Innovations - Erfindungen

Innovation - Erfindungen

Inventions - Er.findungen - enterpreneurship - erfindungen, what I invented over time passing

Drop Drone

The CEO is in search for engineers for his new Joint venture in the region of his Drop Drones (advanced), newspapers, Pizzas and schoko. The drone is designed for remote or not too developed regions, only command station needs to be put later, beside mobile masts and as well very unbusy streets on islands for take off and landing. Size about like a double bed, max take on weight about 3-5 kg, either in taditional Humpback whale design (long wings) or delta wing which is more material, weight and fuel taking, also more fragile to strong winds (Croatia) Guess it will become only one engine. Designis is on the desk.
    Contact for Joint venture

A general problem with drones is that some keep them as cheap, cost saving, also risk saving some may say, developing savings or alike. Not producing revenche or something. Not in need of a pilot and if it is a computer fachmann at a regional located drone command station.

But on other hand the Persians, Iran, took down allready 11 drones from the Yankees, and they were doing research on that after takedown. So we can say drones are not too stable and solid up there, they can get captured, hijacked and drawned.

If these flight vehicles are allweather prove is another question, winds, tornados, heavy rains and clouds could be of a handicap for these vehicles. Drones are more of a silent striker.

Here the Rapa Nui project

A sauna in a famouse indian valley

Latest from Parvaty valley, studies on Shiva sauna uppar valley and some ideas on newspaper drones for succes, comfort an recovery and
new panoramas

Panorama scrollie

The CEO did something special, what he had never seen before on a webpage
and he has really seen much !!

He invented, today at the 12.03.2016, the Panorama scrollie, not a new form of selfie or rollie for airports, not a new movie or PC-screen background animating file system, not another generation of cellphone applis. No he did us a Panorama scrollie for very huge PC-screens, for super HD and High Resolution !!

Here, see the CEOs new Panorama scrollie A (o16- o17) Scroll-B

Our new postcard app is very stilish and makes people capable to have their own pictures print to postcards, by the app. Some may keep it as old stile, but as individuals in some marcet get heavy paied for holding speeches, many can not write any more but by pushing flatscreen buttons, when stamps lose face, color and value in some lands, creativity and handwriting gets lost by emailing and social networking often (unsocial cultural shift) our postcard app is a good countermeasure.

When everything gets simple by shopping, chatting, emailing and exchanging on mobiles, postcards will be a good challenge and give prove of being able to keep in touch in such way over more or less big distance. Some examples here at postcarding oct 015

Emails get dumped and deleted like spam, some short minutes skyping seems to be fascinating 4 many, profilers and marceteers can do live profiling and data collecting, but usually most data gets dumped and deleted and little is of consistance.

Time ratio with stocks and banking is something, time ratio with mobile devices is also something.

Carwindow ice remover

remark the wood should not be to sharp and not hardwoodedges, smooth and soft edges are good, also old wood, maybe also for good for nowadays modern glasswindows in helicopters.

Paper done of leaves

Try collect fallen leaves, no fig leaves and and making paper out of that. Papyrus different ... ! Or out of straw or hey, hey hut circuses .... No fig leaves please, some invented FKK and random spy, ... funny. Also public baths can be nice, but complicated security signs there ( !-) ...

Filter for travel aquarium

A bottle as a filter 4 an aquarium check this description Filter volume ratio 1/70 l with low fish density... part of the year long bottli series and inventions by our CEO
    Take a 1 liter bottle, cut holes on top and holes at end of bottle, put inside filter material, at overflow side bigger hols, in the mid netlike filter material or rough surface stones at end, or watch this nice setting near the Design studio. (Goa feb.016)

Our CEOs advice:
Dont take the aquarium into aeroplanes, trains or buses on way.
Fish discovery Spiti 2006, Lotos aquarium gallery

Public baths (hillstations)

Small public baths in ind. hillstations as Kangra, Dharamsala, Manali, Bhuntar and Bhagsue. Max 400 m2, with extra small Bistro biz attached !! Max pool hight 1,2m in the hillstations. If nei milega postcards ogf the lovely Bhagsue bath, preciouse culture postcards ! I ve to inspect if its still there... and bikini with Santee Fransen. (Dharamkot mar.016)

Discovery mix
Fauna Flora
Mega Impact
Penguins of the North

Birds of India //
- of Europe

Dir 5

Candle room heater

pic maybe later here with explanation

(Dharamkot mar.016)

I do you my app, its name is,
for smart_mobs, then 4 print your own stickers or buttons for
gates, doors, bathroom mirrors etc etc like with phrases as
I am ur anticipato ! Anticipating incentives ? if u dont buy me i dont opt you.
Gated comunity or proprietor ? Better good bus-schedule than cam in bus. One window policy or nlp. Where can i shave uncostly ?
get creative or my (april 2015)

Door stopper

Here my latest invention, a simple but modern Door-stopper, you dont need an appli for it, out of the yearlong bottli series. (pt 0246)

Tribes - Social Network

I am in search for good php-coder to share my targeted project in the area of Social Networking, named TRIBES, or an offer from a Firma, respective company, who is willing and not missing future options 4 later profits. Concept stands since a couple of months, check disclaimer for more. I am waiting for your letter of intent. (jan 016)

The Idea for that social of platforming and performing never got an offer for startup or joint venture.

Cigarette moisteriser

How i did that - Because i had to send order to Goa for cigarette papers (long ones) to the Himalayan hills, 2000km, because i failed finding these papers in 2 main cities of the region and got only dry readymade cigs (instant), I profited and invented an easy Cigarette Moisteriser
named MoistyCiggy which is not an application.
    You can also only lick it a bid, but then inside it takes a bid till it gets moist, not very successfull technique but for long experienced with saliver on fingertip by charas smoking (Sadhus etc)

Egg n chocolate cool-keeper

How i did that -
Under outside hot conditions in remote areas (Goa to Himalayas..) i cut once more time some bottlis, started the series in Goa 2006 (monsoon season), and PUT to bathroom, there its cool (none ac), check the explaining pic below ! (alt 1900m facing Mt. Trishul, may 2014)

a very cooling n inovative product -
success n profits ! (may 2014)

Blind or transparent desktopping link -

(html.css) In case you want to hide a link without using the formular code hidden,
or a relevant extra-login procedure or the captcha4security, facerecognition-optin,
keys or passwords to avoid unwanted accessors,
not be mixed with some systems-OS accessoirs.txt
or without using same background as text color
you can do this

css code in seperate file.css or head of page

h3 { height: 34px; }

<-h1>Unhidden headline text with close by hidden link
    <-a href="../../gate.html"
    _title="tooltip of link -
    hidden headline-link, enbeded in parent h1 and parenting h3 ">
    <-h3> <-/h3><-/a>

Best Blind Link !

    in css file -

#secretgate {
position: absolute;
width: 139px;
height: 120px;
border-bottom: 3px solid;
border-color: ffd700;

.secretg:link { font-family: arial; }
.secretg:visited { font-family: arial; }
.secretg:hover { font-family: arial; }

    in html file -
<-a href="../../14/secretg.html" class="secretg">
<-div id="secretgate"> <-/div>

my old code tip pages

Then send an email to your friends with link in mail or the description
on which page the link is to be found - voila !

Lightcover - Dimmer

(Lampenschirm - Luster)
How i did that - Just cut any 1l bottli in any stile and put over the light-bulb, take care that it doesnt get too hot, cut some ventilation holes in bottli, then cover it with any light cloth and at any daytime you can wrap it as you like, kind of dimmer - voila - (not too special invention (product) but does very special atmospheres depending on mood required to get into mood etc etc ... may 2014 Kumaon.india)

the less sturdy bottli version is to form a wire-cable around light bulb and cover with some cloth, can be arranged and fixed with needls later as in mood or spots in room neeeded to be seen .. like books for instance ..... !!

Hartplastik Klobrille -
im neo look mit abziehbaren Leichtplastik Abziehfolien im Tupperware design oder auch in Esche, Pappel oder Fichte auch in Selbstbauweise in Kratzbuerst oder wegwerf-Gilette Nachbearbeit-design zu haben, zur leichten Stimulierung bei Hornhautraspel fuer
extreme Klozeitungleser (9.07.15).

ITs last stand (iiiT)

... or was it something with ET tel home (movie) ... ?
... can not recharge my mobiles in worlds biggest democracy but get it done by couries and far distant friends, India is big and great and i could perform by upodating my websites at public webstations - fantasticamentshi ! ( or check Gerhard Polt for Democracy/Africa... youtube ..)

- In main no public Webstations to be found .. (EU common marcet PCs with Wired-Fire wifi madrid.barceloS.. etc) and dont fit my standards, wiFi only - passiv-users lo-nly ... just try to email or send many many status posts to social networks via smarty-phones or tablets and open webconns are very unsave, many can log on via same wifi. For updating my websites i need local XP/noSysWOW with usb gates from times of trustworthy computing and without web or surveillonce cams etc etc ...)
    if nothing works i will invent new tasty Lollipops, dildos for special regions far west and flip flops (chapels, sandalettas...) for fresh unsweaty and unstinky walking ...
or watch some pics of scientific value


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