Chinesische mauer flog
aber nicht so ganz ueber die Mexikanische
doch manchmal ein Golfball oder auch eine Drohne
weil das billiger und sehr gezielt sei sagten sie
neben der Unni von mr Soros und dem Pfundigen verlustgeschaeft damals
Interhelpo war ein tolles projekt
hin und wieder flog nur ein ball ueber die Mauer

Nur wenig lesen kann aber Nummern

Das Internet kann auch helfen eine wechsel oder imbisstube zu finden
auch das von G ueber G Landkarte oder G Strasse
man kann nichts lesen ausser viele nummern, tel oder dollar, auch euro zahlen
das alles sowieso immer gut zu lesen ist
sonst nur master, visa, blizko oder money mam
sonst auch viele werbung gemacht, grosse plakate und viele schoene werbung
mit geschmackige bilder wo Frauen lachen und grossen mund machen
Ich jetzt harte eier kochen und kaffe machen
wollen probieren

New generation mobiles

Our CEO expects the new generation of mobiles, his invention not yet patented, in the form of cucumber, Birne, Banane or Makrel (MC), so that you really have something in your hand, (specially 4 older generations) Aufklappbare mobiles also in the form of sandwich, broetchen or toast. All either in chip or chipless format, what is important 4 Bitcoining or smarting, but 4 sure with vibracall and also alarm with vibracall optional (not mandatory)
(Ceo is tired of putting to science invention site and busy with
finding the internat. aerbag and homos day)

MC - most ar Mobile Covers and can be taken off and used like for skibobs in winter times
more of its setting below

Mobile marrige
You know in some region a Smartphone for a women is
like a special gentleman who does her a 1000 stories and kompliments
The smart-phone does her 1000 dreams, hope and stories.
She do not need a small packbag,
no, she has a smartphone which does her a 1000 offers
maybe she needs a pair of stockings here nd then or a towel
or she has a plastic bag with a dry chicken from the day befor with her
but a small packbag she do not need.
She has a mobile which does her 1000 dreams
there is the maps for the dreams and the roads
and thats all she needs.

From 8 500

The CEO is now in the right savety distance of 8500km (and about 13 000km to US)
so to say to modern Aberglaubien, robotic, Ösiarm and Navilands.auto.
The CEO is happy therefor and
will observe Brexit, Grexit, cafta, nafta, ttips, stox and hips
in fascination and curiosity only sometimes

But he will not only observe that marcets but
also take action as he took action
and got blocked to take action (o16)
he will not hesitate to do so !
(no action, no sorry)

This is good for that marcets and its apples not far from its stam (applications, applets or something)
For the Aberglaubischen, the white man and palefaces.
the ones who do skin whitening by chlor chicken
You did exercising something like democracy ....
(free marcets apples)

More of the same

He will also observe in curiosity and fascination (sometimes only)
the white man getting whiter, getting duller, more aberglaubisch,
also more fanatic (as a product of his marcet and robotic ),
flatscreens getting brighter sometimes (take sunglasses in that case)
getting more ignorant and more automat
what is the same of one coin.
... getting more stupid by more smart, maybe still successfull,
he will observe closely (only sometimes)
Opus Diaboli

Where are they
I am little bid dissapointed, upset and dissatisfacted as I did not see till now any wild mammels, but I know out there in the high ravines and peaks, there ar the Snow Leopards like me and the sibirean Ibex (check Tien Shan page petroglyphs).
But where are the marmots (steppe or long tailed)
in India allready weaking up now from hibernation,
where are the stone martens or tibetan if not can. Antelopes,
where the steppe Foxes or Lynx (all mammals).
Wanna hunt, moorhen shooters and fingernail cutters
wanna wake up a Saken (Lagger falcon).
(Tien Shan mar.017 Nature observations) ...

Shine Shaheen

- There are many steppe forms of funny looking mice,
but they are more fitting for Saker falcons which
also go on Lizards and in land of the Saken (Skythen of the east)
you should keep the food of the past
and when some fingernail cutters want to wake up a Saken
they have to calculate their own death
if getting cought at night fingernail cutting on a Saken chief.

Saker falcons (Lagger) are hardly seen and heared (but while hedging)
but yesterday heared a Redlegged Falcon in Dshalalabad which also got indicated by small and dovelike birds behauvior. (Tien Shan mar.017)

Try and error, try and terror

You tried democracy.at or something like that
you tried me, wanna try more
I have no idea what more they want to try,
where, with whom and how they want to show or exercise
   but somehow they expect something for it
and that s the funny part in the total shit of their try
to squeeze, to get something out of it
but i am not sure if they know what they ask for.
and thats the wired the funny thing about it.

Do they know

They do not get what they want
it has always been like that
they do not know what they try
it has always been like that
they do not know whom they try
it has always been like that
and guess they did not profiling hard enough
sharpen ya senses, sharpen ya profiles dullies.

System speaker and strafe 1, -2
(George Orwell 1984, property -eigentum)

Shaolin Shaheen
The CEO says he dont know what is more dangerouse
a V1 or V2, or a cruise missile or VX
he dont know what of it is more dangerouse
But he likes wood chopping and his machetes very much !
But what he do not like
is fingernail cutting moorhen shooters at night in his bed ... stay off !!

and the CEO saied since 8 month, now its time 4 a tattoo
but the gods and ultimate powers say always
now its time for nature and us ...
(Tien Shan mar.017 Nature observations)

Once we had much fun, but these times are over and that investment is gone
now an odd desktop background

Fresh snow

Fresh snow in Tien Shan
friendly people around, cosy and warm in the house, outside a nice big Jurte
crows, horses, doves and sheep around in the village,
just the very special shower cabin from China with digital clock and
program (shower program.kom) does not fit in the picture
It s too much

stick and web

I bought a webstick for 1000c with sim
but the conection is only there without the usb-stick and the sim
seems to be a special setting and its OK .... (walki talki frequence)
New experience with stick and web.
(Tien Shan mar.017)

its special settings here (not be mixed with head or mindsets) from the very unreachable studio of MC Snow Leopard

Risky marcets products

They have wired traditions and wired keepings with nature
not to mention the great at all
or what they keep as so
Cultural shift is a risky thing and
modern marcets produce risky products
risky products in risky marctes multiply themself
thatfor they need many cams, wire tabbing and surveillance
to get along with developments
in risky marcets and its risky products.

When free marcets send their risky products to other marcets
it can produce strange output.

System speaker and strafe 1, -2
(George Orwell 1984, property -eigentum)

Plastic plafon

In the region of high altitude Nomades
Plusch-blankets may look nice, also maybe fulltek-digital chineses showers here and then
beside all kind of mixed door handles to door locks
Plastik plafons indicate something special beside 50 fliers on hostel desks
But if you need towels or pairs of stockings in such a guest house
and can not see a 85 ltr volume packbag really
it gets a bid wired in Nomade regions late winter.
When sim cards sold at aerport seem to be the most important present on earth 4 welcome
and some peace corpses from wysconsin.us show you weeks later
the one late supper yoga position somewhere out there
she had no packbag ! (late march)

Can manage great

He will watch from distance if they can manage great
if they know and get along with the great
he will watch that in curiosity.
If they know the great and if they can see it.
If they can accept the great and
how they will try to manage.
And by yearlong experience of the CEO and
not only the CEO !!
they will not do well getting along with the great
as they do also not well getting along
with their own marcets products.

Swim suits - base jump
Swim suits can look beautifull and
are more safe than bikinis
(Puritans can handle neither)

For me base jumping is something different
it is something very natural, something very good and healthy


Either in Tanzania or Austria the own house
seems to be something so very special for katholians (over history) and relevanth attached entities, that they can hardly accept the great master taking care for the house
in remote region over 10 months
in their year of exercising democracy
(or something like that)
in the region of these katholiens and nazis
ignorant and hostile for centuries allready
to nature and its nice living being
as also to foreigners and refugees.

Plane misshaps

Latest developments in the civic aeroplane sector
made the CEO feel a little bid disturbed
He was never standing on runway with medium strong winds from back
for an hour in a new B 737-800 (fully packed, weight calculation 4 take off !)
in that case planes start against the wind usually
The new type of plane looked a bid strange to him
sharp slim wings, 6 row seats with supernarrow galley
seems to be made solely for packing as much passangers as possible into
guess for big revenue output. (onway 2Tien Shan mar.017)

Connecting flight got missed (never experienced in 20 years before)
2nd flight had strange seat settings, no minimum standard seat span etc etc
But very creative flatscreen with bookstorage slot near the flatscreen
and enterprise shuttle stile plafon setting design.
(rating B)

        Mega Nature...observations Dir_8

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